It Starts Today 07/06/08

Finally got everything so it starts today.


Weight: 216lbs
Belly: 40"
Thigh: 24"
Calf: 16"
Chest: 43.5"
Upper abs: 39
Shoulders (point to point): 40"
Upper arms: 13.5"
Neck: 17"



Diet Schedule.

0530am: Shake + HOT-ROX

0800am: Half Shake + Whole Psyllium Husks (Fibre)

1000am: Shake + Flax + Fish oils

1330pm: Half Shake + HOT-ROX + Whole Psyllium Husks

1530pm: Shake

(1730pm: Train + Surge)

1830pm/1930pm: Shake + Flax + Fish oils + Peanut butter

Whole Psyllium Husks is an alternative to Fibre Choice as I’m in the UK and couldn’t get it. Decided to source matching alternative Fish oil as Flameout was just too expensive.

Diet Stats:

Non training days

Calories = 1590
Protein = 213
Carbs = 50
Fibre = 24.7

Training Days

Calories = 1941
Protein = 238
Carbs = 99
Fibre = 24.7

good luck dude.

Allright…Stick to it!

So half way through the second day. No problems so far.

Shakes taste good. Still waiting for HOT-ROX to arrive. First training session tommorrow, can’t wait for Surge!

Preparing for the next couple of days as I’m sure it will get more difficult.

I have been very motivated to do things (maybe just trying to stay busy).

Any ideas on things to do during the cavings?
(Apart from look at the female figure competitors)!

Haha, looking at Jamie Eason was going to be my suggestion… but other than that, I stated something like this in another person’s thread.

You can satisfy your cravings momentarily, but your body will be with you forever. Its not worth ruining something thats going so well over something as dumb as momentary gratification. Once you get the lean body you want, you will forever be gratified.

Stay strong man… good luck!

You have made the best decision by starting this diet, congrats! Even better that you have posted the pics, that should be your best motivation!

When you feel like giving up, go for a walk, even though it will be you 5th or sixth…whatever helps you not to give in.
And if you don’t feel like going outside, log in here and start reading articles, posts, go to different forums where you see those really lean people - and tell yourself that it will be you one day!!

It DOES get easier after the first couple of days, I promise! I just finished 2nd week…the first week was tough , the 2nd week much easier!! The results are worth it!!

Keep it up!! Good luck!

I’ve got to say that I have found the first 5 day pretty easy. I have felt hungary but not starving.

When eating full meals, after 3-4 hours I get a stinging hungar pains, but I haven’t had that. In fact I feel much better, more awake, more energy and a better mood. I have only just received the HOT-ROX so it isn’t down to them. Maybe it the lack of carbs that favour me?

The reason I wanted suggestions for things to do is I have more time on my hands.
I tried the scales and things are going well but still looking forward to first meal, not sure what yet.

I have changed my eating routine to 5 shakes rather than 4 plus to halves. I found i felt less hungary this way.

Tried the HOT-ROX today. Got to say I felt better, lifted my mood after a frustrating morning at work.

Finished my seventh day yesterday. I decided to have my meal today (day 8). This consisted of 14oz fillet steak, Aberdeen Angus beefburger, and a couple of small chicken thighs barbied with salad, green beans and dressed with garlic and sesame oil. Yummy. Going to have a sleep now.

I’m going to have only 3 shakes today, and leave out the Flax and fish oils, as I had plenty in my meal.

Will upload photos soon.


Fibresure looked really expensive in boots so I am considering Xanthan gum or psyillium husks or wheatbran. How do the husks mix/taste?

[quote]echelon101 wrote:

Fibresure looked really expensive in boots so I am considering Xanthan gum or psyillium husks or wheatbran. How do the husks mix/taste?

You gotta down them quick otherwise they expand and your shake turns to rice pudding. They don’t really taste of anything, but great for filling you up.




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