Jason's June V-Diet

I got fat! Second day in and I already feel great, just waiting on my girlfriend to get home from work to help me with my measurements and pictures. Current weight is 214 pounds. I used to be a lifeguard and in great shape, but I developed some bad habits (like whole pizzas several times a week and taco bell all the time!) and I decided to do something drastic.

Been a big fan of Shugart’s Hammer and T-Nation along the years so this is the first place I came when I decided to get serious. The last straw for me is when I went backpacking this weekend and was sucking in so much air and had to stop so often that the beautiful surroundings of the mountains disappeared and all I could do was think about how out of shape I was. I also haven’t been doing some other activities I enjoy (rock climbing and mountain biking) because of my low fitness levels.

So, all of these things led me to the V-Diet and I am doing it by the book. Here we go!

Day two went well. Got plenty of NEPA and my dog enjoyed the exercise. I took HOT-ROX before lifting because I was dead tired from getting up early for my first week of summer class, and it really pepped me up and I felt fine, but damn did I sweat like a pig from my workout. Definitely called a thermogenic for a reason, but I felt fine and never really felt too hot. The workout is harder than I thought it would be, which is great, its a good challenge.

The most surprising thing so far about the diet is that my energy levels have actually increased, and I haven’t been getting tired and wanting to take a nap in the afternoons like I used to. Cutting out crappy carbs will do that I suppose.

Pics and measurements in the morning! Thinking some steak from Texas Roadhouse for my first HSM, NO ROLLS THOUGH :frowning:

Just played racquetball for a little over an hour…I feel fine but I probably shouldn’t have done any extra exercise. Guess I’ll have to wait and see if this effects my workouts.

Also weighed in at 207.5 this morning. Pretty crazy considering I weighed 214 just two days ago. I’m sure its almost all water weight but still pretty cool.

[quote]jdubs27 wrote:
Also weighed in at 207.5 this morning. Pretty crazy considering I weighed 214 just two days ago. I’m sure its almost all water weight but still pretty cool.[/quote]

I don’t want to rain on your parade at all because seeing the scale go down is always a great sight, but scales can be inaccurate and discouraging if you use it everyday. I think the folk around here focus more on the inches than the lbs and how you feel over what the scale tells says. I mention it only because losing 6.5 lbs in two days is remarkable but probably not all that sustainable. You’re currently on pace to lose 78lbs over the 28 days. That rate is neither possible nor healthy to maintain. Don’t get discouraged if next time you get on the scale you’re not down another 6.5 lbs. Focus how you feel, how your clothes fit, and the tape around your waist; that’s where the real truth is.

Congrats on the excellent start though.

Thanks bud, I think I’ll take your advice and put the scale away for a week or so.

Just took my measurements and photos, I’ll post the pics soon.

Height 71 inches
Weight 207.5 (214 when I started so probably closer to 214 in all reality)
Neck 15.5
Shoulders 45
Chest - Upper 39.5
Chest - Lower 39
Waist - at Navel 39
Waist - at largest 40
Hips - at largest 45
Upper Arm - L 12.25
Upper Arm - R 12
Upper Leg - L 27
Upper Leg - R 26.5
Lower Leg - L 15
Lower Leg - R 14.5
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9

First V-Day challenge…Intermediate. Took me 51 minutes! Pretty horrible but afterwards I’m feeling pretty accomplished and at the very least its not exactly going to be difficult to beat this time on my next challenge day.

Had my first HSM yesterday, a little early in the program but I want to keep my HSMs consistent on Saturdays. Went to Texas Roadhouse with some friends before hitting up an insane roller derby competition. I had a 6oz sirloin with sauteed onions and mushrooms, baked beans and a house salad sans the croutons and dressing. I couldn’t believe how delicious I found the salad to be, and I took forever to eat it when usually I’d scarf it down in just a couple of minutes. I probably should have had veggies instead of the sugary baked beans but last time I ordered veggies at a restaurant and asked for not butter it still came with some, albeit a bit less than normal sigh Day 5 here we go! Time to lift!

hey jdubs, your HSM sounds so good, i just went to the texas roadhouse for the first time a few weeks ago and just thinnking about that steak makes my mouth water! i agree with you on the vburn, i only did the beginner and i know i can beat the time next time. awesome work!

Hey there! Yea I think I can cut down some serious time on my next VDay challenge. I’d never done any kind of circuit training before and just knowing what to expect alone is going to help a lot! And the HSM was awesome! It was actually hard to finish everything but I know my body needed the cals after the challenge. It wasn’t even that hard not to eat any of the delicious rolls, but my girlfriends mashed potatoes with cream gravy had my attention! I pulled through though! Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Felt super bloated yesterday and my belly was bulging hard! But I think its because I woke up late and went to bed early so I kinda had to cram my shakes together between short intervals, that plus it was a workout day so the Surge on top of that probably all contributed. Woke up feeling good this morning though with minimal bloat.

Having trouble sleeping, gunna order some Z-12. Day 6 is here and I haven’t wavered yet, can’t wait to get a week down!

hey, you will have to let me know how that sleep stuff works, i am having a lot of trouble sleeping too. luckily i am working overnights the next couple nights, so that is not a problem :slight_smile: if the z12 works, i might have to get some. congrats on almost having the first week done, i loved having the first week done and felt AWESOME!!!

Yea I’m excited! I’ll let ya know as soon as I use it :slight_smile:

First week down, huzzah! Haven’t consumed a single calorie out of the V-Diet, but I’m starting to have erotic fantasies about my next HSM (kidding). Seriously though, Saturday can’t come soon enough. I’m going to wait until Saturday morning until I weigh and measure again. I’m a quarter of the way through the hard part but only just beginning the V-Life :slight_smile:

Weighed in today, but didn’t lose as much as I was hoping. I know why though, and how to fix it (hopefully). I haven’t been sleeping hardly at all, and the quality of the sleep I have been getting has been crap. My Z-12 is on the truck for delivery and hopefully I will be sleeping like a baby tonight and on my way to better progress.

[quote]jdubs27 wrote:
Weighed in today, but didn’t lose as much as I was hoping. I know why though, and how to fix it (hopefully). I haven’t been sleeping hardly at all, and the quality of the sleep I have been getting has been crap. My Z-12 is on the truck for delivery and hopefully I will be sleeping like a baby tonight and on my way to better progress.[/quote]

Never knew that little sleep or of bad quality or both could effectively hinder fat loss procedure. Are you sure? I too have same sleep AND fat loss problems being currently on the V.

I am very sure. There is a ton of metabolic activity going on during sleep that’s important to muscle building and fat loss, as well as overall health. Disruptive and/or inadequate sleep do not allow these processes to occur optimally, and this greatly hinders the body’s ability to build muscle/lose fat, etc. etc.

A quick search will yield a ton of studies and such, here’s a good one:

Anyways, I used Z-12 for the first time and it was amazing. I felt relaxed and happy, seriously it made me happy (is it supposed to do that?). I’ve used melatonin as a sleep aid in the past but they didn’t do much for me and often gave me headaches. Z-12 allowed me to fall right asleep and even though I had to wake up after just under 7 hours of sleep (not near enough for me) I woke up just fine without any drowsiness, but I still felt like I could fall asleep in seconds if I wanted to. I noticed this when I in the bath this morning (I don’t usually take baths but my girlfriend just got out of it and just started draining the water and the warm water looked so nice I just hopped in instead of taking my normal shower). Ha. Anyways, while lying in the bath, I wasn’t drowsy, but noticed that if I wanted to I could literally close my eyes and be dozing in a VERY short amount of time, I’m talking like seconds. I’ve always been skeptical about any kinda of pills but holy crap they are amazing! I had to pee in the middle of the night and afterwards when my head hit the pillow I immediately zonked out, that never happens. Sure hope these continue to work like this and don’t have any weird side effects. For now, highly highly recommended.

DAY 9! 2 more days till my HSM!!! I’ve been fantasizing about what I want to eat, since about, umm… my last HSM!? CAN NOT WAIT.

z12 sounds amazing! i need to order it now. i am so exhausted from lack of sleep that i don’t know what to do! i am very also very excited for my HSM, obviously, like everyone else :slight_smile:

I hope it works as well for you as it did for me! After re-reading my post, you’d think I was a salesman for Biotest :wink:

Second V-Day challenge time: err…DAMN STOP CLOCK MESSED UP! a conservative estimate is about 37 minutes, so at least 14 minutes faster than the first time! except I can’t do that many clap push-ups so I just did normal push ups, oh well. My goal is to finish in under 30 minutes next time.

12 days down and I haven’t waivered! I thought I’d be tempted by my girlfriend cooking and getting take-out now and again, but I actually love it when she does because I put the food under my nose and have a smellgasm. Ah, the little things in life :slight_smile:

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