Is the Velocity Diet for Me or....?


Hey! I’m 39, 6’0, 190lbs. I’m generally a slender guy, with decent definition to my arms, chest, and legs but the past year I’ve developed the “beer gut”. I’m not really an alcohol drinker so I know it’s not beer doing it but it’s there and I definitely don’t like it.

The second part is I’m a contractor in Afghanistan so I don’t have a local health food store where I can get all the best foods. My question is do you think the Velocity Diet is the best choice for me, V-Diet lite, or something else?

I have no problem doing it, I just want to make sure I’m on the best road to success. I really just want the gut gone and I would honestly be happy. What are your thoughts?


We actually have a few contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan doing the V-Diet. They thrive on it for exactly that reason – hard to find healthy foods, prepare meals etc. With an all-shake diet (or close to it) they’re able to give their bodies exactly what they need without having to sweat sourcing solid foods and preparing meals.

And yes, the V-Diet was designed not for the obese but for the person looking to go from “okay” to “great” in terms of body composition. It can help you to nip fat gain in the bud and re-write your food-related cravings and habits, which can make long-term leanness and muscularity much easier, even after the V-Diet is over.

So, you sound like a good candidate for the V-Diet. A strict V-Diet is best for rapid fat loss and for those seeking to squash bad cravings or habits. If you have no bad habits or junk food cravings, then a V-Diet “Lite” (Transition phase only - one solid meal per day) can work well, but it usually doesn’t help as much with cravings/habits/bingeing issues etc.