Jordan's V-Diet Log Starting 11/2


It has begun, I will upload Before photos and Measurements soon.

Starting BF is 22% done by Caliper, so there is a certain margin of error.

Day 1 is a success, I cleaned our my food cabinet at work today and took it to nothing but the basics for the Diet. Kind of a weird feeling seeing it so empty. Working at a fire station with the holidays here we are constantly inundated with sweets and delightful goodies, so this will definitely be a challenge. I’ve walked by a German Chocolate cake that is amazing (I know, because it was my final treat last night) and I haven’t made a move on it yet. So that is a success. (Little successes are key for me) Odds are this won’t be a daily update on the log, but I will certainly attempt to update it frequently, at least weekly for sure.


Still going?

Sadly…Yes still going…JK

Still trucking along, been busy at work. Weigh in last week was 250, this morning was 246 so a loss of 4 pounds. Over the last week my energy has been like crap, though increasing. I’ll post measurements in the next day when I go home. The shakes are good, but I do find myself fantasizing about food…and the naughty things I want to cook in the kitchen. But the advantage of the diet is at work when people bring bad things (ie donuts, cake, cookies, or other holiday treats) I can just say no, because the diet is so strict.

My HSM last week was Sushi, with my wife…most amazing sushi I have ever had…EVER! Spicy tuna, and salmon, with Salmon and Ono on top…amazing!

I will try to post more, make more of an effort to keep people in the loop.

Stick with it its worth it in the end!

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