John's V-Diet Log

Well, here it goes! No turning back now.

About me: Have been training on and off for about 4-5 years, but can not seem to get a good period of diet and hard training at the same time. I’ll fall into a pattern of lifting hard, eating clean, then falling back into bad eating habits, then falling out of training. I tend to suffer from that all or nothing mentality of letting one screw up lead me down a path of “screw it, lets gorge on beer and burgers and cigs” Anyhow, realized last week that I had broken 200lbs for the first time in my life, and not in a good way! I have decided it is time to get serious about building good habits and a good base for my life moving forward.

Perhaps Erasmus got it right when he said that “A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit.” I am convinced that the only way I can really drive out the unwanted habits surrounding my nutrition is with a structured set of new habits. And when looking for structure, you can only imagine the delight I had in finding the Velocity diet! So, I have got all of my supplements ready to go, portioned in labeled bags in my fridge, and am hitting the ground with the metaphorical nail and hammer in hand.

Here are my starting measurements and pictures:

Weight: 198lb
Right Leg at Groin: 24.5 Left: 25
Right Leg Halfway: 21.5 Left 21.5
Right Calf: 14.5 Left: 14.5

Right Forearm: 11 Left: 11
Right Arm at Bicep: 12.75 Left: 13

Neck: 15.5
Chest (Over arms): 52
Chest (Under arms): 44

Stomach at Bellybutton: 38 (!!)
Waist at Mid-Hip: 36 (!!)
Butt/top of groin: 42 (!!)

Back Relaxed.

I will try and grab a side picture when I get a chance later today.

Spent some time last week doing the workouts, getting the timing and weights a bit more dialed in, so hopefully today will go smoothly at the gym. I hope to post my updates on workouts, NEPA, and pictures/measurements at least once a week, but may be doing more updates as a way to galvanize my effort and tenacity when the going starts to get tough.


Welcome aboard! Great to have someone else aboard doing what we are doing! Best of luck and be sure to post often. We’re all here to help each other.

Posting regularly on your own and other peoples logs are good because it keeps up you focus.

Thanks all for words of encouragement!

Gym went well; felt pretty good, no lack of energy yet!

Warmed up for about 10min on a spin bike at super low RPMS/no resistance, just enough to get my heart rate up to about 115-120

F.Squat: 155X5,5,4,3,3
Felt good, pretty light though, will be raising weight next time…

Chin ups: BW-BandX4,4,3,1 BW-30kgX4,4
Felt ok with first two sets, then hit a complete wall using a band for assistance; switched to a gravitrron machine, but even then was pretty gassed. I think I’ll use either a slightly stronger band and try to do all the sets with that, or stick with the 30kg assistance on the gravitron and do all the sets on that. I do wish that my gym kept note of the strength of the bands that they have!

Bench: 105X5,5,5,5
Way too light, the dumbbell benches were all taken and I didn’t want to break up the rests, so I did barbell bench, if I do that again, I need to up the weight by another 20 lbs or so.

Ab Roll out
Ah, this was fairly disastrous, I did a set of 5, and then a set of 3-4 (the last one was ugly), but I felt like i was hurting my arms more than working out my abs. I need to watch the video and make sure my form is right, as I think I must have been doing something wrong. To finish ab work i did two sets of 5 of decline crunches with a 3kg medicine ball, which felt much better. Don’t want to get in the habit of avoiding something because it’s hard, but I didn’t want to injure myself because I was trying to do something wrong…

Finished up sipping on my post workout Surge in the steam room.


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