It Wasn't Until After The V-Diet That I Lost Any Weight

I certainly got much, MUCH leaner, but the scale did NOT move, now, about 5.5 weeks after finishing the V-diet, I lost nearly 30 pounds of scale weight! I am in the best shape of my life. If you’re considering doing this diet just do it. Suck it up, its one month of pain, and after a week you won’t even hate your life anymore. Chris Shugart, I owe my physique to you.

I too am finding that my scale weight hasn’t changed much since the first week. I am now halfway through week 3 with the scale weight reading the same. I feel much leaner however.

Why do you think your scale weight changed so dramatically after finishing the V-Diet?

well, I think to be honest I put on a significant amount of lean mass as well, and have since shifted to pretty much straight fat loss!

Can you detail what you changed after the V-Diet to get such significant fat loss? I’d love to do that as well.

I’ve messed around with a couple different weight training programs, though I haven’t found one I liked very much, I have at least been consistently training still, started a second cycle of HOT-ROX, adding Se7en in this time, and I only take in about 1500-1700 calories a day, and do (light) cardio daily. My diet is working for me, though I am not sure exactly how “good” it is, its outlined here:

I have 8 visible abs for the first time in my life! I didn’t even know it was possible tbh.

5’7 160lbs

umm…not trying to be a dick but let’s see some week 1,2,3,4,current pics yeah? 30lbs…need to see that to believe that

sure thing, here’s the before and after v-diet

most way down the page, next post will contain an embarassing pose picture 1.5 weeks after, and current I’ll have to wait till I get home(taking some schooling, and am spending a couple weeks back at my dad’s to get some quiet study time out of the city)

1.5 weeks after v-diet

you are an inspiration to all of us mate

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