Is This The Diet For Me?

Hi all. I’ve been wondering for the past few days if I should try this diet. I bulked up to 180 at the end of this past November. I got down to 160 by the end of January, and just kind of stalled out there. In the past eight weeks I’ve been writing down everything I eat and tacking macros as well as calories. I’ve dropped down another 10 pounds, to 150 lbs. I was hoping to be shredded at the 160 number, (classic ecto I guess).

At 150 I’ve got a four pack, but the little bit of belly fat/love handles hangs on tenaciously. I’m not actually looking to lose any more weight necessarily. I just want to get cut way up. I’m thinking htis would be the way to go, but I wonder if I really would need to do it for the full four weeks and two week transition. I try not to fixate on the number on the scale too much, but as hard as it has been for me to gain weight, I can’t believe I’m down to 150 and will freak out if that number hits 145.

I think I will order a few tubs of M-drive and Surge, probably the HOT-ROX and Flameout too, and just get a start on it.

I should mention I’ve been lifting for about 6 years now, And I’ve been Lifting hard and tracking my weights, sets, and reps for at least the last five. What does anyone think? Is there a sample meal/shake plan anywhere? I know there is a transition phase plan, but I’ve been unable to find one for the full fledged first 28 days. It’s probably pretty self explanatory, but I’m just wondering about timing of meals and supplements, including fiber.

Wow, this post got long. I’ll let you all have a go at it! Thanks for any help!

Your a woman right?


No, I’m a dude, dude! I’m sitting here calculating my calories and I get 1445 cals for workout days, and 1205 for non-workout days. That’s insane. I must be doing something wrong. That’s insane 1200 cals a day!

Wait up, I just ran the numbers plugged into the equation as one big equation instead of hitting = in between each bit of the equation, and it gave me 1969 for non-workout days. So which is right? This would put me a hair over 2000 cals a day for workout days, and this would be far more sensible.

If I were you… I would not do the diet. If you have a four pack, just do a slow clean bulk while maintaining the four pack and then diet down. I think it would be a much more dramatic change.


How tall are you?

I’m 5’7". I appreciate the advice, but I’m going to keep cutting 'til i hit single digit BF%. I was talking diet with a trainer at my gym and he said that what fat I have left is the last little bit to go, and the next four weeks will make all the difference. I just thought Maybe this V-Diet would get it done more quickly and efficiently.

Like I was saying in an earlier post, I’m not sure of the math on this deal, can someone tellme what they think is the correct calories for a 150 lb guy? If it’s the 1200 cal number, I simply will not touch this diet with a ten foot pole. Most of hte advice I’ve ever gotten from T-Nation has been solid, so I’m hoping that higher (1970) number is actually the correct one.

For a person weighing 150 lbs u should consume 1204cals on non lifting days and 1445cals on lifting days using the original forumla from Shugart.

Thanks, I kept getting two different sets of numbers for some reason. These numbers were the lower of the two. I ordered all the supps but only 2 tubs of Metabolic Drive and 1 tub of Surge. Having already lost 30 lbs in the last 7 or 8 months, I will see where this takes me, if it’s something want to pursue or tweek a little bit to fit what I need. I don’t know that I’ll cut back cals to 1200 a day. It seems more than a little bit naive to me to think you can do that few cals without losing LBM.

[quote]Jumping wrote:
For a person weighing 150 lbs u should consume 1204cals on non lifting days and 1445 cals on lifting days using the original forumla from Shugart. [/quote]

Cool, I’ll go with this set of numbers. How many scoops of M-drive to each shake? I was just using one per shake and after having six that’s only 600 or so cals so far.

Today was a workout day so even with the Surge Recovery shake and counting milled flax seed my total cals. for today are at 1295, and it’s 7:00 pm. So I guess that’s still only 150 cals to go, but I’m guessing if the formula was figured at 5 shakes, they must have been double scoopers.

I’ll learn to space 'em better tomorrow, seeing as it’s a low calorie, non workout day. Oh, and I’m painting my grandmas house, so good work for NE activity, and just fine if I’m a bit braindead. Will start another thread logging my cals and exercises.

I guess if I check back, will someone give me a definite answer on the scoops per shake question? Also is there a full on V-Diet meal schedule anywhere? I know there’s a transitional meal plan, but what about the full on four week V-Diet? Thanks for any help, and I’m off.

[quote]raybbaby wrote:
I’m guessing if the formula was figured at 5 shakes, they must have been double scoopers. I’ll learn to space 'em better tomorrow, seeing as it’s a low calorie, non workout day.

Dunno about the other stuff, my brain died about an hour ago, but using allenkt’s handy-dandy spreadsheet, I calculate you at 7 scoops of Metabolic Drive per day. That works out to 3 1-scoop shakes and 2 2-scoop shakes if you’re looking for 5 a day.

I would say maybe do 1 scoop with half your flax, then a 2 scoop, then another 1 scoop with the rest of the flax, another 2 scoop and end off with a 1 scoop with the PB for the last one of the day.

That way the one scoop ones are more filling. I usually shoot for 3 hours apart, depending on my schedule for work. As always, YMMV, so whatever works for you.


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