Jen's V-Diet/Pulse

I am back and this time I am going to finish this thing. I am on day 2, and today is a pulse day. I am going to do the V-Diet and then a pulse every mon/thur. I am so pissed off that I never finished the V-Diet back in june, that I am determined to do it this time.

I contemplated starting another log, in fear of embarrassing myself again, but then I kinda figured that was just setting myself up for failure. So here I am again.

I am 31 and a mother of 3 youngs kids (which will be the hardest part of this, cooking for them!). I had my third and final baby 7 months ago, and need to rid myself of this baby belly fat and fit into my skinny clothes again! But this time i want to be fit and not just skinny fat. I know I have the potential to have a smokin body, I recently did the muddy buddy race with my brother and ran a 10 mile race a couple of weeks ago.

I pretty much sucked at both of them from lack of training, but I finished them and I really love doing the races and need to train for success. Next year, I will kick ass at the muddy buddy (thats right Tim!)

I will post my measurements later, as right now I have to go feed my little one. But I did lose 3 1/2 pounds over last night, so we are off to a great start. I can’t wait to do this. I will let you know how my pulse goes today.

There are no more excuses. I am sick of feeling the way I do.

Awesome. Keep us updated. We’re here if you need a helping hand or a kick in the butt. Your choice!

I found this site from a friend and I’ve been lurking round and reading… glad to see a woman’s log… while we are a bit apart in age (your 30 to my 45) will be intersted to follow along…


Thanks Chris, just knowing you are watching will definitely give me motivation! But I am sure I will need a kick in the ass a couple of times!

I am actually enjoying the pulse mix, and think it will add some variety to the vdiet, making it a little easier this time. And I am lucky because I acutally like the MD shakes, they are by far the best protein shake I have had. Halfway done with day 2 and am going to go do some NEPA now.

If anyone reads this and knows, do I still take HOT-ROX on pulse days?

[quote]jjohn0105 wrote:

If anyone reads this and knows, do I still take HOT-ROX on pulse days?[/quote]

In a handful of people, HOT-ROX on an empty stomach causes some temporary nausea. A Pulse Fast is pretty much an empty stomach day given that the drinks/pulses are thin and not very “meal” like. If you don’t have that empty stomach issue with HR, then no worries, you can take it. Even then, I’d start at just 2 capsules per day since the Pulse Past itself is already energy-providing to most people.

MG65-thanks for the post, it will definitely be motivating to know that other people are reading this and following along!

Chris-thanks for the fast feedback. I took my HOT-ROX today, 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. It didn’t seem to make me feel sick or anything, so I will keep on taking that with the pulses.

Day 2 Done. I did the pulse today and it went amazingly well. I thought the grape tasted good and I felt oddly really good about myself as the day went on. I think I will really like incorporating the pulse into my V-Diet. Did my 4 mile walk this afternoon for NEPA. Feeling good.

We will see what the scale says in the morning after doing the pulse today, but I feel good so I am happy with that.

Here are my starting measurements:
Height 5’10
Weight 157.6 (already down to 154.2 as of day 2!)
neck 13
shoulders 40
chest 35.5
under chest 31
waist at belly button 34.5 (theres that leftover baby belly :slight_smile:
hips 40
thighs 23
calf 14

ugh, can’t wait for all those numbers to go down.

i hope all you V-Dieters have a great night!

Good morning! I woke up this morning feeling kinda weak, so i am ready for my shakes today. I am down another 2 lbs from the pulse yesterday, so i have already lost 5.2 lbs since sunday. I know that i shouldn’t be weighing myself everyday, but i can’t help it. i know it is going to stop going down so fast, but for now it is motivating. I really want to get under 150 and never go back!

I am going to have a busy morning, so i look forward to that, no time to think about anything! I have been a frequent goer of caribou and starbucks, getting mocha drinks, terrible i know. i have never just gotten plain coffee, for those of you doing this, is there something to get there or make at home, that is not just plain coffee, yet no calories?. can i get a coffee with the sugar free syrups? i don’t want to get any on this vdiet, but for after. I want to break the habit of drinking it for at least 21 days. any suggestions would be wonderful!

like you I weigh daily (well not since I gained almost 50 pounds in the last year) but I know weight loss is not linear so don’t get freaked out (when I am on a plan) if its up/down cycle…

I am however freaked out over this weight I’ve gained since June 09… a life transition, moved from IL to SC, ended up unemployed for 4 months, now under employed, relationship issues, being away from family and friends… and when food is your comfort, well there ya go… boom 50lbs…

that is why a friend suggested I check out Vdiet… tough she said but her hubby did it and lost almost 20lbs… not expecting those results but sure could use a quick boost then transition back to what got me lean before…

so being new and all… what is pulse? and I’m interested to see also of SF syrups are ok…

and love reading your results thus far! would love to have your height too… 5’10"!

[quote]MG65 wrote:

so being new and all… what is pulse? and I’m interested to see also of SF syrups are ok…

and love reading your results thus far! would love to have your height too… 5’10"![/quote]

I totally understand gaining weight when dealing with life stressors. the MAG-10 pulse is explained in the T-Nation website, but there is a thread under Shugart’s Hammer called “special announcement: pulse fast” that you can also read more about it and people have put their experiences there too. it is basically a 36 hour fast using MAG-10, Alpha-GPC, and Power Drive. i have only done it once yesterday, and really loved it. can’t wait to do it again thursday.

oh and i wish i could give a couple of my inches away!!

also just wanted to say, cooking for the kids really is not fun, i almost feel like i am cheating just by smelling the food! but strangely i am not even slightly tempted to take a bite. i mean seriously, it is only 28 days right :slight_smile:

day 4
Feeling a little weak again this morning, but much better than yesterday. i have been taking z12, and really recommend it if you are having trouble sleeping. last time i tried this, i had a lot of trouble with sleep and it made it even harder. this time feel good about sleeping!

i am not looking forward to today, i work some awake overnights and tonight is one of them, which means i have to stay awake for the next 24 hours and not sure how to take my shakes to ensure they are spread out enough. it is going to be a long day.

other than that, have followed the diet perfectly so far and feel great about that!
workouts have been good and looking forward to more good NEPA today

day 4 is almost over!

I am at work tonight and have stayed on plan. I didn’t get to sleep at all today, so I will have been up for 24 hours. I decided to mix only 1 scoop shakes all day every few hours, so that I could space them out enough to have a couple during the night as well. so far so good, and am surprisingly not hungry. hopefully tomorrow my 7 month old lets me take a nap while the other 2 kids are at school, or otherwise it will be a very long day.

another small victory today, it was quite an emotional day for me because I found out my son has to have his tonsils and adnoids out. I know it is a routine surgery, but still made me have an emotional breakdown because I hate to see him in any pain. BUT I did not let that get the best of me and eat, even when I stopped to get him a treat on the way home.

tomorrow is also my second pulse day and i am really looking forward to it. i have graduate school at night, so another busy busy day where I don’t have any time to think about eating :slight_smile:

Just a few thoughts for now, I am only on almost day 5 and feel really good about everything. obviously this is a hard program to follow, but so far well worth it. I can usually lose weight pretty fast, if i work at it and follow through, but i haven’t done that lately. i want to be as healthy and fit as i can be, and i have just not been working at it like i should be. everything in life that is worth having is hard to get, and i need to remember how good i feel right now in those moments of wanting to “cheat”. it is just not worth it anymore. i need to do this for myself.

one more note, workouts have been good, did NEPA on the treadmill today because it was so windy, cold and rainy out and couldn’t take the kids in the stroller. i am still sore from my squats, which is a good thing because i know i am gonna get stronger from here. feel the burn!!

anyhow, sorry to go on and on, but right now it is very quiet at work.

Hey Jen…good job so far…keep it up and DON’T EVER STOP!!!

oh, and you better get ready for the Warrior Dash coming to Minnesota on July 23, 2011 :slight_smile:

Hey Timothy! I am totally in for the Warrior Dash, it can’t be any harder than the Muddy Buddy, which was awesome and can’t wait to kick ass at next year! When should we sign up? I tried to talk Travis into it just now, but he passed :slight_smile:

DAY 5 Pulse Day

So just woke up from my two hours of sleep. Whoohoo, just fed the little one and am hoping she will go back to sleep now. But it gave me the time to mix up my pulse and start to consume that. I got really hungry at the end of work last night, about 5:30am, but held strong. I had a fiber chew when I got home to help me sleep through the hunger. I was so tired that I don’t think it mattered how hungry I was. I am looking forward to the pulse today. I am hoping to get a good nap in now and then do my workout for the day. I might switich my weights to tomorrow so I am more rested and can push myself and do just NEPA today.

I am feeling really good though, can already feel some changes in my body and am looking forward to see what finishing brings. My ultimate goal: actually get to the mud pit at the same time as my brother at Muddy Buddy lol Timothy, I can dream right :slight_smile: We would totally win the thing!

Day 6

Yesterday really sucked because of how tired I was. I had graduate school last night and I could barely keep my eyes open, but I made it home and only drank my pulses. I noticed how much mindless eating I was doing, at school my teacher makes sure to let us have a break at 6:15 because the bookstore closes at 6:30 and everyone needs to get a pop and snack. I think people looked at me funny because I didn’t get anything to eat or drink (they even made fun of me for not getting pop because I was so tired!). But happy to say stuck to the pulse.

As for the pulse, I love it and can’t wait to do it Monday again. It is adding a whole new dimension to the Vdiet. One negative thing for me, I do not really like the berry flavor, love the grape though.

My friends want to take the kids on a lunch date at a local sandwich shop atfer they play together, but I might try to just not go. I don’t want any temptation, they just wouldn’t understand this whole vdiet idea even if I explained it to them.

Can’t wait to measure myself this weekend and see the progress. Clothes are already fitting better, and although I know I am not supposed to weigh myself everyday, I did today because of the pulse yesterday and I am down a total of 8 lbs since Sunday, holy crap! I am at 149.6, I AM UNDER 150!!! God, please don’t let me ever go back…

Good job :slight_smile: that is a very impressive loss since sunday! I am going to follow your pulse progress closely, as I am very interested to see how you do. Are you going to pulse through all 4 weeks or do what chris said and do 3 weeks with the pulses?

Great improvisation by having one scoop at each shake to spread it out!

So I decided to upload my avatar, it was at the end of Muddy Buddy, extremely tough race if you ask me, but awesome and if you get a chance to do it, say yes :slight_smile:

[quote]jibbsy7 wrote:
Good job :slight_smile: that is a very impressive loss since sunday! I am going to follow your pulse progress closely, as I am very interested to see how you do. Are you going to pulse through all 4 weeks or do what chris said and do 3 weeks with the pulses?

Great improvisation by having one scoop at each shake to spread it out![/quote]

Initially I wanted to do it for 28 days, but if I keep on having these results, might just take Chris’s suggestion and do it for 3 weeks. We will see, there is some internal voice telling me I own’t “fully” finish the Vdiet unless I do it for 28 days. And I am going to try to do the pulse 2 days a week all the way through because I really enjoy them.

Anyways midway through the day and doing well, I just finished my workout so feeling good, I am looking forward to having a nice muscular back… I am hoping to post pics tomorrow if I can find my camera…

Day 7
Crazy to think that 1 week is almost done. I will be taking measurements and pics today (found camera in glove compartment). I finally figured out how to put my pics side by side so I can compare. Week 1 has gone awesome. I tried to do the Velocity Diet back in June and miserably failed during week2. The whole time I was crabby and it was really hard, my husband asked me last night, why it was so easy for me this time. A few thoughts on this:

  1. I am just plain fed up of feeling the way I do, I hated waking up every morning feeling bloated and wishing I could fit into my pre-baby clothes again. I was completely pissed at myself and had reached my breaking point. This time I am going to complete and change my life around.
  2. The pulses. I don’t know how they are going to work after I am done with the Vdiet, but for now, they are great. I love how they make me feel and I love that I don’t drink shakes every day.
  3. My schedule, back in June, I was always going out with my kids and getting together with friends, who do not live this lifestlye at all. Now, my kids are going to school and we are in a routine and I am just not even allowing myself to be around temptation. It works.
  4. Z12 - it is amazing and it works. The first time I never slept, this time I sleep like a baby. Love it.

Bottom line - I got pissed and now I am working on that.

Rock on… sometimes its that we have to get to that I am pissed and sick and tired of being sick and tired point…

I’ve always wanted to do muddy buddy, can never find a taker, cept one friend who is about 4’10" tall to my 5’6", course that in and of itself could make it more interesting…

Keep going… 1 down, 3 to go…

[quote]MG65 wrote:
Rock on… sometimes its that we have to get to that I am pissed and sick and tired of being sick and tired point…


Thanks MG, when are you going to join the logs :slight_smile: I would love to have you join me in the journey!!

So I took my pics and measurements today because I work the next couple on nights and my body is wierd after staying up all night so I figured I would do everything today. Here they are and I apologize if the pics don’t work out, not sure how they will post on here.

Starting/Day 7
Height 5’10
Weight 157.6/149.0 (Lost 8.6lbs)
neck 13/13
shoulders 40/40
chest 35.5/34
under chest 31/30
waist at belly button 34.5/33.5
hips 40/39
thighs 23/21.75
calf 14/13.5

So not bad for week 1, I am not sure the pics show the difference, but my clothes feel much looser and I feel great. I definitely need to work on the love handles and the butt/thigh area. Many improvements needed, but I am on the way.

Not sure if anyone really cares about all this, but this log is an awesome tool for me.

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