Jason's V-Diet Starting 10/8

I have been competing in obstacle course racing and have decided that I really need to get leaner in order to be competitive and this looked like the perfect way to do it.

Starting Measurements

Body Fat 18%
Height 6’
Weight 199

Neck 15
Chest 43.5
Waist - at Navel 35.5
Hips - 38.25
Upper Arm - L 13
Upper Arm - R 12.75
Thigh - L 22.5
Thigh - R 22.5
Calf - L 14.25
Calf - R 14.5

Start of day two, got my hour of NEPA taken care of this morning before work and am feeling pretty good so far.

Day one went pretty well and didn’t miss solid food too much.
Day one workout
Front Squat: 185 4X5
Chin ups: Body weight 4X5 (Will add weight next time)
Dumbell Bench Press: 95 5X4
Ab-Wheel Rollout: 6X4

Day 3 went well, got the workout in first thing in the morning. Before the V-diet I had usually been working out in the morning and like getting my day started off that way. However, I had a hard time getting it going for the work out. Are there any pre-workout supplements allowed on the V-Diet. I had taken the HOT-ROX, but that didn’t seem to get me going for the lifting.

Step-Up: 100 5X8
Bent-Over Row ? barbell: 150 5X8
Push Press: 115 5X8
Barbell Curl: 90 5X8
Reverse Crunch on slant board: 4X10

45 minutes of bike ride

Still going well without being hungry too much. Solid food in the fridge looked really good though!

Days 4 and 5 have went well. Workout today felt really good but I learned that getting on a decline bench with 90 pounds in each hand does not happen for me.

Has been good the last couple days, stayed in the garage last night and away from the kitchen. Making dinner for my daughters tonight though will be a challenge.

Cooking for others will just make you stronger! Your past the hardest part of the diet in my eyes. From here on it’s just go about your business and the end will surprise you that it came so soon!

Weekend was good, did the first V-Burn in 26:28, should be easy to improve on that in the upcoming weeks. Cooking for my girls did go well and they were supportive of me, love my little girls.

Weighed in this morning at 292.8, that is down 6.2 pounds in a week, got to love that! I will do measurements and pictures next week at the halfway point.

The HSM yesterday was great, grilled chicken, rice, steamed veggies, and a little salad never tasted so good!

Workouts have been pretty good this week. Struggled with the shoulder presses a little today, but curls went well. Pull ups on Monday were nice due to losing weight, I may have to add some weight to my body for those next week.

I did get pretty hungry yesterday morning and had to have a little of my lunch shake early, but other than that the diet has been going pretty well. Even met some friends at a bar last night and watched them eat chips and salsa and have drinks while I nursed my big glass of ice water.

Had a tough time getting going on the workout this morning, but then when I NEEDED to use the next smaller hole in my belt I got a nice boost. Looking forward to a nice hour hike at lunch in the beautiful Colorado fall weather we are currently having.

Ended up catching some sort of stomach bug over the weekend that pretty much put the diet on hold for a few days. Back at it today but my weight was up a bit.

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