It's Been a Long Time Coming


on 11/28/2011 i will be beginning my V-Diet. i will be doing one pulse fast per week the day after HSM day and i will be weighing in the day after my fast. i will also be taking HOT-ROX. i will post my my stats and pictures the morning of the first day. i will be doing the intermediate v diet workout program. my goal is to get down to at least 155 lbs and see some abs. im 5’7". i plan on posting daily with how my day went in regards to the drinks and workouys/nepa.

any tips from the vets?


here is a pic of the goods


Hey, I’m just finishing up week 1.

So far the shakes are really filling, and I haven’t really found myself wishing for food. I do wish I could have something salty though, because it feels like I’m eating dessert for every meal and I’m more of a salty type of person, but that’s about my biggest complaint.

Good luck!



today is day one and im a little anxious. i just took my HOT-ROX after waking up, measuring, and taking starter pics. im about to take my 30 min NEPA walk in a little bit.

weight- 173.8 lbs.
chest upper- 41 1/4"
chest lower- 39 1/4"
waist navel- 34 1/4"
waist largest- 35"
hips- 35 1/4"
left leg upper- 24"
right leg upper- 24 1/2"
left leg lower- 15 5/8"
right leg lower- 15 1/2"
left arm upper- 12 1/4"
right arm upper- 12 1/4"
neck- 14 3/4"
shoulders- 45 1/4"
left ankle- 9 1/4"
right ankle- 9"






did the first workout today. it started off pretty easy but once i hit bench i started to burn out really quick.

front squats 135 lbs- 5,5,4(added 10 lbs),4,2
chin ups bodyweight- 4,3,3,3,3,2,2
bench press 185 lbs- 4,3,2,2(failure),1,2(failure),1,1,1,1,1,1
ab wheel rollouts- 5,5,5,5





the first day wasnt so bad, i was a little bit hungry though, but not too much. im a little bit sore from my workout yesterday but not much. time for NEPA.



i was getting kind of hungry yesterday towards the end of the day, it sucked.

NEPA time again.



yesterday i was STARVING!!!

the shakes were like water to me. i noticed that the shakes fill me up better when i make them in the blender with ice.

man i cant wait for saturday because of my HSM.



HSM day finally



v-burn and pulse fast. v burn sucks balls by the way, that is all. i weight in tomorrow, i wonder how much weight i have lost if any.


DAY 8 i weighted in this morning at 163.4 POUNDS!


day 10. still going strong. its hard beleive i dropped 10 pounds of fat the first week


DAY 12

HSM day today. im gonna do HSM after my workout im gonna make zing-a-ding-din pasta with tuna

onions,tomatoes,garlic,mushrooms,olive oil,oregano. serving of pasta, parmesan cheese. and 4 cans of tuna.


DAY 15

i weighed in today at 161.2 fat loss slowed a little bit, i ran out of mad-10 for my fasts so im gonna double up one week and get back on once per week. i havent taken any measurement because i see no need until im done, i think weight will suffice my progress. im almost at my goal if 155.


weigh in today at 157.8


so far i have only done one pulse fast because i ran out of MAG-10, but i just got my order so im gonna do two this week and two next week.


today is the first day of my transition im on day 29. i plan on doing the transition until i run out of Metabolic Drive, i have three tubs left. once im done with the transition i will be doing 100 gram carb cure until i start my carb cycling bulk. i measured and weighed in today.

weight- 155.6lbs(-18.2)
chest upper- 38 1/8"(-3 1/8")
chest lower- 37 3/4"(-1 1/2")
waist navel- 29 7/8"(-4 3/8")
waist largest- 30 3/4"(-4 1/4")
hips- 32 3/4"(-2 1/2")
left leg upper- 22 1/2"(-1 1/2")
right leg upper- 22 3/4"(-1 3/4")
left leg lower- 15 1/4"(-3/8")
right leg lower- 15"(-1/2")
left arm upper- 12"(-1/4")
right arm upper- 11 3/4"(-1/2")
neck- 14 1/2"(-1/4")
shoulders- 42 1/2"(-2 3/4")
left ankle- 9"(-1/4")
right ankle- 9"(same)