Jon Jon's Fat Boys Never Die-t VD3 Started Today!

Greetings! I have been lurking here for a few months. My good friend, roommate and personal trainer turned me on to the VD3 as I like to call it.

I wrestled with the idea and decided a couple weeks ago to take the plunge and make the commitment. I’m lucky to have the full support of almost all my friends (of course there were a couple negative comments but they were from people I don’t listen to anyway!) and family. My dad even went so far as to pay for my supplements as a Birthday gift!

I consider myself fortunate to have a live in personal trainer to help me get my head around the workouts. I just got back from my first workout and pounded my first Surge and so far so good. I’ll be taking measurements and pics tonight and will post them for all to see.

I must say I am angry about a lot of things right now and that anger is feeding into my motivation to do this. I’ve gained about 30 lbs over the past few years and although I’ve changed my composition considerably over the past 9 months, I still am fat. I used to look really good and I am pissed that I don’t anymore. Couple that with a recently ended dysfunctional relationship and here we have the angst that I’m turning into positive motivation.

I’ve told my friends, family and even some acquaintances at the gym what I’m doing and now some perfect strangers as well. I am determined to fight through the tough times and make it out through the 42 days. I will rely on all my support systems including all you folks to help. Please accept my sincere thanks in advance.

Pics and measurements to follow this evening!

Welcome! You seem really supported so you should do well in that regards. Motivation is key!

Support is good! Very good! You will need it. But your own live-in personal trainer? If you don’t make it, I have no idea why. :slight_smile:

Alright folks I took my pics and measurements here are the measurements with pics to follow:

Height 5’9"
Weight 235.6
Body Fat 23.37% per caliper test
Neck 17-1/8"
Waist at Navel-43-1/2"
Hips at largest-44"
Upper Arm L&R 15"
Upper Leg L&R 28-1/8"
Lower Leg L 16-1/2"
Lower Leg R 16-1/4"
Ankle L 9-1/4"
Ankle R 9-3/8"


Damn I’ve got some work to do.



This is proving to be a very interesting psychological experiment. I woke up this morning after having the most vivid dream about eating some of the crap I had been accustomed to. What a mindf*#k! I seriously thought for a few seconds that I had totally blown the diet because I dreamt of eating pizza and drinking Cherry Pepsi(something I NEVER drank anyway).

What a relief to realize it was only a bad dream. There is definitely some powerful stuff going on here. As far as reprogramming cravings I can see where that comes in too. Prior to starting the V Diet I would eat whatever I wanted, often times just because it was there, or I was bored, etc. Consciously rejecting foods has already made me more aware of how I used to eat.

This is the beginning of day 3 so I have a lot left to learn and more work ahead but I’m encouraged by the mental changes I’m seeing so far.

First step is the hardest. You can do it. With the support that you have through this forum it makes life easier knowing that others are facing the same challenges that you are.

Have agreat day


Welcome bro!

Yes feel pissed! Put that anger to work for you, it’s all out war on fat! You look like you have some way to. The change will be dramatic!

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been fortunate to have lots of positive people in my life and so far no toxicity to speak of. I also realized that the example I’m setting for my friends and family is motivation for me to succeed. I’m hoping that my transformation and change will inspire them to make committment to positive change in their lives as well.

Aside from all that, today was pretty crazy. It all started with me being pissed off because I dreamt that I had eaten pizza. I remember wondering how I could have already blown the diet. I woke up so upset because it took a while to realize that it was only a dream. The sense of relief was huge but I was still pissed off. It carried over into my workout and despite the fact I was exhausted from what I think were many disturbing food-related dreams I had a kick ass workout today.

The dreams indicate to me that I truly have a food addiction and that this approach to dieting is exactly what I need to make a lasting change. More importantly though, the dream was like a terrific gift. Instead of actually eating pizza and rationalizing it, I felt the full wrath of my decision at my most suggestive moment.

This all leads to my fantasy HSM. I really am looking forward to it. I’m thinking about a BBQ with grilled zuchini, bell peppers & mushrooms, salmon on a cedar plank and an as yet undetermined starch. Also am really craving a big bowl of red leaf lettuce with cucumber. Fun to think about healthy foods as so intensly rewarding.

I plan to post some workout stats pretty soon.

Day Four almost done!

Today was pretty easy compared to yesterday. Today’s NEPA consisted of A LOT (10 hours) of cleaning, organizing and moving bozes in the house. I’m pretty sure this should count because I’m exhausted!

I feel pretty good though and will probably do a standard walk in the morning, although I have to move all my furniture downstairs tomorrow so perhaps that will be enough. I want to be careful not to cheat myself but also not to overdo it.

Anyway I am doing fine with the shakes and just tried a cinnamon/nutmeg vanilla for the first time today. It was quite good. Surprisingly I like the Chocolate the least of all the flavors and am wishing I hadn’t bought a majority of chocolate. I think I’ll just make that my staple and use the other flavors when I’m having a tough time.

Here are my first two weight workouts.

Day One

Movement Load Set Rep Rest

A Front Squat 190 7 20 30s
B Lat Pull 160 6 20 30s
C DB Bench 75 5 20 30s
D Wheel Roll Out - 4 20 30s

Day Two

Movement Load Set Rep Rest

A Reverse Lunge 20 x 2 6 40 45s
B Bent Over Row 20kg x 2 5 40 45s
C Push Press 105 6 40 45s
D BB Curl 75 6 40 45s
E Hanging Leg Raise - 6 40 45s

Still here! Its day 7 and I’m down to 226 from 234 a week ago! Have yet to take photos and measurements but I’ll follow with those later. Today is HSM day and I’m sooo excited! Its going to be a red leaf salad with avocado, cucumber, pine nuts and vinegar & olive oil dressing followed by a cedar plank grilled salmon along with grilled zucchini, mushrooms and green peppers and a side of wild rice!

I’ve picked up a book on Neuro Linguistic Programming that I think is a great read while doign this diet. It is helping keep my head in the right spot and it provides some fun mental exercises to do as well.

This diet is certainly a mind changer and is a wonderul way to jump start physical and mental fitness.

Hey all. Still at it just grinding it out through day 9 and looking forward to HSM day again already! Just getting through some pretty strong food cravings. At least the cravings are for healthier foods. I’m definitely seeing some pretty good results so far. Lost a little on my measurements and also on my body fat caliper test. After running the numbers it comes down to 2.5lbs of fat lost in week one which sounds pretty good to me. I’ll post my pics in the next day or so.

Day 18. I’m still here and on cruise control. Life has been busy and hectic with a remodeling project at home but interestingly the V-Diet has made it easier since there is no need to cook! I’m seeing some good results, people are starting to notice I’m losing weight and I’m mostly just excited to keep going! I still have some harder days and I look forward to eating more solid food most of the time but other than that this is getting really easy to do. I’m about to order my supplies for the transitional period and I’ve been doing a lot of reading on proper nutrition in order to be well prepared to continue making progress towards my ultimate goals.

Day 25!Still here! I’m down to 220 as of 23 days which represents a 16lb loss. I’m waiting til the 28th day to do all my measurements and fat caliper testing again. I’m looking forward to staying disciplined and focused during the transition. I’ll post some photos of day 28 just around the corner!

Awesome…keep it up you’re so closer. Great job on the 16lbs loss.

Day 28!

I weighed in at 219lbs this morning which is quite a milestone for me. Its been three years since I weighed less than 220. This represents a 16 lb weight loss over the 28 days. If I lose 2lbs a week during transition that will put me at 20 lbs lost for the diet which would be my goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if I lose more than that but either way I’m feeling great. I’m doing measurements, calculations and photos tomorrow morning and will post them very soon.

Final Post!

So its now been 10 weeks since the begining of my V-Diet. I am down a total of 33LBS and losing steadily at a rate of about 2-3 lbs a week! I’m following nutritional guidelines as set forth by John Berardi. I’ll post my 6 week pics in the before/after forum.

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