JJDubya VDiet and Workout Log

So, I ordered. Should arrive Monday night (it’s Saturday) so I have a couple of days to get mentally prepared.

A bit about me: 41, proud father of a (nearly) 5 year old boy and a little lady that is scheduled to arrive in September. Canadian but living/working in NYC. My time to train is fairly limited since work is very hectic (basically on call all the time and sleep an average of 6-7 hrs per night most nights) and I often feel guilty about spending some of my free time away from my family. I will sometimes go a week or more without working out due to schedule/fatigue but will feel more accountable while on a program like this.

Over the years this “week or more” has often drifted into “a couple of months or more”. I’m 5’11" (when standing tall) and 220-225lbs - scale batteries need replacing so that’s a Sunday thing. Probably around 20% bf - a solid foundation of muscle but too much lard in the yard. I was up to around 235 just under a year ago and decided to do something about it. Made many better eating decisions (like cutting out my pint of B&J each night) and committed to a ramped 5x5 program that only required 2 days per week of heavy lifting - got down to around 218 but have since regained a few of those pounds.

All my lifts matched historic PRs for 5RM (285 bench, 330 squat, 365 dead) in just over 4 months of training - probably the most focused training I’ve ever really done. Nothing great, but considering my 5RMs when I first re-committed were around 225, 195 (sad - never a real squatter before) and 225, respectively, I was happy. Was great to continue to slap weight on the bar and put it up - felt like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

Anyway, after squatting 2x per week for several months after never really doing it before, I started to get some really achy knees. I don’t have great flexibility in my hips so my form was likely a culprit. I decided to scale back on the squatting and have really been flailing around since end of January. Time to dedicate myself to something new.

Although I’ve been training off an on for over 25 years now, I’ve always lacked true dedication (for a variety of reasons). Kind of sad too, as I was blessed with a great physique as a teenager, and was very athletic. Fell in with the wrong crowd and set me back a bit.

Back to the future - looking forward to starting this. I wasn’t sure where I should start on the program - beginner or intermediate, so I decided to put my ego aside and try the beginner program today. Good choice. I was sweating buckets. Going to have to figure out something else other than DB squats, since my gym only goes up to 120s and the versions of those weights are so tall I only get a partial ROM. Will likely switch to goblet squats. With DB bench I was surprised how quickly I gassed. Was able to hit 9 reps with 100lb DBs pretty easily, but I was quickly doing triples and doubles - presume this is typical but let me know if not the case. Split went 9/9/5/4/3/2/3/2/2/2. Was losing time (and getting a little fatigued) with setting up so frequently with the big DBs. Any reason there’s a preference for DB work than BB? I can see the safety factor, which is likely enough for me to continue with it, but may opt for BB on the higher rep days.

Anyhow, I’m pretty excited about the purchase. I’ll likely start the program proper on Tuesday, so will try to upload pics and measurements on Monday. I have a challenge the first day in as I have a work function to go to that will serve booze (historically easy for me to avoid) and greasy food (less so). I’ve been using a meal service from a fitness cafe lately, so will continue use those for my HSMs most days - likely either ground bison or turkey, white rice/sweet potato and broccoli (likely around 500 cals), along with some trimmings like salsa and sauerkraut - avocado too if they’re ripe enough.

If you made it this far, feel free to chime in with words of encouragement, questions, you name it - I can be a chatty Cathy at times, as you’ve likely gathered by now. Want to try to get on here at least every couple of days but I’ll likely be lurking regularly. Until Tuesday…

Nice post. Very informative!

We have a lot in common. I have 2.5 and 4.5 yo boys. Work a lot, and am frequently on call.

I, like you, have an athletic background. The last decade has seen a slow steady decline in my attention to my diet / exercise / health.

The commentary in the V-Diet e-book regarding the slow-steady approach resonated with me. I have been frustrated by the condition I have gotten myself into, and felt that I needed to “reset” with intense focus.

I’ll be following along!

Ha - thanks. I should include a “too long, didn’t read” version at the top of those.
Knowing there’s an audience def helps generate motivation to post the ups and downs.

Yes, an audience is motivating. Heck, tell everyone you can about your goals. Nothing like the fear of public humiliation to drive one toward the behavior you seek.

Hope your week is solid. Eat your HSM before you go to the work function, and be sure you’ve drank an appropriate amount of water. Will decrease the temptation if your physical cues to eat/drink have been appeased. You’ve got this.

Thanks - ya I should be ok. My biggest issue is nighttime boredom eating. I’ve got a Greek yogurt, manuka honey and frozen cherry ritual that has enabled me to avoid a pint of B&Js for the better part of the past year which will be tough to leave behind, but it’s time.

Alright - Day 1 has begun. Weighed myself this morning - worse than I thought…226.2.

Did some measurements as well (going off of memory, didn’t bring my sheet with me so may update later if I get any wrong):
Neck - 17
Shoulders - 52
Chest - 45
Waist - above navel: 40; navel: 41; below navel: 39
Hips: 39
Upper Leg: R: 25.5; L: 25
Upper Arm: R: 17; L: 16.5
Calf: R: 18; L: 17.5

I’m pretty heavily right dominant. Always have been ever since I was a man-child. May see if I can rectify some of the imbalances but that’s another battle. Haven’t taken pics yet, will try to do so tomorrow morning.

Worked out today and still finding I’m exerting so much energy getting the 100# dumbbells into the starting position. The first rep is always starting from the very bottom and takes a lot of juice to get going compared to the latter couple once the reps are in the 1-4 range. Will just keep at it I guess.

Plazma was pretty decent. Tonnes of foam so I’ll definitely be prepping the night before (as I did last night). Shakes are pretty tasty as well so no issue there. HSM is ready to go this eve - 5oz ground turkey, cup of broccoli, cup of white rice and some low-cal condiments (salsa and sauerkraut). Should come in just under 500 cals. I think I’ll add a little more going forward on my workout days but considering I have plenty in my system from my meals the past few days I figure a smaller meal on the first day shouldn’t be an issue.

Have a bowling night to attend with my firm tonight, which will be catered. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge (but will eat before I go). As long as I can go to these types of functions prepared (i.e. not ravenous) then I don’t see myself getting tempted. My biggest test will be weekends when I’m not in the same structured environment and I have a fridge a few feet away. That’s for another post…

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Alright - 2 days in and feeling fine. Start of day 3 today and have a client soccer game to play in. I haven’t been getting full dose NEPAs in but I walk a good 20-30 minutes as part of my commute and try to hustle and run stairs along the way. I walk the floors at work fairly regularly and have a stand up desk so I’m not too concerned about that.

Workouts have been good. I feel sore after them in certain joints that have always acted up first but generally fine the next day. Sleep been a bit problematic as I’ve beem busy at work and that often keeps me at computer well past midnight most nights (2 am last night). Still got up at 7 and worked out so I’ll just try to catch up on sleep on weekend or when work isn’t as nutty.

I haven’t been getting hungry at all and enjoy my HSMs. I do a chocolate banana shake at night which is pretty decent. Have been taking some apple cider vinegar right before bed pst few weeks and last night was first time I had it (and Metamucil) before bed. Stomach became pretty active afterwards but no issues like @testosterific has dealt with (knock on wood). Only real side effect encountered so far was a lingering headache yesterday. One Advil got rid of it fairly quickly though. Def not dehydration since I drink about a gallon of water a day.

Still haven’t taken pics. I know body comp has gotten better last couple of days. Can see and feel it. Likely just lack of water retention but nice to not have bloat and feel good generally.

Alright - the day 3 battle awaits. Til next time.


I had the headache as well. I too, felt that I was adequately hydrated. I chalked it up to withdrawal from … well, anything… as I was pretty much unleashed in regards to diet prior.

However, now, day 6 not dealing with it.

Good to know. No issues today for me so hopefully fleeting as was case for you.

First week almost in the books and I survived my biggest test: a weekend at home. Timed the shakes well enough but definitely checked my watch early and often. Made tacos last night and I had 2 normal tacos before eating the rest of my meal as a salad. Had some homemade guacamole which likely not ideal but still stayed right around 700 cals and was my Vburn day and had plenty of activity otherwise so I’m not sweating it. Looks like my non-exercise days I’m eating around 1400-1500 cals and exercise days I bump just over 2000. Consistency will be king here. Measurement day tomorrow so I’ll see where things stand after a week. Only issue I’ve had past few days is lack of regular bathroom visits. Not sure if anyone else experienced this - if so, let me know. Usually daily like clockwork but I’d say past 3 or 4 days I haven’t had a decent movement. I don’t feel overly bloated though, but have added some Metamucil to my post HSM. Will see how that goes.

Will post measurements tomorrow. Nearly a quarter of the way. I’ve got this.


how are things going on your end?

Hey @testosterific - Still going strong; thanks for asking. How about you? Been busy at work and we did some spring cleaning at home on the weekend so can’t find the tape measure to check if I’ve lost much in terms of measurements. Scale works though (I hope) and after week 1 was down 6.1lbs. Can’t expect that kind of drop on a weekly basis going forward but trending in the right direction so works for me.

I’ve actually convinced two more people at work to purchase. One pulled the trigger, the other will when they get back from vacay in a couple of weeks. Wonder if I can score a discount code for referrals. Not something I saw anywhere.

I really enjoy the HSMs, but the shakes are so tasty (especially of blended with a good amount of ice) that I’m not jonesing for real food on a meal to meal basis. We have a lot of catered food available at work and have been able to avoid relatively easily. Just staying prepared mentally and basically eating every three or 4 hours. Hoping I can get in tomorrow’s workout and some half-decent sleep tonight and then coast into the weekend lighter and tighter.

Just to let you know I’m watching as well. I’ll post all my stats in another thread. It sounds like you are off to a great start! Looking forward to sharing in the journey!

I look forward to following. Your prior achievements are impressive. The bounce back this pst year just shows that this program (or any other) should not just be considered a 4 week magic pill for transformation. It hopefully sparks a fire that continues raging.

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I’m rooting for you too! I’ve found that some Passionflower tincture at night helps me sleep when I’m all wound up. I get headaches/neck aches too when I’m at my maximum calorie deficit. It’s usually a sign for me to add a shake.

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Wasn’t the best weekend…Cheated a little in terms of how big my HSMs were. Saturday I adjusted accordingly with my snack shakes (1 scoop vs 2) but Sunday I was at home after lots of activity and with fam being out of town on Fathers Day got myself a steak, shrimp cocktail and think my caps for the meal came in almost 2x my target. Not dissuaded, and I did have much more NEPA thank normal that day so all is not lost. Goes to show how important it is for me to have meals lined up instead of leaving to my “time of” hungry self. Will be ordering my meal plan again for the next several days before I head on a long drive for a vacay. Will still be on diet then, but will have to adjust my workouts somehow so that day turns into an off day since it’s 9-10 hrs in the car. Will just get some ice and water for my periodic shakes while en route and hope I make good time.

Second weigh-in tomorrow - finally did some on weekend measurements when I found the tape measure - midsection down around 1-1.5 inches in each of the three/four spots (waist and hips). Chest, neck, shoulders, arms and legs largely unchanged save for maybe a quarter inch in a couple of spots.

Almost halfway there…

I wouldn’t beat yourself up for eating too much whole food. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

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