Joe Took the Plunge


Let’s get the ugly part out of the way…

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 262lbs
Neck: 18.5"
Shoulders: 54.5"
Chest Upper: 49"
Chest Lower: 45"
Waist at Navel: 48"
Waist at largest: 49"
Hips at largest 43.5"
Upper Arm - L: 16"
Upper Arm - R: 16"
Upper Leg - L: 26"
Upper Leg - R: 26"
Lower Leg - L: 18"
Lower Leg - R: 18â??
Ankle - L: 11"
Ankle - R: 11"

Day one came and went pretty easily. The shakes were filling…it took a little bit to get used to the vanilla flavor. NEPA was a little longer (4.6 miles) than needed, but I walked to the local high school to sign my kids up for summer sports camp. The hard part is preparing food for the kids and wife…I’m the chef in our house.

Day two meals were very easy. I didn’t feel hungry all day…probably the result of staying on a rigid schedule. I was unable to do NEPA earlier in the day because of the rain (I have to push my little guy in a jogging stroller) and my older two kids have pink eye and potential mononucleosis (waiting of the lab tests Friday evening). So I did NEPA (3.5 miles) and workout #1 (beginner program) back to back…that was tough. After the planks I wanted to throw up…really tried to stick with the 45 second recovery between lifts and transitions. The last thing I wanted to do was drink Surge Recovery…it took a little while but eventually it went down.

Very thankful to my brother-in-law (think of him as my biological brother) for his support and encouragement so far.

Until tomorrow!


well done on your first day down! and i hope your kids are doing ok.


NICE! I was waiting all week to see if you were going to post a log.

Obviously, I’ll be following this closely. I refuse to let you get an incomplete on your V-Diet journey, like I did for mine! No need to be thankful…I’m supportive because I love your kids and hope their Dad lives past 100.


Good luck to you!


[quote]triskele wrote:
well done on your first day down! and i hope your kids are doing ok. [/quote]

Thanks triskele for caring about the big picture…family! My family is one of the biggest motivating factors that is empowering me to undertake this substantial life-changing event. This planet needs more people like you!

As for their health, pink eye has been solved and the test results on my daughter came back negative for mono but positive for H1N1. Luckily she was given “flu-shot” for H1N1…therefore limiting the power of the virus. Only problem now is my wife appears to be quite ill. Knock on wood that I don’t end up with it!

Thanks for making my day!


[quote]qirard wrote:
Good luck to you![/quote]

Thanks quirad! I need all of the good vibes I can get! It’s so important to know you aren’t alone!

Thanks for taking part of your day to acknowledge my journey!


Day three is now in the books. NEPA today was a 4.69 mile walk pushing the baby jogger. Didn’t know if I’d be able to do up because all the walking has chewed up my left foot…smaller toes digging into the toes to the right…fixed one then the next one was cut up. I wasn’t about to let that stop me so I went out and purchased “toe socks”. Sounds goofy, looks goofy, feels goofy but it did the job.

I have stuck religiously to the diet which is hard because the four other people in the house eat regular food. My mind is always thinking about what I wanted to do (hopefully it will be “use to do”)…it’s almost like I’m psychologically studying my past/present eating habits. I grew up being told to “finish your plate”…as an adult I made sure I finished my kids. For example, they don’t like cheese on their pizza…I used that as an opportunity to eat off of their plate because I didn’t want it to go to waste. Today I just quickly threw out their scraps and cheese (pizza night here) into the garbage…so I taught myself/figured out a new strategy to help me with my life-style change.

Tomorrow’s challenge will be going to a family party. I’m not worried about cheating…more worried about what my family is going to say when I don’t eat or pull out a shake.


Family and friends has always been the hardest part of maintaining a healthy life-style for me. I think Chris has some pretty good posts about it but I’ve always found it shocking how many members of my family act like what I consume or don’t consume directly correlate to their pursuit of happiness.

Last year at my birthday dinner I was 1 month out from a month long mountaineering trip and being fairly strict about what I was eating. Even so, I said for dinner that night we could have lasagna and spaghetti because the other people in my family would be much happier with that than a bunch of steaks and broccoli. I hadn’t drank soda in about 5 years at that point yet they still bought a lot and wouldn’t stop asking me if I wanted some. Saying “no” to eating garlic bread also caused discomfort to the point where I was being asked if that was “carb-poison” in a mocking way.

And that was on a occasion meant just for me! Hah.

Good luck at your family party. I’ve found just being firm saying, “no” is best. You’ll most likely be asked again and again or “WHY?” Repeating, “No. Thank you, I just don’t want any.” is really the only thing that works.


It’s been 4 days…UPDATE!!!

How did the HSM and V-Challenge go???


Week #1 finished well. I stuck to the diet and lifting plan. I worked through the V-Challenge…took way too much time. I guess that shows how out of shape I truly am. Just wanted to puke. Felt dizzy. Just a little more rest then I really wanted to do.

HSM was a simple dinner out with the family. Prior to going, I reviewed the menu and knew what I was going to eat so there were no “wrong” turns. Simply a chicken breast, salad, and fruit. Took my time chewing and enjoyed solid food. I remembered that I have teeth!

I know that I have lost weight on the scale. Too frighten to believe it’s true (I think it’s only water weight, yet I’m drinking tons…lol). I look thinner in the face and upper stomach. Just way too much to go with the gut. But remember…it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It isn’t 4 weeks…it’s a lifestyle.

Week #2 began today!

I really look to plan my day in terms of eating and exercising. I increased all the weight on all the exercises and felt good about doing them. I love the fact that you only have so many seconds between sets and you have to blast through it. I’ve gotten over the idea that I have to do it in four sets of ten…it’s a mental thing, but moving out of my comfort zone.

DB Squat @ 120lbs…8x7x8x6x6x5
DB Bench Press @ 100lbs…10x9x6x5x4x4x2
DB Bent-Over Row @ 70lbs…8x8x6x6x6 (focused on squeeze and holdings)
Plank Hold (2:40min)…40+30+40+40sec

I sort of cheated with NEPA today. My son had a soccer practice in which the parents played against the kids. An hour of cardio was done during this period of time. I got my heart rate up…nothing different than lifting with the time restriction between each set. Felt good but still know I’m way out of shape.

Today’s obstacle I battled with was going to the local single A-baseball game with my son after soccer. I simply made a shape in the car on the way to the game and consumed it before walking in. I only had bottled water inside the park…I am able to abstain from solid food and non-food liquids. Following the Chris Shurgart philosophy of “GSD”…lol!

Moving forward…


A little tired at the end of the day. My schedule was pretty hectic today and didn’t hit the exact marks I wanted to eat…I think that might have something to do with it. I also coached my daughter’s soccer team and ran with them…didn’t hydrate enough.

On the positive side, I did my NEPA activity early before breakfast (8am) and walked 3.6 miles. I also increased HOT-ROX to a total of 4 (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon…6 hours apart).

Ready to hit the iron tomorrow!


You’ve been crushing it…under pretty challenging circumstances. What’s the latest?


A little more than half way done! I’ve made it further along than my brother who stopped at two weeks (but still was able to use it as a turning point for him ( ) He ought to update his picture because he looks better than ever…as he says “beach ready”:slight_smile:

I t hasn’t been easy as my kids celebrated their birthday’s this week (turned 8 and 2). Plodding away on the shakes, doing the work outs, and walking for NEPA.

Really starting to see positive changes…I’ve lost 10+ pounds and several inches. Feeling better about myself and slowly seeing the transformation. My blood pressure has significantly dropped from pre-hypertension to normal range. I’m interested in seeing my lab work in a couple of weeks.

I certainly realize that this isn’t sprint…it’s a lifetime marathon. Starting to prepare for the transition and beyond. Currently reading “Wheat Belly” by William Davis. Invested with my brother in an old school Prowler.

Off to walk for NEPA before it gets unbearably hot here!


An hour after breakfast today I did a 4 mile NEPA walk with my wife while pushing the baby jogger. It was fun simply shooting the breeze with her and realizing how important the little things are.

No problem with the meals as things seem to be on cruise control with the eating. The pizza that I ordered for the kids and their friends was tough, but I’ve come too far and gave up too much to give into temptation.

Missed workout #2 so I just got back from the gym to make that up. Tomorrow I’ll be a little sore but I power through workout #3 of the week. Then V-Challenge #3 and HSM #3!

Starting to see the light at the other end of the tunnel!


Finished V-challenege #3…in less than 30 minutes. Only two weeks ago it took me 40+…last week 35 mins. Sensing the improvements makes it easier as we go!

Two shakes down, three more to go today!

Tomorrow…HSM! Oh yeah!


Congrats! You have been doing so well! I want to snap my fingers and be on week 4 already! Haha!


Beginning week four of the V-diet beginner tomorrow!

HSM today was a chicken caesar, baked potato with reduced sour cream, and cherries. It was heavenly!

NEPA was almost a four mile walk at a pace of 15:40. I also road three miles with the kids in the basking summer heat outside of Chicago.

Feeling good, looking good, and happy. Well worth the time and effort.

Time to finish strong!!!


Another day done.

30 second rest periods were an adventure, but I was proud of my technique.

NEPA was a 4 miles walk at a pace of 16:00 minutes.

All shakes done and absolutely look forward to the nut butter at the end of the day.

Beginning to plan for the transition phase. Currently reading “Wheat Belly” and stocking up on gluten-free grains. Looking at this as a life-style change…too much effort already put into this. I want control back of my eating habits!


Great work and attitude so far, keep at it!


Wow doing great, makes me look forward to the great things that are coming and not worry too much on the small inconviences. It was great to read your log!!!