Josh's V-Diet Log


I started my weight loss endeavor in April of last year at 310+ lbs. I gradually got back to the gym and began eating better. The weight was coming off well until the holidays came around. As of Jan this year I was down to 270 and have since gotten to 252. My wife and I are doing this together and began our adventure this past Friday February 17th.

Beginning numbers:
Height: 6’2
Weight: 252.6
Neck:17 3/8
Chest upper: 46 1/2
Chest lower: 45 1/2
Waist naval: 43
Waist largest: 44
Up arm L: 16 3/4
Up arm R: 16 1/2
Up leg L: 28 1/2
Up leg R: 29
L leg L: 16 3/4
L leg R: 17


Did my first v burn challenge yesterday. We’ll…it sucked lol. I finished in 19:14. I think I can get it under 15 when said and done.
Trying to add before photos but I’m not having any luck.