JD vs V-Diet

Good morning everybody! Well, enough is enough. Time for radical action to see some abs. I’m gonna square off on the V-Diet and see what I can do.

For starters, here are my current stats:

Height: 74 inches
Weight: 203.5 pounds
BF% using a cheap Taylor scale (yeah, I know it is not very accurate, but it is what we have. Hopefully it is consistent at least!): 21%
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 51
Upper Chest: 45
Chest (Nipple Line): 43
Waist (Belly Button): 35
Waist (Spare Tire area): 36.5
Hips (Widest): 41
Right Thigh: 24.25
Left Thigh: 24.25
Right Calf: 14.25
Left Calf: 14.5
Right Ankle: 8.5
Left Ankle: 8.5
Right Upper Arm: 15.25
Left Upper Arm: 15.25
Right Forearm: 11.75
Left Forearm: 11.5
Right Wrist: 6.75
Left Wrist: 6.75

I am 36 years old and have been lifting consistently for just a little over two years. I lifted seriously from high school graduation all the way through college and grad school and up until our first son was born, reaching 220# in my best shape. Then i took 6 years off with absolutely no lifting (other than babies).

My last two years of training has consisted of a few months of getting in lifting shape, a few Waterbury programs, power lifting (I competed and placed in the 198# division last spring here in Alabama), Power Training (Dos Remedios) and WS4SBIII.

I had to undergo left shoulder surgery in September 2009 to have a subacromial decompression, to remove bone spurs, to remove the bursa and to shave the distal collarbone. So my training is just now getting back on track. I also tore a right hip flexor doing lunges on my first workout back from surgery.

I have learned a thing or two about warming up and pre-hab/rehab which I will incorporate into the V-Diet Intermediate Waterbury program.

Some of my MD and my Hot-Rox have not yet arrived (thanks FedEx… something about a snow storm). But I do have enough to get started, as i ordered a little here and there as finances allowed (FedEx states my shipments should be here 12/29 and 12/30).

I have had my first Strawberry MD shake with Leucine, milled flax seeds, Flameout and fiber tablet this morning. Quite filling, actually, and pretty tasty. I hope that my first impressions last!

Here we go!

Here is a side shot.

Back shot.

Day 1 is almost over. I wish everyday would be this easy. I know that I am in for some tough, tough days in the next 4 weeks. Training went well.

A. Front Squat. 165#. 5-4-4-3-3-1 with 30 seconds rest (insane, glad i was standing in a rack to catch myself. Quads are already sore, and I do these regularly).

B. Chin Up. Body Weight plus 25# (228.5 using my starting weight). 5-3-3-3-3-2-1 with 30 seconds rest.

C. DB Bench Press. 90# DBs. 6-5-5-4 with 30 seconds rest.

D. Ab Wheel Rollouts. BW. 10-10-5 and I fell on my face. Done. 30 seconds rest between sets, of course.

E. Surge!

I went to the grocery store after training. What a way to tempt myself. But all is good. I got supper for the family and headed home. Fixed a shake and here I am. Looking forward to a hot shower followed by a cold dunk in the tub, some hot peppermint tea and some MNF. Followed by another shake and some organic, natural PB.

Needs at this point: a stopwatch or timer. I got some strange looks running around with the wall clock. Secondly, i need to move faster between exercises, as it took about 60-90 seconds to get set up at different stations. I think I may change my training to Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with the V-Burn on Saturday mornings, as Mondays and Wednesdays are so crowded, especially this time of year. Oh yeah, FedEx needs to hurry up with my Metabolic Drive and HOT-ROX. Black coffee and Strawberry Metabolic Drive will only take you so far.

First day down. 27 to go! Oh yes, I did do 30 minutes of NEPA walking. 2 miles.

Bring on Day 2! Morning shake feast has commenced. I slept great last night and woke up early, feeling surprisingly well rested. Quads, chest and abs are sore, but not my back. I think I’ll make a Wal-Mart run to pick up a stopwatch and maybe a new blender, as ours is struggling to crush ice 5 times a day.

Other than that, and a NEPA walk, it should be a very easy day. I may take the boys to see Avatar, but I must be strong and avoid all that popcorn! Its probably easier to do now rather than a few more days into the plan. Rock on!


For me, putting me against the diet, Me vs. Diet, would it look like an enemy I have to fight. You’ll never accept something you have to fight. And if you don’t accept it will always be hard.


Sorry about the double post; not sure how that happened.

So far, everything is going well! All shakes taken as prescribed, with only my bedtime shake remaining. I had a chance to pickup a new blender today (Yipee!.. man, i must be old to get excited about a blender) and a stopwatch. Then it was off to see Avatar with my bride and our boys. What an amazing movie. Very Dances With Wolves in a sci-fi way. Oh, and it was EASY to fend off the popcorn. See, i made it my mission to subdue my cravings before we arrived, even having a shake in the car prior to going in. And it worked! And i don’t think i’ve ever seen a movie without popcorn and a Coke. Success!

Also, i know that i’m not supposed to work out on consecutive days, but i want to be on a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule, as the gym will be much less crowded and it will fit better with my work schedule. So i hit it hard after the movie. WOW! Insane. After about a year of mostly low-rep work and explosive training (box jumps, olympic variations, long jumps) with 2-3 minute rest intervals, this 45 second rest between sets to reach 40 reps is KILLER! Very humbling, as my loads had to be reduced from what i am used to in order to make it through without dying.

Reverse Barbell Lunges, 115#, 9-7-4-5-4-5-4-2, all with 45 secs rest.

Bent Over Barbell Rows, 135#, 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 2, with 45 secs rest.

Barbell Push Press, 135# x 6, then dropped to 115# for 8,5,6,5,5,5 with mostly 45 secs rest (yes, i rested 2-3 more secs on the last few sets). Has anyone else ever got calf cramps doing these? I started on my Surge during this exercise.

Barbell Curl, 95#, 8,7,5,4,5,4,4,3 with 45-50 secs rest.

Reverse Crunch on Slant Board, BW x8, 8, 5. Done

Then i killed my Surge and took a hot-cold contrast shower.

NEPA for 30 minutes walking today plus a Nerf Gun war with the boys for about 20 minutes or so. That was actually fairly effective, as i broke a sweat.

Oh, and FedEx showed up with my Superfood and 3 canisters of Vanilla Metabolic Drive-nice! I’m still awaiting my HOT-ROX and Chocolate and Banana Metabloic Drive. I may be in the minority, but i love the Superfood. It taste similar to a broccoli-raisin salad my mother makes. Really good stuff!

Alrighty then, off for my last shake and some college football. Day 2 down. I am 1/14 of the way through the strict phase!

Sayeed, point well made and taken re: me vs the V-Diet. But i do consider it a battle, but probably more of a present-day, pudgy me vs. the me that i want to be. It is not easy, as you probably know all too well, but it is simple. Simple as in take 5 shakes a day as prescribed by the V-Diet Calculator, take the extra supplements, do your NEPA and train as hard as possible on the prescribed workouts. Do not add extra stuff, do not take anything away. My only regret so far is that my HOT-ROX is not here, but i should have ordered sooner. Yes, you are right, the V-Diet is a tool to transform me. I must let it work as designed and battle myself to be successul.

Day 3

So far so good, although I’m a little hungry today. Not bad, just a little. Peppermint tea seems to help (unsweetened, or course). FedEx delivered my HOT-ROX today! SWEET. I was expecting not to tolerate it, as i have had issues with yohimbe in the past, but this is great. I took a dose as soon as it arrived and went for my NEPA walk for 45 minutes. Very gradual onset, not a WHAM-BAM feeling. Just an easy ramp up to a tingly, energetic feeling. It has been about 3 hours now, and everything is cool. A tip of the hat to the developers.

Otherwise, an easy recovery day of playing with the boys and hanging out. Well, looky there, time for another shake! Then time for some foam rolling, as i am sore all over today.

Hasta manana.

Nice log so far! A good read. Looks like everything is going well.
LOL, I also went to see Avatar (in IMAX 3D). Thought it the best movie since LOTR (I’m a real SF fan:)). Your comment regarding the popcorn and coke made me laugh out loud :slight_smile: It’s the same with me. And although me too resisted very well, all the smells of popcorn and chocolate around me drove me mad! Haha…

Happy new year!!!

Thanks for the encouragement Naga! It definitely helps to know others are battling this out as well. Funny about LOTR, as we are planning on watching it this morning.

Well, day 4 is upon us. Breakfast shake was welcomed this morning, as I was a little hungry. For my bedtime shake last night, I combined Banana and PB to make my very on Elvis Presley special (please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers him or has eaten fried banana and PB sandwiches)… delicious. Probably not for everybody, but it was good to me.

And for anyone going out to celebrate tonight, be strong! I went with some buddies last night to hear the Chad Fisher Group (local brass/ jazz band, incredible musicians, and all they covered/played last night was Hank Williams, Sr. songs. Hank spent his last night alive here in town at the Redmont hotel. Sorry, way off topic, but i love music). Anyway, it is possible to hang out for several hours and drink only water or club soda and still have a great time. Decide beforehand that you will not be tempted, that you will exert a little willpower and that you have invested lots of money and effort into this diet and you will make the right choices. What do you want more, a strong, lean and healthy body capable of handling almost any physical challenges thrown at it or to have empty calorie beverages with no nutritional value that are way overpriced. And have you ever just observed all the folks at a bar. Very interesting and entertaining. Anyway, I’m through preaching now.

Alrighty, training day and movie time. Its gonna be a great day!

Whoa nellie! Today’s training was insanely difficult. It took everything that I had to not hurl after the deadlifts and during my declines. I soldiered on and made it through. I think I may have trained too soon after taking the Hot-Roxx, so i will space that out a bit further and see if that is it. Or it could be that I am just weak and this is a tempering process for me. Maybe a bit of both.

Trap Bar Deadlifts: 255# x 10-8-6-6-5-5 with a firm 45 sec rest period between sets. This was the only exercise i could actually say that about today, besides the hand walkouts at the end.

Decline DB Neutral Grip Bench Press: 80’s x 8,8,5,6,6,4,3. Yeah, i had some unplanned sprints to the toilet, but luckily there was no need. Just a few dry heaves. I have not done these in many years and getting into position with those DBs was quite an experience.

Neutral Grip Pull-Ups: BW (whatever that may be, have not weighed this week) x 6-4-3-4 and i moved over to an assisted lift to do 8-6-5-4. Toasted.

Hand Walkout: BW x 5-4-5. Well, these are new to me for sure. I have much to learn.

Afterwards I just sat around in a daze for about 15 minutes and had my Surge. Then i enjoyed a contrast shower and then limped home to make another shake. Time for a nap.

Happy New Year everyone! God bless, enjoy life and be strong.

So far, so good. Shakes going well and on schedule. The HOT-ROX has me sweating a small bit all day long. Or maybe my metabolism is getting jacked. Hopefully both.

V-Burn #1 done. That was pretty intense as well. Dang you Chad Waterbury! Actually, thank you in a big way for developing a comprehensive training plan to get me leaner, stronger and tougher. My total time was 28:11. It got a bit easier the deeper I got into the circuits. Not that I got faster, just that maybe I found the groove and was more efficient in doing the movements. But, then again, “easier” is not really the right term. It also found it helpful to count down the reps from 10 to 1 during the set. Keep the stopwatch visible, keep some water by the stopwatch, tape the V-Burn challenge to the wall so you can write split times down and keep track of movements and keep a towel handy. Make that two towels.

My splits were:

Circuit 1 - 3:22
Circuit 2 - 8:04
Circuit 3 - 13:14
Circuit 4 - 18:06
Circuit 5 - 22:50
Circuit 6 - 28:11

Afterwards I went for a 20 minute bike ride. I also got some walking in earlier today, along with lots of housecleaning (we have made a mess this past week!).

And I am craving fat. Yes, fat! How weird is that? Along with protein, of course. I could grab a raw tuna steak with my right hand and a ribeye with my left and just go at it, caveman style. So in that vein, my HSM is tomorrow. So, depending on what is fresh, I’m thinking tuna or buffalo or ribeye. Maybe a small amount of all three? Check. Blueberries? Check. Spinach salad with lots of raw veggies? Check. Olive oil and vinegar? Check. But I am not craving any carbs. Oh, I know that I am to have them, but I really am turned off by the thought of eating any carb dense food. Why waste calories on that? I suppose that I will grab a small sweet potato or some brown rice or kidney beans. But i just can’t wait to smell the aroma of fat hitting the embers and tearing into that flesh! I am a V-Dieter, hear me ROAR!!!

Made me laugh :slight_smile: You are a V-dieter alright :wink:

HSM day is upon us! But before I go grab a feast, here are my updated measurements:

Height: 74 inches
Weight: 198# - Down 5.5#
BF% per Taylor scale; 21% - no change. But we know how accurate these are anyway, but I included it just as reference.
Neck: 16 - Down .5
Shoulders: 50 - Down 1
Upper Chest: 45 - Down 1
Chest at Nipple Line: 41 - Down 2
Waist: 34.5 - Down .5
Love Handles: 35.75 - Down .75
Hips: 41 - No change
Right Thigh: 23 5/8 - Down .625
Left Thigh: 23.75 - Down .5
Right Calf: 14 - Down .25
Left Calf:14.25 - Down .25
Right Ankle: 8.5 - No change
Left Ankle: 8.5 - No change
Right Upper Arm: 15 - Down .25
Left Upper Arm: 15 - Down .25
Right Forearm: 11.5 - Down .25
Left Forearm: 11.25 - Down .25
Right Wrist: 6 5/8 - Down .125
Left Wrist: 6 5/8 - Down .125

That is 5.5# weight loss and 9.125 inches gone. I’m sure lots of its is water, but it is a good start. I am having a little trouble with the HOT-ROX. I only have been taking 1 a day, but I was up until after 2 am New Years (no, i wasn’t out partying) and after 4 am last night. I’m gonna take today off from the HOT-ROX and see how the day goes. I may need to go the Carbolin 19 and Se7en route, as the HOT-ROX are super potent. Still good stuff though, but i need some sleep.

Will go and do my NEPA walk and grab some meat!

Oh, photos. Still very uncomfortable posting these, but it is the best motivation ever.

Side shot.

And bringing up the rear…

Yum. That HSM was a joy to the senses… all of them! Grilled sirloin (grass fed beef from GA), slightly seared tuna (yep, I had a hunk of it raw), half a sweet potato covered in olive oil and sea salt and baked in a skillet, a spinach salad with cauliflower, red and green peppers, celery, half an avocado, grapes, blueberries (all with a light splash of olive oil and vinegar) and a few thin slices of pepper jack cheese.

Also two jalapenos on the side. A small glass of old vine zin and some water. I could not possibly eat all i planned, but it was great. What an awesome meal. Now, where is that recliner?

Wow! I feel like i am in my early twenties again. Feet don’t hurt, shoulder pain is all but gone, knees have ceased their snap-crackle-pops. Really cool! Shakes have all gone as scheduled today. Today’s training session was the best yet. Still not easy by a long shot, but i get a kick of others making comments like - his shorts are even sweating - or - what’s his hurry? And that is just what i have overheard. Anyway, i love it!

Workout #5

Front Squat: 165# x 4-3-3-3-2-2-2-1 all with 25 seconds rest.

Chin-Up: BW plus 25# x 5-3-3-2-3-2-2 all with 25 seconds rest.

DB Bench Press: 90# x 5-5-3-3-2-2 most with 25 seconds rest. My youngest fell off the dip bars after my first set, so after a quick sprint to ensure he was unhurt, and he was, it was back to work. I think he is made mostly of rubber.

Ab-Wheel Rollouts: BW x 8-6-6 all with 25 seconds rest.

Total workout time: 21:24. That includes moving between exercises, checking on my boys and clean up. Talk about efficient training methods! Cool.

I also did the 4 way neck machine 50# x12 x2 sets in each direction. I know, i know, but I feel so energetic and raring to go!

NEPA was done after my Surge. 15 minutes barefoot walking on treadmill at 4.0 mph and 3% incline. Then 15 minutes of cycling. It is 23 degrees out right now. Not gonna walk barefoot out in that. At least not today.

Time for shake #3 and a contrast shower.

Well, tomorrow its back to the grind (work, school, chores). It has been great starting my V-Diet journey over my off time. Good way to acclimatize and get used to the reduced caloric intake and new training routine. Until tomorrow.

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