Joe's Journey to Single Digits

Alright, so I’m going to start the Velocity Diet tomorrow (10/23). I had a hamstring and tricep injury for a while, but now I’m consistently back into lifting. During the time of my injuries, I managed to gain quite a bit of bodyfat. I’m pretty pissed off about that, so I’m going to try to right all of my wrongs.

I’ll be following Chad Waterbury’s Intermediate Lifting Program. I normally mountain bike or kayak on non-lifting days, so I’ll be keeping up that tradition as well.

Here are my stats:

Height- 6’1
Weight- 201.3
Body fat- 15.3%

Measurements: (All measurements relaxed)

Belly/love handle area- 38"
Upper leg- 25.5"
Calf- 15.25"
Chest- 40"
Upper abs area- 35"
Upper arm- 15"
Neck- 15.5"

Caloric Intake:
Lifting - 1751
Non-Lifting - 1460

I started on monday – good luck – keep us posted!

good luck! let’s hear you updates

Day 1- 10/23

Well, I made it through the first day without a hitch. I was fairly certain my stomach would be eating itself from a lack of solid food, but the Metabolic Drive low-carb shakes actually kept me full. I had to, respectfully, decline several meal invitations. Fortunately, this was an easy task. Let’s hope it remains that way.

Here’s what I did today. The only thing I added to Waterbury’s Intermediate program is barbell shrugs.

A1 Wide-grip pull-up for 3 reps
Rest 30 seconds

A2 Deadlift for 3 reps (215 lbs)
Rest 30 seconds

A3 Dip for 3 reps
Rest 30 seconds and repeat A1-A3 six more times

2 sets of side plank hold for 45 seconds on each side

Barbell shrugs (205x6,x6,x6)

30 minute walk on track

Would it be safe to replace Surge with Anabolic Halo?

I’m not sure if Anabolic Halo would play well with HOT-ROX. My Surge hasn’t came in yet.

Hey! nice job so far, day 1 under your belt. I think refusing food on this diet is the hardest thing to do, especially because people usually ask why and i never want to get into it if i know they won’t get it :slight_smile: Nicely done!!

Good luck Joe! I started on Weds 22nd.

UCDgirl - you’re absolutely right, I don’t want to get in to talking about it. It’s just far too much hard work explaining it all. They wouldn’t understand!

How’s this for a challenge though - the NFL is having its game in London on Sunday. It’s where I live, so I’m going along… we hvae tickets to something called a “tailgate party” before hand. Hmm… I think this could be pretty tough.

hmmm…i have heard of these “tailgate parties” …maybe you could poor a shake in an empty beer can and just pretend…no one will know :slight_smile: Or make a vanilla one…add a lime and call it a margarita

Day 2- 10/24

So, Day 2 is in the bag. I’ve got one more shake to go and a tablespoon of PB. I never thought I would look forward to peanut butter so much.

I’d say today was a success. I had zero cravings for unhealthy food. I’m also feeling the effects of HOT-ROX a little more. I’ve had absurd amounts of energy ALL day long.

I’m going to have to start spicing up my shakes a little more.

1 hour walk outdoors

Good luck Joe!

I started on Monday - its not as bad as i though it would be…

[quote]ItaliaCat02 wrote:
Good luck Joe!

I started on Monday - its not as bad as i though it would be…

Thanks! That’s definitely good news. Unhealthy foods have always been my kryptonite, but I’m certain I can conquer the cravings. I’m hoping to adopt a permanent healthy diet following this one.

Day 3- 10/25

Another day behind me. Mountain biking for six miles and an ab circuit.

Straight Leg crunches x10
Cross-body crunches x10
Leg raise x10
Oblique crunches x10
2 sets of side plank hold for 45 seconds on each side

Repeat 3 times

30 minute walk outdoors

Day 4- 10/26

Alright, Sundays are going to be my Healthy Solid Meal day. Today, for lunch, I had grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, banana peppers, lettuce, and carrots. It was GREAT.

It’s getting harder to drink the shakes. I’ve been lowering the amount of water and just chugging it.

I’m super pumped about getting back into the gym tomorrow.

30 minute walk outdoors

[quote]Yakn Joe wrote:
Would it be safe to replace Surge with Anabolic Halo?

I’m not sure if Anabolic Halo would play well with HOT-ROX. My Surge hasn’t came in yet.[/quote]

I doubt halo would be a good substitute, and it generally leaves me feeling tired as hell after i take it, also i have no idea what it’s supposed to do either, as it doesn’t list the amount of protein in it, also it has about 19 grams of carbs per scoop and recommended u dont take more than three scoops a day.

Thanks for the advice. I decided not to use it. I only tried it out once before the diet and wasn’t too impressed.

Day 5- 10/27

Somehow I managed to reaggravate my tricep injury from the earlier this year. I’m really pissed off right now. I may have to have surgery. I’m not sure how this will affect my V-Diet and workouts. Any advice?

One more shake to go today. It’s been a struggle to keep from eating food today.

45 minute walk outdoors

I don’t know much about tri’s but don’t hurt yourself worse…that’s not a fun muscle to have to train around (as i’m sure you already know)

Day 6- 10/28

Survived the day. Weekly weigh-in tomorrow.

30 minute walk outdoors

Day 7- 10/29

Starting Weight: 201.3
Current Weight: 192.5


Belly/love handle area: -1.5"
Upper leg: unchanged
Calf: unchanged
Chest: -.25"
Upper abs area: -.5"
Upper arm: unchanged
Neck: unchanged

Weighed-in and took measurements bright and early this morning. I’m pleased with my progress so far.

Nice Job Joe! Keep going strong, you won’t regret it!

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