It Works


I have to admit when your right you are right. I modified the workout to help assist in making sure i don’t become a “skinny runt”. I started 5’10 172lb Male with 13%body fat. You told me that this diet wouldn’t be for me… and all i had to do was loose the belly fat, well…I said ok, since i am a programmer i found out how to modify it so i can…

I am now 163lb 8% body fat after 3-4 weeks eat a meal when i feel like it (healthy of course)and if not go with the shakes… and now have PR in Push Press, Dumbbell Bench, Decline, FG Squat, and have a good amount of energy. Pics still to come but very impressed with it. I didn’t think some of the extra supplements helped all that much and after finishing the one batch, i never ordered them again.

Also added bannanas, peanut butter, yogurt, blueberries to the different types of shakes help shake up the nasty monotonous taste that it brings on a consistent basis. Thanks again, and will continue to work at this

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