JLove's V-Diet Log

Got my stuff today! Really siked! Here are the beginning photos. I will post my measurements tomorrow.





Ok…All the shakes went down good. The workout was tuff. Took me seven - eight sets to finish almost every exercise. The only real issue I had was with the ab wheel roll outs. Don’t have one and didn’t have time to get one so I took 2 25lb plates and a short barbell and rolled out on that. It may be a bit too advanced. I’ll still go with it to see if it gets better. Heart rate definately elevated for entire session. Dang.

Day 1
Here are my numbers. My tape had better increments for cm than the regular measurements. The cm are exact and I made my best guess for the equivalent inches. Last week I began my best clean week of eating comprised mainly of lean meats, eggs, cottage cheese and the bulk of my carbohydrates coming from old fashioned oatmeal in the morning and steamed veggies. I certainly met Berard’s 90/10 cheat rule.

Along with this, I was a week and a half into Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength coupled with 1:3 work rest ratio on a Schwinn Airdyne on the other days. A week and a half ago I weighed in at an astounding 338.8. Yikes. That was a morning weigh in after a #1 and #2. More than you wanted to know for sure but this morning’s weigh in was 332.6. Here are all of the stats:

Height - 6â??10â??
Weight â?? 332.6
Neck â?? 46 cm, 18 1/8â??
Shoulders â?? 149.2cm, 58 ¾â??
Chest â?? Upper â?? 128.7 cm, 50 7/16â??
Chest â?? Lower â?? 122.7 cm, 48 5/16â??
Waist - at Navel â?? 132.6cm, 52 3/16â??
Waist - at largest - same as above
Hips - at largest â?? 130.45cm, 51 ¾â??
Upper Arm â?? L â?? 45.5 cm, 17 7/8â??
Upper Arm â?? R â?? 45.1 cm, 17 ¾â??
Upper Leg â?? L â?? 68.1 cm, 26 11/16â??
Upper Leg â?? R - 68.7 cm, 27 1/16â??
Lower Leg â?? L- 47.9cm, 18 7/8â??
Lower Leg â?? R â?? 48.7 cm, 19 3/16â??
Ankle â?? L- 11â??, 28cm
Ankle â?? R â?? 11â?? 28cm

One more shake to go. I have basketball skills work for my NEPA tomorrow. Later

Oh yeah, Got natural NEPA today chasing around my 10 month old daughter and walking outside.

Day 2 (Yesterday)

All in all a fine day. All the shakes down. Upped the HOT-ROX. The hardest shake of the day was the mid-afternoon one. Not sure why. Did some basketball for my NEPA. Good day!

Day Three.

Had to put my workout in the morning cause I am on my way to Chicago to see Gov’t Mule at the House of Blues. Took my HOT-ROX then tried to get my first meal shake down. Did’nt quite gitter before the workout…Bad Idea. Right after the Push Pressess I felt some super nausea. Today’s workout was super duper intense. Got through it though. Definately gonna wait until the meal is down before I start the training session. 3 more shakes to go and walking around Chi-town will be some good NEPA.

Day Four

What a long frikin night. Took all my shakes THAT part was fine. I hadn’t been to a concert in some time. It would have been much better if it weren’t for the sloppy drunks and the pot heads blowing their crap into my atmosphere. That’s what I get fro being a head taller than everyone else, my face passes right through the stinky green haze that hovers amidst the crowd. Gov’t Mule was fantastic! It totally made dealing the the retards worth while. If you don’t know, you should!

Today all of the shakes went down good. After the inhaling the residual smoke it was great to have the taste of flaxseed in my mouth. Now I am off to get some shots up.

Day six (Yesterday)

What happens when a ten month old gets a cold? They like to pass it on to Poppa! Today’s eating was on point. Mixing the strawberry and chocolate flavors are really helping to mix up the tastes. The V-burn challenge was supposed to be today but, My body is laid out with this cold. I expect to feel a bit better tomorrow and will V-burn it tomorrow. I know that is not exactly how it is laid out but the quality of my workout when my body is like this will suck, so tomorrow will be the day. I did get some NEPA by doing some casual shooting for about 45 minutes. I wasn’t inactive but it wasn’t exactly as prescribed. I had my wife measure me real quick and I’ve already lost an 1 and 1/8 inches around the the old navel. Pretty motivating to see. My weight loss numbers however have not dropped as dramatically as I would have like but its only been 6 days. I’m gonna push even harder now. This has to work. Get my first HSM tomorrow. That is going to be one special meal! Baked chicken, spinach salad, small sweet potato, steamed brocoli and asperagus. It will will bad but it will taste oh so good! Later.

I forgot to write about day five so here it is

Day 5

Blessed Sunday! Deadlifts how I love deadlifts! I’m not pulling from the floor due to my height but have the bar resting on the saftey bars of the squat rack so that the bar come just above mid- shin. Anyway the workout was again tough. Got my NEPA through basketball as will be the general theme. Shakes are good I’m just wishing the scale would drop farther than it has. Its early so I’m not worried. Later

Ok I havent post for a couple of days. But I have my numbers that were taken Wed. morn. Overall I’m down except for my leg size. I’m a little dissappointed that I didn’t drop more than 3.6 pounds but, Hopefully I can get the fire burning hotter and hotter.

2/10 cm	2/10 in

Weight 229
Neck 45.3 17 13/16
Shoulders 145.9 57 15/16
chest-upper 126.6 49 13/16
chest-lower 121.3 47 3/4
waist at navel 129.5 50 15/16
waist at largest
hips at largest 128.9 50 3/4
upper arm L 44.2 17 7/16
upper arm R 44.9 17 9/16
upper leg l 69.5 27 3/8
uper leg r 71.9 28 1/4
Lower leg L 48 18 7/8
Lower leg R 48.5 19 1/8
Ankle L 28 11
Ankle R 27.6 10 7/8

No pictures either, but to be honest not much a has changed, I don’t think. Day 8 and 9 have been good. Getting the shakes down have been easier and easier. The reduction in rest time was a killer! I generally feel stronger and my movement and coordination on the court is continually improving. all in all I guess I am satisfied but I need more in the coming weeks.

This was the end of week 2 and here are the pics



Here are this weeks number comparisons:
Weight 323.8
Neck 17 9/16
Shoulders 57 1/4
chest-upper 49 9/16
chest-lower47 1/2
waist at navel 50 1/8
waist at largest
hips at largest 50 3/16
upper arm L 17 1/8
upper arm R 17 1/4
upper leg l 27 5/8
uper leg r 28
Lower leg L 18 5/8
Lower leg R 18 3/4
Ankle L 11
Ankle R 11

This week was much better. I went from 329 to 323.8 and I think you can start to see some slimming. I know that my clothes are already fitting better. After two seeks I’m almost 10 down! Thats rather encouraging to keep grindin away. Off to another week!

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