James' V-Diet Log

Hello fellow V-Dieters,

I’m James and started the V-Diet on Tuesday. I was traveling on Monday. I skipped the Monday workout but will do the Wednesday one today. I’m pretty surprised about how NOT hungry I feel.

Let’s see, I’m 40 yo and have been lifting pretty consistently for about 3 years up until the week of Thanksgiving 2008. I tore my Rhomboid, which ended up pinching a nerve. I have been in physical therapy for weakness, numbness and tingling in my left arm for several weeks now and it’s a whole lot better.

I took “before” pics last night and weighed myself. Here are my stats as of yesterday evening (I’ll do the measurements tonight) and post my pics.

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 198.6 lbs
% BF: 18.5

I’ve definitely been leaner and during my time off due to the injury I have continued to do lower body workouts and some light upper body workouts. I’m a little worried about aggravating my rhomboid but I’m going for it anyway. The main issue I have with this diet is not drinking. I eat pretty clean most of the time…just drink wine and vodka too much. Not a total alci but I have some drinks on the weekend. I’m not going to drink!

I’m doing this diet because I’ve done pretty well with gaining LBM. My normal body weight is about 160 lbs. But I’ve never really been able to get as lean as I’d like. So, here goes!

Weekend drinking can really hamper progress, more than most people want to think. Stay strong!

Keep us updated, James!

Well, these are my before pics…not looking so good. Oh well, It’s incentive to get back to it.

So my friends and family want to see my progress so I thought I’d be real thorough about it. First off, here’s the diet.

I skipped the first workout, which I was to do on Monday. I was traveling from Phoenix to Denver. I also did not do the NEPA on Monday but I did it on Tuesday. 1/2 hour walk with the dogs. I did do the diet part though without fail.

Rough start jump in there tomorrow!

Alright so now I’m all caught up here. I did the NEPA at lunch today. Exploring around the neighborhood with my dogs and got a little lost so I was out about 40 minutes. Worked out at 4 pm and it lasted a little over an hour. Woo, I’m doing the intermediate and it kicked my butt.

In the past I’ve done mostly heavy, low rep stuff so I’m a little out of shape for this and a little out of shape in general. Stayed with the diet 100% today and so far. Not really having problems with that. I was a little worried I wouldn’t sleep last night…I do better sleeping on a full stomach but I was fine. Pretty minimal hunger in general.

So one last entry today concerning the extra supplements I’m on. I should mention to that I went for the Alpha Male over the HOT-ROX, it makes me feel like crap. I have half a bottle sitting around that I won’t touch. Anyway, here is the list:

  • Multi-Vitamin (morning)
  • Vitamin E (morning)
  • B Complex (morning)
  • Calcium (morning)
  • Resveratrol (twice per day)
  • Beta Alanine (twice per day)
  • Creatine (I’m cutting back to only after workouts as stated)
  • ZMA (before bed)
  • GABA (before bed)

Feel free to comment :slight_smile:


Wow, I was hungry last night after doing the workout and I woke up this morning starving! I saw my wife eating hummus, peppers and olives last night and my mouth started watering and I had the worst craving for solid food. I hate hummus! Good thing she didn’t have a steak or I may have caved!

Feeling better after my shake this morning though and I finally took my measurements:

Height – 6’2"
Weight – 198.6 lbs
Neck – 15 3/4"
Shoulders – 47 1/2"
Chest - Upper – 43"
Chest - Lower – 41 1/2"
Waist - at Navel – 36"
Waist - at largest – 36"
Hips - at largest – 40"
Upper Arm - L – 15"
Upper Arm - R – 15 1/4"
Upper Leg - L – 24 1/2"
Upper Leg - R – 23 1/2"
Lower Leg - L – 14 3/4"
Lower Leg - R – 15"
Ankle - L – 9"
Ankle - R – 9"

Great work…stick with it!


Today has been a little rough. Kind of feel like crap. Dull headache, tired and in a bad mood. Kind of makes sense that something like this would happen. I’m sure it will pass as my body gets used to the new gig. Went on a 35 minute NEPA walk this afternoon and just had the dinner shake.

Really looking forward to tomorrow’s workout…40 reps of deadlifts, fun! It will be brutal but the harder it is, the more effective it is.

A Whopper sure sounds good! Make it a double with cheese :slight_smile:

Hang in and be careful with the self talk about food you want. Instead ihink about how great you’re gonna feel being leaner than ever at the end of your quest.


Had a pretty good day and workout though the dull headache was lurking at times. Did 30 minute NEPA walk at lunch today. I’m looking forward to going out for dinner tomorrow night for my wife’s b-day. No wine! No martinis!

I have so much choc. protein powder and I’ve decided I hate it so I added about 2 tbsp of cinnamon to it and it was way better. Couldn’t even taste that nasty choc. flavor. Long way to go to be sick of it.

I noticed I’m still pretty weak in my left side still. It’s totally weird to not have any pain but to have a noticeable decrease in strength. I go for pt again on Tuesday. Not sure what else to do.


Things are going well. Went out for dinner last night; here’s what I had:

  • About 4 bites of bread dipped in some olive oil
  • Small amount of fried zucchini dipped in some stuff
  • Dinner salad w/o dressing
  • Steak (couldn’t finish it)
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Plain iced tea

I really anticipated it but when I got it, it was only so, so. Felt kind of weird eating it. Not really nauseous but not great!

Anyway, did 30 minute NEPA walk yesterday and have not had a slip-up yet. Knock on wood! Feeling pretty good. Will do the V-Burn workout tonight. It looks pretty grueling.


Things are going well as far as the diet goes. Pretty discouraged cause my Rhomboid is pretty aggravated today from the V-Burn yesterday…I think the hand walk-outs. So, I didn’t do any upper body tonight. Here’s what I did do:

  • Back Squats – 4x6 @ 225 lbs
  • Stiff Leg Deads – 4x6 @ 225 lbs
  • Standing Calf Raise – 5x15 @ 90 lbs

I also did NEPA walk this evening.

[quote]jamesdrz wrote:
I really anticipated it but when I got it, it was only so, so. [/quote]

i hear ya! i look forward to it, but then it’s there on my plate and i’m eating it and it’s GOOD, but i’m like “oh, it really is JUST FOOD”! imagine that!


I didn’t have a chance to measure today but I weighed myself and I weighed 192.4. That’s 6 pounds less than I weighed a week ago…crazy! I think it’s not quite accurate because my initial weight of 198.6 was done in the evening but I’m sure I’ve lost around 5 pounds in a week, which is awesome!

I went to physical therapy this morning and my rhomboid is really swollen. My pt told me not to do the upper body part of the program for now but to go do all the exercises she has given me to do so I’m going to add some lower body/core stuff and stick with what she’s given me.

It’s NEPA time.


I’m freakin miserable! I went to the gym tonight and did the following:

  • Lunges w/ barbell 4x10 @ 135
  • Stiff Legged Deads 4x10 @ 205
  • Seated Calf Raises
  • All my stuff for my Rhomboid
  • Slant board reverse crunches

I felt weak and tired then I drank Surge, which made me feel somewhat better and came home and got in bed for awhile until I had this huge, super-painful attack of heartburn. Water cured it but it sucked. I never get heartburn. I feel pretty bad. I made a vanilla shake for dinner and couldn’t do it so put it back in the blender and added a bunch of cinnamon…way better. Anyway, worst day yet on this diet. Oh, and did a big walk at lunch.


Feeling a lot better today. I obsessed about food all night last night. Pizza mainly…Pizza Hut Meat Lovers specifically!

Anyway, did NEPA today and still have adhered to this 100% except for the change-up in the workouts to accommodate my injury.

Haven’t been in here for awhile but still cruising along. The results are awesome. It seems like I’m losing bf and holding steady on weight, which was the goal.

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