Joe's Almost-V-Diet Log


Alright, so I’m starting a diet log. Firstly though, in the spirit of full-disclosure, I must confess to the following:

  1. This is my second attempt at the V-Diet. I started the V-Diet for the first time back in early November with my wife. We both had great results in the first week, but a couple of days later we found out we were expecting our first baby.

As several of the supplements are not to be consumed by pregnant women (actually pretty much everything) my wife could not continue the diet. At the time, we were just trying to get our head around life as expecting parents and I didn’t want her to feel guilty about eating while I was suffering, so I decided to abandon ship and try again once things had settled down a bit.

  1. I am not doing the V-Diet as explicitly written. Cue flaming. The moderations I have made are fairly simple. Firstly, I’m using MusclePharm Combat Powder instead of the MD simply because sourcing the MD here in Australia was going to cost me a fortune whereas I got a good deal on importing the CP. For whatever reason, customs will allow CP through from a certain retailer, but usually won’t allow most other whey products. The nutritional panels are very similar - I just have to reduce my number of scoops by 2 each day to hit my target calories.

The second modification is to the exercise routine. I know the routine was designed for the diet, and I know it was a good workout last time I did it, but I must confess that I have other goals that I’m keeping an eye on during this diet. Over the past few months I’ve worked very hard to get my squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press numbers up.

As I’m also planning to start training for Strongman events at the conclusion of the V-Diet, I really wanted to keep doing these lifts. I also like a high workload. As such, I’m going to be attempting Dan John’s 40 Day Easy Strength program (taking Surge after the harder session each week) and I will chart my progress. If I don’t feel like I’m recovering well enough between workouts, or that I’m over-training, I will switch to the V-Diet plan as suggested.

Other than those things, it’s a V-Diet. HOT-ROX, Flameout, Surge, Superfood, Combat Powder in place of Metabolic Drive and Dan John’s program instead of Waterbury’s.

I’m not expecting the first week to be quite as dramatic was it was last time; I lost 6kg (13.4lbs) in the first 6 days on the first attempt. This time however I have gone a different path as I wanted to clear up some eating habits BEFORE diving into the V-Diet. I did this by completing the Whole30 paleo challenge. Since I haven’t eaten sugar, grains or anything processed in over a month now, I don’t expect the same results from last time when I went from eating crap to V-Diet overnight. I did manage to lose 7kg (14.6lbs) on the Whole30.

Clearly though, having played with the program, if my results are not up to par I only have myself to blame. :slight_smile:

Now that’s out of the way, here is my starting position:

Age: 25
Height: 191cm / 6’3"
Weight: 131kg / 288lbs
BF%: 34.9% (according to electronic scale)

So far, now at the end of Day 2, I’m finding things a lot easier than the first time around. I’m not sure if it’s because I have less distractions around me now to stop me thinking about food, or if it’s because I’ve already been through the “detox” as such with the Whole30. Either way, I’m excited for the results I can hopefully achieve this month.

Goal Loss: 12kg / 26.4lbs without a loss in lifting strength.

Looking forward to updating as a I move forward. :slight_smile:



Here’s the less attractive angle. :wink:


I’m now at the start of Day 4. The diet itself is going well. I’ve only had minimal psychological cravings for food. Physically I haven’t felt hungry, but occasionally I’ve wanted to taste something that wasn’t sweet. Really though, it’s no where near as hard as it was this time last attempt.

Today I’m feeling a bit run down. I have a mild cold and my energy levels are pretty low. I’m going to play it out for a day or two, but if I don’t improve I’ll switch my lifting routine to the prescribed V-Diet program and see if that helps. If it does, I guess it’s over-training to blame.

I already feel like I’m burning fat though. Can’t wait to weigh in on Saturday before my HSM.


Keep it mate, looks like ur holding a lot of muscle under there. Stay strong and keep it up!


Thanks bro. :slight_smile:


Well, the mild cold turned into more flu-like symptoms yesterday. No energy, muscular aches, chronic sinus issues, no appetite, and inability to focus. Not good when you’re a writer! I went to bed at 4pm yesterday and woke up at 5am this morning. I seem to be mostly recovered, bar the sneezing and runny nose. However, I did miss probably half of my shakes yesterday. I’m not going to worry too much though as my body didn’t want them and I wasn’t burning a great deal of energy in my illness-induced stuper.

I’m not going to persevere with the training plan I had envisioned. I told myself at the start that if I got any sign of overtraining that I would revert to the V-Diet prescribed program, so that’s what I’m going to do. Starting today I’ll take on the Intermediate Waterbury program.

Looking forward to posting results. :slight_smile:


Just did the my first V-Diet workout (The Friday workout from Intermediate) and WOW it kicked my ass. I’m not sure what I did differently from last time, but I have no idea why I didn’t think I’d get enough volume/hard work out of the V-Diet program. This will do me just fine.

It does feel good to be sticking closer to the program.


A little disappointed with the scale this morning (first weigh in, morning of day 7) but the tape measure results made up for it and I realised that I should have weighed in Friday morning before my HSM instead of a few days later.

Scale: 130kg (1kg lost)
Waist: 119cm - 4cm lost in one week!

Very happy with the waist measurement.


hang in there man! good job so far.


No new measures just yet (coming on Saturday) but I was pretty excited today. Day 11 and a pair of jeans I haven’t worn comfortably since August last year fit very comfortably this morning! Just the motivation I need to push on at this week’s “sticking point.”


Week 2 down and I’ve dropped 4kg along with 1.5cm off my waist. Since I started my transformation on January 2nd, I’ve now lost 11kg and 11cm. The first month I followed the Whole30 plan in an effort to detox and get my body craving natural foods again, and that month was responsible for a 7kg loss and 5cm from my waist. Here are some before and after’s since the beginning of the year:

(following posts)


Back relaxed, 6 weeks progress.


Side relaxed, 6 weeks progress.