JBEAN's V-Diet Log

So I’m on day two of the V-Diet and things are going pretty well. The only thing I’m struggling with is cravings when i’m around other people eating food. I’m determined not to cheat. It will be great to see some results soon.

Up and running! Got some pics and stats?

Here are my stats right now.

Weight: 240

Body Fat percentage: 22.48

Largest part of belly: 40.5

Upper leg thigh
left: 26.75

Lower leg calf

Chest across nipples: 42

Upper “abs”: 38.5

Shoulders: 48

Upper arm
left relaxed: 15
right relaxed: 15
left flexed:15.5
right flexed:15.5

Neck: 17

So everything is symmetrical which is a good start.

PICS week 1







Felt low on energy for the first time today after my NEPA. I was finishing just in time for my lunch shake. After I had my lunch shake I started feeling much better. The V-burn should be interesting tomorrow.

Did the V-Burn on Sunday and it kicked my ass! In a good way. After I finished and got my breath back I felt great. I talked my buddy Chase who worked at Gold’s Gym for a while to do it with me. He finished in 19:50 and I finished in 23:33. I don’t think he was expecting it to be so difficult.

Today I did my NEPA and hit the gym. I noticed my strength starting to build and needed to move up in weight a bit on dumbbell squats and Dumbbell press. Feeling great and looking forward to my fist HSM!!!

Nice job on the V-Burn. What’s on the menu for the HSM?

So how about some high quality pics this time? What are the new measurements?

V-Diet 2.0 tIme to get some stats and pictures up.

Weight right now is 218lbs

More stats and pics to come.

I felt really strong on the workout today. I paid for a monthly membership at the local Golds Gym so I could use the correct equipment. I’m hoping to cut down to 200lbs so here’s hoping.

Ah. Now he’s up and running!

So week two is well underway and for some strange reason I have cravings for HOT DOGS! Anyway that’s out of my system. I hit the gym today and felt pretty weak. I think it was due to the fact that I was on shake 2 when I should have been on shake 3. Here are some pics. New goal is to get rid of the pudge and handles. If all this not eating doesn’t slay them I don’t know what will. Maybe giant pecs, lats and quads.

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