Johnny's Diet Log


Hi Guys, meant to post this yesterday…

Day 1 has been pretty fantastic. Feels exciting actually mixing up the shakes after reading and planning the diet for so long! Got a thrill opening all the supps up. I wonder how long that’ll last…

The workout was good fun, and although it was short in duration, I was expecting this based on others questions in the forums.

I had the nut butter separately to the bedtime shake and felt really full afterwards. Was tempted to skip the last shake, but took it right before bed anyway. I was tempted to skip thinking it might speed up results, but I think that’s false thinking.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Here’s this mornings measurements:

Height: 5’10"
Weight: 177.7 lb
bodyfat: 12.7%
Chest: 41"
Stomach: 33"
Hips: 35"


So today was pretty good too. Had a slight period in the afternoon when I felt quite hungry (not using hot roxx yet), but I had a pint of water and then a coffee and that got me going until my next shake. I’ve noticed that I seem to be more dehydrated (based on colour of urine) than normal - has anyone else noticed that?

Can’t wait for my workout tomorrow. Will be doing it in the morning as I’m on the road for 4-5 hours in the afternoon. I have an advantage in that I work at home, so with some meetings comiong up it’s going to be more of a test of my preperation skills.

I know it’s only day two, but I already feel a bit less bloated in the belly!

Anyway, time for my nut butter treat (straight out of the jar!) now. Also, apologies for the sideways pic on the previous post :frowning:


Sounds like you got things straight so far! Good luck and keep it up! I am interested to see how much body fat you lose since it’s already pretty low.


i just started today, drank a lil more than 3/4 a gallon and noticed dehydration - or what i think was dehydration head aches.


@driftingbamafan - thanks for sharing that; I wonder what causes this apparant dehydration? I had a light headache too last night.

Day 3, and had my morning workout. Took my hot roxx today with morning shake AND a cup of coffee, and what with it being unusually warm (for north west england!) today I was sweating by the time I picked up the barbell to start my reverse lunges!!!

Got my shakes ready for my trip out today, but won’t take my other hot roxx until after my customer meeting in case I break into sweats!!! :slight_smile:


Day 4 has been fine so far. A few people have mentioned day 4 is one of the hardest, but I’ve found it okay. Been a tiny bit light headed once or twice, but not enough to be a bother. Definitely feel trimmer around my stomach.

Suffered from insomnia last night. Had to admit defeat about 1am, so got up and managed to complete my tax return and my expense report for work! Not sure if the insomnia was from too much caffeine, or what. But hopefully I’ll be better tonight because I’ve had no coffee today (just the hot roxx).


Hmmm… a slight ‘issue’. I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow night with my wife for 2 nights for a short break. So, I’m not going to the bother of transporting all my protein and stuff over there, and taking a backpack with protein shakers. So, I’m going to have to have a 2 day break fro the diet. Oh well, s**t happens. I’ll eat and drink clean, and do low carb and tons of walking, then just resume as normal and add on 2 days.


That’s really a poor excuse. It takes 1 shaker bottle and 10 barely filled ziplock bags to travel for two days on the V-Diet. OR you could do 9 ziplocks and do 1 HSM while you’re there.

You might finish the rest of the diet perfectly but why not do the whole thing the right way?


Okay, fair point. I am committed, but evidently not THAT committed.

My motivation is to drop 6lb by 24th June, which is when I go away for 2 weeks holiday in Greece. I’m content that, despite a 2 day wobble in Amsterdam, I won’t have anymore interruptions (also, I’m aware that once you ‘break the rules’, it increases the chances of doing it again, but am happy that I won’t), and will easily achieve my goals.

Thanks for the tip though, much appreciated, and if I travel domestically I can certainly do as you suggest!

Fear not, these won’t be ‘famous last words’!!


Day 5: weighed myself this morning and found I’d lost 7lb! I was very surprised at this, my body fat has dropped 1/2 a per cent and my stomach is down over 1". 7lb seems a lot though, and I think a lot of that is water weight, and I think I was more dehydrated this morning than when I weighed myself on sunday morning though. Still, things are moving in the right direction.

I reconsidered what @Qirard said above, but when I checked with my airline they were adamant that I should not be taking ziplok bags of mixed powders onto the aircraft! Oh well, what I’ll now do is find some ready mixed low carb protein (I think myoplex do one) at a GNC or some such place in amsterdam and use those for breakfast and lunch , then have a HSM for dinner - then that means I’m only having 1 extra HSM this week - and to make up for that I’ll proably be walking about 8 miles a day.

Got my 3rd workout today, feeling good so might add in a couple of extra sets.


Back from 3rd workout… my god it kicked my ass. Again, I was sweating buckets from the start of the deadlifts to the end of the hand walkouts. And from the end of the deadlifts to now (35 mins after leaving the gym) I felt light headed, dizzy and nauseous!

Haven’t been able to face recovery drink yet - just had a glass of sparkling mineral water and lying down!! I hope this improves, or I’m gonna get myself barred from my gym by puking everywhere and passing out :slight_smile:


thats awesome dude, love the intesity! keep it up and you will size up as well as lean out!


cheers dude - I hope so!


I don’t blame you for not wanting to deal with the roll of the dice that is airport security. I’ve never had a problem but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t encounter it.

I’m gearing up for my second V-Diet on Monday. My first was 2 years ago. I just know much I regretted not doing the transition phase perfectly even though I had great results. So I was trying to give you a kick in the pants if you needed. it =D

Keep at it, you’re going to crush your initial goals.


Thanks Qirard. Good luck with your second V-Diet tomorrow - it would be great to see a diet log, with your observations of doing the diet a second time compared to the first.

I did the firt V-Burn challenge today. Get’s quite tough! Finished in about 20 mins; the squat thrusts are killers!

Back on the straight and narrow today regarding the shakes, after 2 days away in Amsterdam where I had some amazing salads and steaks!!! The over-indulgence, however necessary it may have been, has made returning to the all-shake diet harder going than when I started last week. So, predictable and obvious as it may bem I’d highly recommend doing 100% to avoid the situation of pausing the diet and eating, albeit healthy & low-carb, solid meals whilst on the V-Diet!


Okay, apologies for not updating this! Today was day 1 of the transition phase and all is well. I’m down to 169lb so that’s over 8lb lost, which is all bodyfat (my legs have grown since I’ve been neglecting leg workouts for the last 9 months, so I’ve put muscle back on there), and have take 2" off my stomach and have visible abs.

I won’t be doing week 2 of the transition because I’ll be away on my holiday in Greece, which was the objective of the V-Diet. I’ll post updated photos on Saturday and measurements.

Now, my dirty little secret is that I only did 1 full week of the true V-Diet i.e. all liquid. After the first week I added in the single HSM, but ensuring there were no carbs added (other than veggies). In addition, I’ve worked out 6 days a week - doing the intermediate weights workout 4 days a week and doing 6 P90X cardio workouts a week. I feel this has worked perfectly form me, and Chris even said that would be fine (check out my Q on 'Ask Chris). I didn’t have too much fat to lose and already ate pretty much clean, so I don’t feel I’ve really missed out too much on the habit and tastebud benefits of the true V-Diet. The only downside is I’ve had too much energy, and it’s made it difficult to sleep at night. That might also have something to do with caffeine too :slight_smile: