Jenns V-Diet Log

Today was my day 1 ! Doing good so far ; )

My beginning measurements are …

Neck: 12
Shoulders: 38
Chest: 39.5
Waist: Above belly button 27.75, at 27, below 33
Hips: 33.75
Upper arm: 9.75
Upper leg 19.75
Calf: 12.5

Weight. 134.5

Im ready to look like myself again and not be a gumby looking fluff ball!!!

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DAY 1 photo

I’m so sick of how I look and feel. I commit … get results and then before I know it all hell breaks loose and I’m miserable naked and with close on. Day 1 picture and Day 1 for me. So far so good. I kept having to remind myself to get my HSM slow!! I licked the bowl after, damn good :wink:

Day 1 Food Log:
5 Flameout Softgels
8 scoops Metabolic Drive Protein
2 scoops Superfood
1 serving Plazma flavored with Berry
164oz H2O
HSM: 3.4 oz lean Buffalo and 6 oz green beans
8oz Coffee

Today my schedule was all outta whack. Timing was crazy… I jut focused on getting it all in. Overall I stayed pretty satisfied. The shakes took the edge off. Because my schedule was nuts today I just sucked them down when I felt the edge creeping.

The only trouble I had was getting the plazma in. I drank my first half pre V-Challenge. Got a few swings in here and there during but felt it hard to stop and swig it. I drank most of the second half after my 6 sets. Is that ok?

Im stoked for Day 2 tomorrow. Hopefully Monday my container of HotRox will be in. Im eager to try it out.

Not sure how to edit. Typos like crazy. Meant to add my time for VChallenge as well. I’ll get the hang of it.

Today is going good. I had my HSM early today due to my schedule… Night shift last night. I will be on a regular sleep/work routine here on out.

So far on track. Today it’s a little harder to get it in than yesterday. I feel super full already.

HSM #2 and I’m steady reminding myself to slow it down! I set a timer today to keep me on the straight and narrow. It helped!

For years I’ve shoveled food in my mouth with no regard. I’ve been fit, fat, skinny fat… Never achieving on the outside what I felt me drive was on the inside. I guess I always allowed and excuse or a demon to weigh me down. NO MORE. I feel on fire and I’m eager yo get ride of this wobbly business and achieve true greatness with my body

Day 2 went well.

My nutrition was a follows:
5 Flameout Softgels
7 scoops Metabolic Drive Protein (Banana and Chocolate)
2 scoops Superfood
156oz H2O
HSM: 3 oz lean Buffalo and 8 oz green beans

4 days may not be too long. But I at least feel better and I know this fluff is only temporary. My body hasn’t changed too much but my head is in the right place FINALLY.

Date update20180507_094047_20180507094805344

134.5 to 128.6

Question: I’m currently training for the Murph. I’m doing my Velocity Training in the AM M-W-D and Murph Training in the afternoon M-W-F. Should I split the 1 scoop of plazma to during both>? Or Do I still spilt with my Velocity workout (15 before and the other half during?)


I was looking forward to this HSM all day. But… By the time I got down to eating it I didn’t want it at all. I literally had to force myself to eat it. Is that normal?

I’m sure all days won’t be like that.

Day 6. Got my NEPA walk on first thing.

I feel pretty great. The hungry sure does ease up at this point. Down one shake yesterday. Felt full so I skipped the bedtime shake. Had a lower calorie HSM. … Shrimp and Veggies. Loaded it with a little fat. Today is buffalo so it’ll up a bit.

As long as you have half before, the other half can wait until after if you really need to. It’s designed to digest super-fast, so having it during training can help with performance and recovery during the workout, which is the biggest benefit to having it throughout.

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Depends a bit on how intense the Murph training is. If it’s a legit high-intensity workout (like running though modified Murph and pushing to improve your time), you might want a scoop of Plazma to prevent burning muscle. That’s one of the compromises to changing the training suggested in the program, bt it’s not a major issue.

If it’s relatively lower intensity (like just working the movements separately at a slower pace/lower volume), you can probably get away with just a Metabolic Drive shake shortly before, so you’re at least not running on fumes.

Make sure you’re taking weekly measurements. If/when progress on the scale slows down (due to muscle building), your measurements should still be dropping in the right places, which means it’s still working right on track.

Thank you very much!

First Friday starting… Tomorrow I take my measurements. Eager to see if my body is down at all. The scale is pretty much the same for the week. Not letting it get to me to much. I feel like my body composition has already improved…AWESOMENESS. So far nutrition has been on point. I’m hoping tomorrow my V-Challenge time will be down. It smoked me rather nicely the first time I did it… I’m sure my conditioning has gotten better.

2nd Monday and I feel great. Scale hasn’t moved but my gut is slimming down.

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on… Hot-Rox … I’ve been doing the dose recommend on the back with my 2nd dose no later than 1230. But…It’s got me amped and I was having issues sleeping. Can I reduce the dose to one pill or should I eliminate all together?

Either one. You can also try having it with food instead of before. But it’s not required for the diet, so play it by ear.

I’m wrapping up a fat loss phase myself and just take two caps before my morning cardio, that’s it. The max daily dose is two caps twice a day, that’s not the same as a recommended dose.

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