It's My Time... V-Diet Log

Hi All…
I received my shipment yesterday, started this morning! Flax Seed is NASTY, but I got it down!
I am still in shock over my before pics and measurements, I still cant believe I am posting them for the world to see…a year and a half ago I was 235 lbs, I got down to 178 (where I am now) and thought I looked GOOD!

:frowning: Pictures do not lie! I am mortified!
My goal is to get to the 150 mark and tone the flab!

Wish me luck!!!


So, here are my stats! Soooooooo SAD!

Weight: 178
Height: 5-7
age: 36
Neck: 15
Upper Chest: 42in, just above my bra
Lower Chest: 46in, across my breasts
Waist @ navel: 41in
Waist @ largest: 41in, surprise, surprise…its the same!
Hips: 44 1/2in
Upper Arm L: 15in
Upper Arm R: 15 1/4in
Upper Leg L: 24in
Upper Leg R: 24in
Lower Leg R: 15 1/2in
Lower Leg L: 15 1/2in
Ankles, both the same: 9in

Cant get all my pics in one post…

and the side view… :frowning:

It’s horrible that when you open this post up, the fisrt thing you see is my backside… BARF! Oh well…more motivation for me to kick butt!

Nothing like baring your soul (and other parts of your anatomy) to the world for a little motivation! Congratulations on taking the plunge. We will all be here for you to lean on. This is round 2 for me so you can guess from that that I had some work to do! Good luck and believe in your ability to get it done


Good luck, I’m almost done with my 28 day period and it is not as bad as you think it will be. I rarely feel hungry and the HSMs are always worth the week wait.

Day two:
Thanks for your words of encouragement…everytime I look at my pics, I become more and more angry and motivated. I totally kicked butt in the gym last night…WOW! I am having a hard time moving today!

Angry is good! Soreness is good…lets you know you are alive! My first VDiet thread was ‘Pissed off Pair’. Still mad to a degree but more motivated/committed to change (look good neked… as Shugart says). Its good that you are putting that stuff out there for your support group (those of us on the forum) so we can help. Good luck and continued success!


Welcome to the V-Diet group…

28 days goes quicker than expected, so look forward to seeing some physical change.

Good luck! and don’t forget to post- it does help.

Day Three:

Holy Cow! Woke up this morning feeling like I had been on a drinking binge all night. Head in a fog, massive headache, can’t think straight, and OMG am I in pain…Tell me this doesn’t linger, PLEASE!!!

I have to conquor the V-Challenge when I get off work today. I am a bit nervous! Better to do the NEPA after the V-Challenge or before?

My daughter tried all night to get me to eat some of her trick-or-treat candy…I DID NOT!!!

Here’s to a great day three!!!

Well, I wish that I had good news for you about day 3. I have done this twice and day 3 SUCKED both times. Not sure why… it just did. Sorry to be he bearer of bad news. Tomorrow will be better that much I am certain of. Stay strong… this too shall pass! Good luck and continued success!


Well…that just SUCKS!
But it’s only one day…I can do it, especially if I know tomorrow will be better than today!

I just wanted to tell you had the same exact feelings on Day 2 and 3. It went away quickly and I have not had that feeling since, and now on day 14.

Just hang in there and it will be all good.

Keep up the good work!

I definitely felt the same at the beginning-it does get better. Not easier- because then it wouldn’t work- but better as it goes along. We’re all here for you- keep it up!

is it Thursday yet? :slight_smile:

can’t WAIT!!!

You should be very proud of yourself! You’ve managed a helluva a change so far and you’ve still got the drive to hit the VDiet? That is the definition of Kicking Azz!

Me? I’m only on Day 2… and feel foggy and groggy and just plain weird! I’m determined to soldier on… and so are you, I can just tell! Give it your all!

Sumo squats anyone?

Holy Crap!!! Day 4…
Did the V challenge last night, 27 mins to get through 4 cycles, then i nearly passed out and vomited, suppose I need to slow down a bit to ensure that I complete all cycles. And doing the NEPA back to back with the challenge…not such a good idea! I don’t remember the last time I had such a butt kicking!

I am having a hard time with the shakes today, I have a gag reflex everytime I take the first drink…not pleasent, but working though it.

Looking forward to the gym tonight, takes my mind off everything!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement…makes it easier being able to relate to multiple people!

Here’s to a great day 5! (I hope)

Ok… it gets better tomorrow! You are doing great…just keep the faith, put your head down and GRIND it out! Continued success!


Day 5 SUCKS…threw up EVERYTIME i tried to drink a shake, my stomach is a wreck, complete nausea all the time, head aches, massive mood swings (just ask my BF, he will tell you all about it)…got a 45 min NEPA in this evening and going to bed…

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