John's V-Diet

Yeah. Ordered everything last night on a whim. Work’s been good, bank account is fat, just thought why not now?

I’ve been wanting to do the V-Diet for close to six months now, and I’m finally taking the plunge.

Not a lot of explanation needed for this, I’m sick and tired of being marginally overweight and out of shape. It’s time to get this under control.

I’ve never done something that has pushed me and tested me like this will, and I’m excited to do it because I know I will not fail.

My commitment is unwavering.
My faith in myself is bulletproof.

Let’s make this happen.

More to come once I get everything in the mail.

Sounds like you’ve the motivation and the attitude to succeed with us all. Best of luck and post often when you get started…it helps a lot.

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Oh boy… a bit tubbier in the belly than I thought… Can’t wait for Monday! Measurements to come later today!

So haven’t had the opportunity to measure yet, will tonight.

Decided to start today. Had my first shake.

This is going to be fun.

Good luck to you! stick with it and you’ll see great results!

good luck man, we are all in this together

Ok, so spur of the moment decision on friday, and I started the diet then. So I’m officially wrapping up my third day and about to go do the V-Burn Challenge. Ended up missing my friday workout only because I was an hour and half outside of Minneapolis in the middle of Bum-Fuck nowhere to work at a County Fair.

When weighing it out, it was probably best that I started on friday and missed one workout than starting tomorrow and getting all of the workouts in. I realized I have a huge weakness for Fair food, and I would have devoured thousands of calories of deep fried batter and meat.

Btw, here are my starting measurements as of Friday:

Weight: 192
Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 44.5
Upper Chest: 38
Lower Chest: 36.4
Navel: 38
Largest Waist: 39.25
Hips: 37.5
Upper Arm:
Left - 13
Right - 12 7/8
Lower Leg:
Left - 15 1/4
Right - 15
Upper Leg:
Left - 22.5
Right - 23
Left - 10.5
Right - 10.5

Good luck mate.


Fuck my life


Fuck pike pushups. Hardcore fuck them.

I want to die.

Is it ok if I puke during the V-Burn?
That’s how I felt today.

PS - I fucking love my life right now.

V-Burn is an ass kicker for sure. took me 33:11 yesterday (Intermediate).

Feels good, don’t it?

Congrats on deciding to take the plunge. Good luck!

Back from my workout, drinking shake numero tres for the day. Starting to get stuff for my HSM this thursday.

If anyone here lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul, would you be able to help me find some places that sell 100% grass fed beef? It’s a bitch to find, and I really want some.

So, workout:

Dumbbell Squat: 60 lbs (30 in each), 9/8/8/7/8
Dumbbell Bench: 70 lbs (35 each) 9/9/7/7/5/3
Bent Over Row: Started with 35, ended with 50lbs, 9/9/9/7/6.

Plank Hold: 40 seconds.

Already starting to notice some body changes, and behavioral changes. I’m feeling a lot better throughout the day, with more energy.

I didn’t even realize you were located in the same area as me. I’m currently ending day 6 of the V-Diet. I didn’t start a log because I did while I attempted it twice before, and failed…now I’m too embarrassed to even bother. I usually get my Grass-fed beef from the Kowalski’s that is located on Grand Ave. It is made by Thousand Hills and is located right next to the meat counter (not at the meat counter.) If this is too far of a drive for you I would suggest hitting up a farmer’s market that is nearby you. They always seem to have some there.

Glad you have taken the plunge pal,you’ll do just great with the attitude you have.Keep updating regularly so more people get involved with your progress(it really helps at times when you are feeling abit shit)

I think today will be the toughest day as of yet, simply because I’m already on Shake 1 and I just do NOT want to drink another Strawberry Shake. Oh well, tomorrow is HSM day!

I’m having some salmon cooked on a cedar plank seasoned with some kosher sea salt and ground peppercorns. Going to grill some okra, probably steam a little broccoli and bake a little sweet potato.

So I’ve been getting a lot of people who are of course, telling me I’m crazy for what I’m doing. They ask “How could you go 28 days without food?!”

It’s funny to me, because it’s really not that hard. Hunger is not something that really bugs me. Back in my first year of college I decided to do a 14 day fast on only water. Granted, health wise, probably not the best of decisions. Willpower wise, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. 1 to 2 hours of hunger? It’s a joke to me.

It really blows my mind when people say “Oh I could never go 28 days without food!” I just want to shake them. How the hell do you not have the willpower to control what you shovel down your gullet for 4 weeks? Especially when it’s going to make you look and feel like a completely new person.

It just does not make any sense to me how someone could fail the V-Diet.

You spend 550 dollars on supplements. Obviously you want to change. You spend time on this website. Obviously you want to change. It’s ONE MONTH! That’s 4 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wednesdays, 4 Thursdays, 4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays, and 4 Sundays. THAT’S IT!

I work for a sales company, I sell kitchen cutlery. It’s taught me a lot about commitment and hard work, but I realized yesterday that it’s time to move on. This diet has helped me realize that.

My passion is in the world of fitness and nutrition.

In 3 months, when my lease is up, I’m quitting my job, selling basically everything I own, and I’m dedicating my life to this cause. I will compete professionally in Mixed Martial Arts within one year from today. In the process, I am also going to start a company, a live in training facility for anyone in all walks of life that has everything on-site. Physician, nutrition experts, strength coaches, chiropractors, fat loss experts and motivational coaches. I want to revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

Anyway, that’s why I’m doing the V-Diet. To give you a little insight into why I want this so bad, and why I will NOT fail. Too much rides on this.

way to go man!lofty goals that i am sure you will hit! and we are on the same page as far the doubters of the diet, i could take your paragraph, copy and paste onto my log, and it would be 100% accurate to my situation as well. fuck em. ill be looking forward to seeing your continual progress.

That’s just awesome about all of your future plans and your commitment! I’ll be starting next Tuesday, so I’ll be there with you soon! Way to go!

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