Josh & Hillary V-Diet Experience v1


Starting Date: July 19, 2010 (Monday)

Age - 23
Height - 6’0"
Weight - 187 lbs
Neck - 16.5"
Shoulder to Shoulder - 18.5"
Upper Chest - 40"
Lower Chest - 36.5"
Waist (@ Naval) - 38"
Hips (@ Largest) - 38.5"
L/R Upper Arm - 15"
L/R Upper Leg - 23.5"
L/R Calf - 15"
L/R Ankle - 11.5"

Age - 20
Height - 5’8"
Weight - 150 lbs
Neck - 13"
Shoulder to Shoulder - 17"
Upper Chest - 37"
Lower Chest - 31.5"
Waist (@ Naval) - 35"
Hips (@ Largest) - 38.25"
L/R Upper Arm - 11.5"
L/R Upper Leg - 22.5"
L/R Calf - 13"
L/R Ankle - 9.5"

Trying the Velocity Diet for the first time starting Monday.
Ordered all the supplements today, hoping to receive soon.
Will update daily!
Wish us luck!

PS: Remember the camera adds 10 lbs haha


Good luck on your journey to the both of you. I will be keeping an eye on it.


Couples do great on the V-Diet!

Keep us posted!


Thanks guys!

First day down, on track, and 27 more to go.

Felt pretty tired in the gym, body needs to adapt to no carbs. Cravings are still pretty high, damn Rally’s commercials on over and over.

Are there any little tricks or additions to the Surge Recovery to help the taste? 2 scoops in 16oz of water felt too sugary almost, was hard to keep down imo.

Hills reaction to the HOT-ROX was a little shaky/jittery, hopefully that will slow in the future. Might have to stick to only 2 a day (1 at a time) throughout the whole diet.

Day 2 tomorrow!


I’ve found the Surge a little bit sweet as well. I don’t know any tricks to make it less sweet, but I’ve found a few mind games can stop you caring.

I like to reframe what the fact it’s too sweet means. If you find it too sweet and you’re eating it then it means you’ve got self discipline. It means you’re doing something that other people wouldn’t do, and giving you results that they won’t get. Also, that amount of sweetness is probably there to disguise the taste of something that’s so effective that it had to be included despite not tasting good on its own.

There’s a good mind game around likely outcomes as well. If you’re not enjoying the sweetness of Surge then by the end of the diet you might have a lot less of a taste for sweet things, which can only be a good thing for your long term nutrition.

Now, I don’t know if any of these things are actually true, but they certainly make me enjoy my Surge a lot more.


Congrats guys! I’m on day two myself and know exactly what you’re going through.

As for the Surge it was way sweet for me, I put about 8oz of extra water in it which helped tremendously. You’re getting the same amount of nutrients out of it either way so I fugure the extra water won’t hurt.

Keep us informed on how you’re both doing!


So is it day 28 yet?

Josh is being very sweet and making me a strawberry shake downstairs so I thought I would update on here because it gives me a little more motivation when I see your comments! Both Josh and I are trying really hard to fight our cravings. It’s really hard though when everyone else is enjoying food around us. When I got home from work Josh proceeded to tell me about a commercial with a big juicy steak.I basically told him to shut his face and that I didn’t want to hear it! I haven’t been able to enjoy a shake every three hours because I only get one break where I work. So I find myself being extremely hungry when I get home and in a bad mood. Food really is a comfort!

" I now realize why all of America is obese! It’s because there is nothing but food commercials on!" -Josh When possible we have been blending our shakes with ice and I think it helps and makes it taste more like a milkshake.

Oh we also took a long walk in the woods and got destroyed by mosquitoes. Overall day 2 was tough but it will make day 28 way worth the hard work. Does anyone else have trouble finding time to have all their shakes and if so any tips for me?!?! Thanks !



There she is…


Day 3 morning in the books. A HOT-ROX and two Strawberry/Banana shakes down.

Excited for the workout today!


Keep up the good work!


Dont know if the last post went up, but just wanted to say keep up the good work! Ive actually used Surge before and i am sort of addicted to the taste (raspberry)…never been big on sweets but its like my body craves it after a work out.


Hope you guys are doing well! stay focused.