Issues with Protein Shake

WARNING: TMI and Gross!

I’ve been doing the Velocity Diet since lat October. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. so far and other then a little constipation, I have had no issues.

Fast forward to Super Bowl and I go nuts. I eat whatever and basically act like a gluten. The following week, I am super constipated to the point I have had some pretty bad stomach pain. I got pretty worried and decided that i should take some laxatives and stool softeners to help that. It seemed to work.

That was last weekend. On Monday, I am ready to get back on the V-Diet and rock and roll. Morning shake is OK but I felt a bit queasy on the way in to work. I had my lunch shake and I get more nauseous that I can ever remember getting. I fee like I am going to vomit and actually do. I leave work and when I get home, I have the worst diarrhea I have had in years. Once that passes, I felt ok. I decided to give my system a break and only do my morning shakes, but they still made me feel a little queasy. I did try a lunch shake on Friday and same thing…nausea, horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea.

I have never, ever had issues with whey or MC in the past. I did try a few other protein powders and I did have similar issues. I did take my Plazma for my training sessions and had no issues with that.

It almost seems like I developed an allergic reaction to the whey overnight, which doesn’t seem likely.

Any ideas?

I mean it doesn’t seem likely however since you’ve been doing this since October, when the diet is only designed for short term use to really jumpstart fat loss, it’s definitely a possibility. My advice would be this: since you’ve been on the shakes since October, ditch them and switch to Mag-10 as your protein supplement. In place of the shakes, every 3-4 hours to spur protein synthesis, or at the key times that T-Nation recommends it, have some lean protein like turkey breast, salmon, eggs, or lean steak, have A LOT of cruciferous veggies, and some complex fibrous carbs. I’m fairly confident this will fix your issues. Good luck! And try foods with probiotics in them like kimchi!

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