Jeff750's V-Diet Log

I am currently on day 9 and I have procrastinated to create a log. I think it will help me rant when I need to and keep me focused when I need to remind myself why I am putting myself through this torturous diet. LOL It is for my benefit.

Day 1 - 9: This was a tough week, I could feel my stomach wanting the crap foods I was used to eating. I lost about 8 lbs this week and the inches are seeing improvement. I will have to post the numbers later when I get home.

I have to get better with my NEPA. I sit in a cubicle all day and my NEPA at night has only been 30 - 45 min. I know it should be an hour and I will improve it this week. I would have to say I miss the taste of food a bit and now I can not wait until Sunday for my solid meal.

More posts to come. Good luck everyone. Any advice to get through the second week is appreciated.

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