Is This An Ok - Indigo 3G Setup

6 Indigo Capsules

30 mins later

Pre workout meal (2 hours before workout)
70- 100 g carbs coming from white potatoes/ white rice
70 g of protein coming from chicken breast.
Workout 1hr

45mins-1 hour later

Post workout meal would be the same as my pre workout meal

This means that around 70% of my carbs fall around my workout.

I read that wheat sources are not the best while on Indigo, my main carb source before was brown wholewheat pasta, should i completely eliminate it from my diet ?


Here’s a good article for you to check out: If you really want to optimize workout nutrition, that’s the way to do it. Solid foods just can’t do the same thing.

Since a single serving of Indigo-3G is active in the blood for 6 hours or so, you’re timing is fine.

Wheat doesn’t interfere with Plazma. I just personally find that when people replace it with rice, potato etc. they get much better results, physique wise, and no cravings. Here’s a nice summary on why getting rid of wheat, even if you’re fine with gluten, is a good idea: And if you like pasta you can find it made of rice instead of wheat. It’s tasty too.

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