Joined Nutrisystem, Don't Laugh

my exercise is good I workout most of the week its my pie hole that’s keeping me stalled,i cant cook don’t know how to shop good so I figured if I have 5 meals a day planned I could keep track better and you know its healthy, but the thing is nutrisytems man diet bottoms out at 1500 cals a day at 335 could I function physically at that calorie level I figured with a little fruit and veggies I could easily add a few more 100 cals to get to a better cal intake?

whats the verdict

I wish you the best, I really do.

I disagree with every single thing that type of system promotes, so I can’t really help you since you’ve already signed up for it.

Hit me up at a future date if that plan doesn’t work out for you and I’d be glad to offer up more proven fat-loss advice you probably won’t take. [smiley face and all that]

Good luck Brandon. If you really want to max out health and training, do some googling, watch some videos, and learn the cooking basics. There are a LOT of fantastic, healthy recipes on this site, and with a little effort you can be making your own healthy meals in no time. One of the main problems with nutrisystem is the quality of their food.

They sell nutrisystem in my local grocery store, check the ingredient list, it’s WAY too long and filled with a bunch of garbage. There’s more crap than food. Additionally, you’re not learning anything or getting better at nutrition. Real results will come when you can control your nutrition completely.

10 years ago I was 25 years old and around 350lbs. I’d played sports and was a big guy so it didn’t seem too bad. 3 years later I was in the high 200’s. I hit 260 five years ago, did the velocity diet twice within 9 months and got down to 199 for the first time since high school. For the next 3 years I added muscle and hovered around 205-210.

I knew nothing when I started, couldn’t really cook and just knew I didn’t want to stay the way I was. Just start with something a little different than you have been doing whether it’s a little more movement or a little less food. Everyone knows what “healthy” is in general and anyone can walk around the block. Start there and just keep going.

Anything they advertise on the tee and vee like nutrisystem for the general public that whispers “results not typical” in teeny tiny print at the bottom of the ad can not be much good.

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