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So it begins as soon as my goodies hit my doorstep. I apologize for this being a little long but I wanted to lay it all out here so bear with me.

I’m a 28 year old guy that’s tired of being a fat fuck. As long as I can remember I’ve always been on the chubby side. I joined the Air Force at 21 and after basic I was probably the leanest I ever was in my life at around 170 pounds. Well in between then and three years ago the combo of changing work schedules (working a lot of night and grave shifts), always running out to grab lunch, dinner etc… and never seeing the inside of a gym took a toll on my body. I’ve always been unhappy with my appearance and 255 pounds was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I got myself a gym membership and began reading a lot about exercise and nutrition on the internet to learn as much as I could. Between then and now I’ve managed to become a little stronger and build a little muscle, but could never nail down the nutrition portion. I’ve yo-yoed around with my diet; eating clean for a month or two and then returning to old habits. I was always telling myself, ‘I’m TRYING to eat better’ which I guess is why I haven’t succeeded. With all of that I’ve managed to reach my current weight of 221 pounds and still no where near what I would like to be.

I’ve always liked reading articles on T-Nation, particularly those from Christian, Chris (Shugart’s Hammer rocks) and of course, TC’s Atomic Dog. I’ve known about the V-Diet for quite some time now but never had the balls to try it. Well I’m doing it now. I need something to kick-start me in heading down the direction where I want to be and I’m sure the V-Diet can do just that. I’ve ordered my package and assume it’ll reach me middle of next week where I can begin. Between now and then I’ll get some current pictures up (as soon as my camera battery charges up) along with a few measurements.

I have no illusions about this. I know it’ll be difficult and test my willpower. I love food. I grew up in an Italian household and there was no turning down heaping piles of pasta with Sunday gravy…a habit that’s followed me into adulthood. But through all of this I have to remember one thing…

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.’

Keep us posted, Jayson! Your attitude is actually perfect for this experience: ticked off and ready to dig in and change!

I’d wish you good luck… but luck has nothing to do with it.

[quote]PrISM wrote:

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.’[/quote]

I love that quote, man. Good luck!

Thanks for the good word Chris. On a side note, I’m a pretty terrible cook which means anything I make usually doesn’t come out all that well. I recently tried making your Dead Chicken and a Pan dish and it actually came out pretty tasty! Thanks for that.


Height - 73"
Weight - 221lbs
Chest - 44.25"
Waist - 43"




So it’s here and day one is complete. My stack arrived Wednesday, a day earlier than FedEx said so I began yesterday. And boy was day one rough. I actually wasn’t able to finish all five shakes. Towards the end of the day I had gotten such a massive headache that I took some aspirin and laid down on the couch to relax. I wound up falling asleep and not waking up until this morning.

Otherwise, it wasn’t TOO bad (I say that now). I found that I wasn’t feeling that famished throughout the day which is good. The taste of Metabolic Drive might take some getting used to. It’s not as good as the protein I’ve been using (Optimum Nutrition) and the Vanilla is a little TOO sweet for my taste.

I’m not certain how I want to update this log. Daily updates seem a little too mundane so I may opt for every few days or at the end of each week.

Hang in there man, it gets easier as it goes!

So day three is just about done and I can feel that this is going to be a daunting challenge. As a fat guy I LOVE eating (clearly) so the idea of going 28 days without any food is a tough idea to wrap my head around.

For the most part I’ve not felt all that bad aside from being a little extra hungry between the second and third shake of the day. I’m learning what Metabolic Drive flavors go best with what extra supplements. I can’t do the vanilla Metabolic Drive with Superfood so I use the chocolate there instead.

I’m already thinking about my HSM day next week too. Pretty sure I’m gonna make Chris’ Dead Chicken and a Pan deal. It was delicious the last time.

Days four and five are in the books. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a week go by so slow than it seems like now. The days are CRAWLING towards my HSM day on Thursday. I still have huge cravings for solid foods, especially when I’m at work and people are heating up all kinds of things and asking me if I want them to pick me up something from Chipolte.

Other than all of that, hunger and energy levels aren’t too bad. I’m kinda wanting to weigh myself but I really think I’ll wait until the full week is up.

I hear what you’re saying about the cravings, and people heating food up.
Only yesterday (day two for me), a guy in the office rocks up to work with…
McDonalds! For breakfast. I was craving it for a little while.

Keep up the hard work man, think how awesome you’ll feel at day 28.

Thanks dude. I’m pretty sure I know what my problem will be on the V-Diet. I’m sure I’ll have the discipline and willpower to keep to the diet throughout the four weeks and not give into cravings if the progress is there. My problem will be if I don’t see the progress it’ll threaten to unravel my motivation and I’ll wind up saying, “Fuck it.” So I’m a little nervous about stepping on the scale tomorrow to see what it reads.

Sorry about the all caps… i work for the government and thats how we roll (lol)

At the end of the day you need to remember that the scale is not as important as the “look” measure measure measure!!! If you are doing the workouts as prescribed and getting in nepa, which you have failed to talk about much, you will lose weight period!!! I lost damn near a pound a day when i did Velocity 2 months ago now! ( wowo its been two months)

i will tell you that the first week i lost a solid 13 lbs and saw my abs again for the first time since i was a baby lol! But the second and third weeks were okay…but somehow by the end i was around 23 to 24 lbs down… I have only recently “fallen off” as my birthday was the 13th of this month and i had a huge party.

I had to ( yeah f’n right) taste test all the food and snacks and cake and cookies ( forgive me Shugart) you are were you are because you have given up on yourself before. Picture yourself ripped like you were @ 170!!! I am now doing a light version… All shakes and one meal after work very lean!!

I have maintained my weight loss and gained back only four pounds and yet i still see gains!! Positive ones. Remeber that once you do this " low carb diets like atkins and south beach will be a freakin joke to you! You wont have problems eating right… You will appreciate every single fat gram and protein bit you can get, good luck my friend

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