Jen's V-Diet Log

Hey all you V-Dieters!! This is day one for me and I feel GREAT! I just finished my first workout and got done drinking my Surge. I already did my NEPA this morning as I pushed my two kids in a stroller (probably around 100 lbs.), so it was a great walk!

Here is a little about me, I am a 30 year old mom of 3. I just had my third baby girl 2 1/2 months ago, and I need to lose this baby weight and get back in shape. My brother introduced me to this website, and after lurking for a few weeks, decided to take the plunge, order my supplements and start the V-Diet. I am very excited, and I actually like the taste of the shakes, so am very much looking forward to improving my health and my body.

I will post my measurements later today, and if I get up the guts to actually post my before pic I will also do that! I can’t wait to get to know all you other V-Dieters, we can totally do this!!!

I’ve been on it for 8 days…wish u the best…its all about sacrifice and wilpower and u will suceed


So here are my stats:
Height - 5’10
Weight - 163

Neck 13.5
shoulders 40
upper chest 36
lower chest 32
waist at belly button 36
hips 41
upper arms 11 (both)
thighs 23.5 (both)
calves 14.5 (both)
ankles 8.25 (both)

I can’t wait to see these numbers go down! I am now going to enjoy my last shake with peanut butter, I can’t wait!

Just had to say that chocolate Metabolic Drive + peanut butter = YUMMY!

Just finished my chocolate peanut butter shake. I would have to agree!

Good morning! I feel great this morning, ready for my second day on the V-Diet. So a question for anyone who reads this, i had previously signed up to do a lazyman triathlon at the gym. You have to run 26.2 miles, bike 112 miles and swim like 3 miles over the course of 6 weeks. I figure I can do these things as part of my NEPA, is that okay? I don’t need to do it intense or anything, I just have to finish it and then I get a tshirt :slight_smile:

Jen, I would personally stick with “Fat Burning” cardio work while on a cutting diet as you will risk muscle loss (not good) if you get into a muscle catabalizing H.R. for me 45yrs. old over 120BPM. Running and biking will probably put you there. U could actually slow your metabolism due to lack of calories and kill fat loss. If you read the V-Diet science they as well as many others always try to preserve muscle while promoting fat loss.

Regards Dave

Hey sis! I’m glad that you finally started the Velocity Diet. I know you can finish it and continue on living the V-Life and be healthy and happy. I’m sure you’ll be fit and ready to kick ass in the Muddy Buddy in August!

One hint: i always had the last MB shake of the day by itself and ate the natural peanut butter separate with a spoon just to get the feeling of eating solid food…you just have to make sure you measure the peanut butter first so you don’t eat too much!

Hey bro! i can’t wait to finish this diet and continue to be healthy like you! You are the reason I am going to be able to stick to this so thanks :slight_smile:

I feel so good today again! Did my NEPA this morning, 3 miles on the treadmill and 3 miles on the bike. It felt great. And I have stuck to my diet perfectly, I am not even tempted by the kiddos snacks. I am really excited for the peanut butter shake tonight. I think that is makes it much easier knowing that I actually really like the taste of the shakes.

Hope everyone else is having a great v-diet day!!

DAY 2 COMPLETE and heading to bed after getting my baby girl to bed first. I was drinking my last shake of the day and had little clumps of peanut butter in it and I must say it was very yummy (can you tell I really LOVE peanut butter). Tomorrow morning is workout #2

I dont think peanut butter has ever tasted so good since the last couple days!
Way to go!

So I woke up really hungry today and had a hard time sleeping last night. It didn’t help that I was up half the night with my 5 year old as she coughed into my ear :slight_smile: I am really looking forward to my first shake of the day.

So I am a person who weighs herself daily and I always have been (except for when I was pregnant, but maybe I should have then I wouldn’t have gained all that weight!) Anyways, I weighed myself and I am already down 4.4 lbs. I know it is probably just water weight, but I am finally under 160 and feel pretty damn good about that. I just can’t screw this up when I feel so good! Here goes day number 3!!

Hey Jen – This is my Day 3 too! Best of luck to you! I weigh myself every day also and if anything find it motivational! Keep posting as will I. We’ll do this together!

Thanks LChia! I also find it motivational to weigh everyday.

Workout 2 COMPLETE! Oh man, those deadlifts were hard and I am sure I am going to feel it in my butt and legs tomorrow! But it is a good soreness I think. I don’t really like the Surge, I have the raspberry flavor, so I had to force it down.

[quote]jjohn0105 wrote:
I don’t really like the Surge, I have the raspberry flavor, so I had to force it down. [/quote]

Chocolate Surge is the best by far…i think it’s even better than Chocolate Metabolic Drive.

thanks tim for the advice, i ordered the raspberry thinking that i would have enough chocolate with the shakes, but just might have to order me some chocolate so I can enjoy it and not force it down.

So I had a small victory tonight, my daughter had her 5th birthday party at a play place here and they had pizza and cake. Yes the pizza looked good, but I wasn’t even tempted to have any of it or the cake. (i don’t really like cake anyways, but I LOVE LOVE pizza). I am so proud of myself for not even wanting any. I even had a shake ready and waiting in the car so I could have that on the way home. One small step towards a healthier me, it is not easy to say No, but when you actually do it and don’t eat that crap, you feel sooo very good about yourself. I left there even happier with myself. I know that there will be many more temptations like that throughout these 28 days, but I am getting stronger day by day.

Day 3 almost over!

That is so awesome, Jen!! Good for you. Day 3 and I’m thinking that would have been a tough one for me to pull off. Thanks for the inspiration! Just think…only 25 days left. It will go by fast…especially with young kids at home. Don’t you find time flies? It is almost the end of the school year!!!

Good job Jen!

I’m very impressed. Keep it up…and Don’t Ever Stop!!!

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