Is This Diet Right for me?

I am curious. I am looking to just get shredded i don’t like the large and bulky look and want to stay ripped… My rough esitmates are as follow

Body Fat % 12-15%

Hopefully this will follow will this diet help?

Well, we don’t even know if you’re male or female at this point, your experience level, your age etc.

Why don’t you provide more info and post a current pic or two.

26 years old
Weight Lifting Experience Intermediate
Cardio - I run quite a bit.

I will try to post more pictures.

You may not need anything as strict as the V-Diet to lose what little body fat you have. Most V-Dieters start off with a lot more fat to lose, then they might end up at 171 pounds; they don’t begin there.

I don’t want you to be disappointed when you lose the fat and find only a skinny dude underneath.

Then again, if you want to lose fat first so a future mass plan leads to more muscle gain than fat gain (which is a good idea) AND you want to change your negative food related behaviors and bad habits, then sure, it can work for you.

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