Josh and Sara Regain Health

My girlfriend and I are starting this diet. It’s official, as I’ve just ordered all the supplements and we’re almost done with all the extra food in the house =).

Measurements and pictures to come later tonight. We plan to start around the 22nd, maybe the 21st, of this month. Supplements should be here by then, house clean of bad food, and no planned distractions (parties, etc.). We will update this thread, regularly, with work-out results and new measurements.

We both used to be in better shape and let ourselves go. This is over-due but finally being taken care of.

It feels better already.


congrats on the first step!

Already off to a semi-poor start. Didn’t get the pictures done last night as I had hoped.

I generally don’t bother with excuses, so without further delay, here they are.

Edit: I looked at my picture just now and I swear my gut sticks out more than that, even though I wasn’t trying to suck it in for the picture. Maybe it was just a good morning, or I’m normally full of shit :wink: I’ll try another picture to be safe.

Day one begins. Shakes are interesting so far. I think I’m much more used to them than Sara. I used to work out and take protein shakes, etc so nothing new to me. These are actually better than ones I had before and I bought high quality protein.
The Biotest protein mixes better (as my friend noted when he recommended me to this site) and tastes good (relative to normal protein shakes, of course).
I still think mixing in warm water is the way to go, then I just chill it a bit to preference.

Sara isn’t too hype about the shake deal and continually notes that she thinks we will be “pooping multiple times a day now”. I had to laugh at her insistence that this was the secret to how this diet will work, but I also realize any major changes to the routine will change how the body processes what it gets.

We spent the end of last night measuring shake mixes to use for the whole day today. So far so good, and I’m looking forward to the next one in about 40 minutes. I’d say they do a good job at being filling but then “wearing off” by the next one. At least so far.
I can already tell that I’m going to be excited for my solid meal at the end of the week though.

I started working on the workout plan a few weeks ago to get an idea of how it works. So I’m excited to re-start that today and see how much it kills me.

Measurements to come tonight, pre-first-workout, and then workout log post-workout.

I’ll update this thread each workout day for sure, but probably once a day as I think about it, assuming I have any information to add. I gained a lot of bits of knowledge from reading other posts, so hopefully I can add something useful as well.

Anyone have any input on how much they prefer regular updates or just updates with solid content? Personally I try to hit targets with precision, not just emptying a clip and hoping at least a few hit :wink:

Cheers for now,

good luck! this is a wonderful experience :slight_smile:
i am on day 15 and feeling great always cant wait
for my meal then never feel so great afterwards!! :slight_smile:

stay focused

Thanks, as always =) Glad you’re feeling great so far. First day went fine for me, Sara didn’t have the easiest time. Threw up twice apparently =( Going to cut out the HOT-ROX and see how it goes.
Well, to be more specific, substitute Se7en and Carbolin 19.

[quote]robilyn29 wrote:
good luck! this is a wonderful experience :slight_smile:
i am on day 15 and feeling great always cant wait
for my meal then never feel so great afterwards!! :slight_smile:

stay focused[/quote]



Height…5ft 3/4

Weight… lbs (need this from her yet)

Neck…13 1/2

Shoulders…38 1/4

Chest-Upper…35 1/4
Chest-lower…30 1/2

Waist-navel…32 1/4




Leg.lower-left…14 1/2
Leg.lower-right…14 1/2

Ankle-Left…8 3/4
Ankle-right…8 3/4


Height…5ft 11

Weight…195 lbs

Neck…17 1/2

Shoulders…46 1/4

Chest-Upper…41 1/4
Chest-lower…37 1/4

Waist-navel…37 1/2
Waist-largest…38 1/4



Leg-Right…25 1/2

Leg.lower-left…15 1/2
Leg.lower-right…15 3/4

Ankle-Left…9 1/2
Ankle-right…9 1/2

Day 1:
Shakes weren’t terrible.
Not a fan of strawberry though. Vanilla doesn’t seem to rock my boat but I might keep it for use with flavors.
Hopefully I can exchange the strawberry for banana.
No real issues for Day 1

Day 2:
Shakes were still fine.
First workout day. Chose beginner program due to time since I’ve steadily worked out at the gym.

Here’s how it went:

Dumbbell Squat: 80 @ 9-8-6-4-4-3-3-3
Dumbbell Bench: 45 @ 9-7-7-6-7-4
(the 4 was the remaining reps needed. the 6 to 7 oddity was because I stop at 6 due to poor form. I was able to due 7 before slowing down after that)
Bent-over Row (Dumbbells): 45 @ 8-4-5-4-4-4-4-3-3-1
(Didn’t like my form on this one as much. I attempted to do both at once, as though I had a bar. I’ll either use a bar or one at a time from now on)
Plank Hold: 1:35-1:00 (minutes:seconds)

Surge isn’t amazing, a little too sweet, but so far all of the shakes and supplements have been much better than the ones I used to take. And I generally didn’t buy crap back then.

Week 1:

I’ll just sum up the rest of the week, and include my 2nd workout numbers.

The week is almost done. I can hardly wait. The shakes have started to wear on me and taste worse. Previously it was just an issue of drinking that much fluid and keeping my mind off food.

I craved vegetables like nothing else. Hoping to just have something that wouldn’t unbalance the diet too much. I also wanted steak or a burger, but either way I didn’t have anything.

Now the shakes are almost unbearable. I have to choke them down and either the milled flax seed or the Superfood is not agreeing with me. It gags me and it’s terribly hard to finish at a normal pace. I have to force myself to get it down as fast as I can handle. My throat starts to constrict as well (similar to how it does when I eat certain types of melon, which I’m allergic too).

I missed one shake the other night (the last shake before bed). I ran out of time somehow and had to choose between that and sleep. I went with sleep. The next morning wasn’t exactly the same as the others but nothing major.

HOT-ROX seems to be pretty wild if I take 2 caps each time, I might take 1 each time or 2 then 1. Not sure. Sleep has been partly an issue and so I’m more tired than I would care to be.

I forgot my HOT-ROX this morning so I just had to deal with coffee at work.

Also, Sara dropped out already. She made it to yesterday but had to eat something. She said she had a headache that kept getting worse and was almost instantly solved by eating. Probably partially mental, but she also said she was losing concentration at work and constantly irritated by the shakes (nausea and dizzyness). She wants to continue the workout part with me but I will probably just give her the info and let her do as she wants. It’s harder to stay focused on times because she isn’t used to being at the gym other than running, biking, or swimming. So I end up explaining too much detail.

2nd workout:
Romanian Deadlift: 95 @ 16-13-12-9 (I plan to increase this a little next time)
Lat Pulldown - underhand: 80 @ 16-16-18 (definitely increasing this one. wow)
Standing shoulder press (dumbbell): 25 @ 16-14-12-8 (I’ll try one more week at this because I’d like to see better form/speed)
Side plank (each side equal): 60-60 (seconds)

I’ve got my 3rd workout tomorrow, then the challenge on Sunday.
I’ll probably have my HSM on Sunday as well since there will be more time to enjoy it.

Right now I’m questioning this entire thing but I keep re-focusing myself to just complete it. It’s just a task to complete and while it isn’t awesome, once it’s done it’s done. I’ll maintain and use this as a reminder of why I shouldn’t let myself go again.

This can’t get over fast enough at this point. I hope it gets better, or I find something to make the shakes good again.

I also would love to snack on a few vegetables here and there. I know it isn’t advisable in order to promote not cheating at all. But damn a pieve of cauliflower would rock right now. Or some spinach. I just keep ignoring those cravings, attempting to push past each day.

I’m tempted to just sleep through any free time I have, just so it goes by faster in my mind!

I’ll try to update each day rather than summary posts like this.


Also, the Superfood is not pleasant, even in chocolate flavor.

Anyone else find this to be true? It seems like powdered medicine of the nastiest kind, with a hint of chocolate.

I was going to attempt to take the products, other than protein, together on the side in order to down it fast and then enjoy the protein on its own.

a) this is what made me realize how potent the Superfood is, as far as nasty taste goes.
b) L-Leucine does NOT mix well with water on its own.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass that along.

Hang in there Josh! Haven’t read you mention your peanut butter in the evening. Are you having any? I am on Day 19 today. My only downfall is, like you, I can’t get in all 5 shakes for the day – which is bad. I am finding my taste buds are changing and I can now taste the Lucein. The vanilla tastes “stinky”, weird word to use but I think the container of vanilla I just opened might have been the “new formula” which has an odd odor and I was told they have since returned to their “original” formula. This program is HARD, but it’s comforting to know others are living through it, too. Stay strong!

Grace - yes I’ve been taking the peanut butter in the evening. Seems to make the shake much thicker so i tend to add just a bit more water.

If I taste anything more now it’s the Superfood. I confirmed that this morning.

I switched to taking the flax seed on the side, in about 3 oz of water, chased by more water. Much easier over all. I attempted the same setup with the superfood and l-Luecine alone this morning. just the smell as I started to drink it made me stop and mix the protein in. whiff the Superfood once =(

Anyway, this was my first weekend, and I slept in on saturday (which is my note to get more sleep in the week) so i missed the first shake of the day. otherwise I get my solid meal today so i’m excited about that.

Day 6:

My 3rd workout day. I work up late and completely missed my first shake (I woke around the time of my second so i had that right away). I made sure to get the rest but another one missed!
Is it OK to squeeze another one in, even though it would shorten the time between shakes? I’ll have to research that one.

3rd workout:

-Sumo Deadlift: 80 @ 8-7-7-6-5-4-3(note to increase my speed on this one)
-Incline dumbbell bench: 40 @ 9-8-7-7-6(should have been 45’s)
-Lat pull down-wide: 80 @ 9-9-9-9-4(this needed to be more. at least 90)
-plank: 1:50-1:00 (minutes:seconds)(pushed myself better on the first one this time, felt more productive overall since i couldn’t hold the second for as long)

Another note: the Surge did not taste as bad after this workout.

I forgot to comment on NEPA, here’s the catch-up:
4-5(2.5 to the gym, then 2.5 back)

One more thing I noticed: I may actually be allergic to some of the contents in the Metabolic Drive =(

Not enough to stop me, just frustrating. I sneeze a bunch lately and my nose runs a lot.

I was thinking the same for the flax seed (as I said before), since my throat felt constricted, and while I may slightly be allergic to that, the new method of taking it makes me not notice as much.

Such joy!

Yeah man, I didn’t like the Superfood in the shakes either, I put it alone in a shaker with like 10 - 12 oz of water and it’s pretty mild tasting. Also I got some of the sugar free raspberry davinci syrup and a little bit of that in with the Superfood/water makes it delicious to me.

I do the flax like you do as well, like a shot. The leucine I usually just put in with the Metabolic Drive and I at least can’t taste it, and like you said, it doesn’t really mix with water well alone.

Today is day 20 for me and it’s all worth it when you start to notice some change. Keep at it!!

About to do the v-burn. Here are my new measurements:

Neck…17 (-.5)

Shoulders…46 (-.25)

Chest-Upper…40 (-1.25)
Chest-lower…37 1/4 (0)

Waist-navel…37 1/4 (-.25)
Waist-largest…37 1/4 (-1.25)

Hips-largest…39 (0)

Arm-Upper.left…13 1/4 (-.75)
Arm-upper.Right…13 1/4 (-.75)

Leg-left…25 (0)
Leg-Right…25 1/2 (0)

Leg.lower-left…15 1/2 (0)
Leg.lower-right…15 1/2 (-.25)

Ankle-Left…9 1/2 (0)
Ankle-right…9 1/2 (0)

I just did the V-Burn.


24 minutes 20 seconds

I completed it all but it was brutal. I just couldn’t let myself do only part of it. Sweat was running into my eyes by the end.
I’ll be glad to improve that number.

My new goals are to make it to the HSM each week and each week that HSM is a reward for doing better on my VBC. I’ll have the HSM either way of course, but my goal is to always best my time in the VBC.

For those that did the previous versions of the diet, I read a post that said this version is harder, and based solely on the inclusion of VBC, I can imagine what a shock it would be.

rock on!

HSM time!

HSM 1:
steak, chicken, broccoli, zucchini, and brown rice. Peaches for desert.

I’ll post pictures next. Also, in the meal picture, I swap the large steak on my plate for the small chunk on the main plate (what my girlfriend didn’t want). As soon as I took the picture and looked back at the plate, I thought twice about all that steak. Sounded like a great idea of course, but looked like more than I wanted. Plus I wanted chicken and steak =)

Dessert 1:

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