Is The V-Diet Right For Me?

A little background history to aid in your decision:

I’m 26, 5’9, 180, and somewhere around 9-10% bodyfat…judging by the fact I have a “4-pack”.

I’ve been seriously lifting weights since I was 18, only taking off 2 years due to a life changing event. I played college football and am not a rookie when it comes to lifting. I’m very educated and have even been doing most of the stuff perscribed on this site before I even knew the site existed (just thought I’d toot my own horn for a bit, lol).

Anyways, I am one of the many that have been stuck with this same physique for most of my adult life. I’m not small, but I’m definitely not “big”. I’m not fat, but I still can’t see all of my abs. I’ve been on a bulking diet that I created and have seen great results. I was 165 back in Jan. when I started it and have seen increased definition in my abs.

So, I’m hoping that I’ve managed to gain about 10lbs. of muscle, 5 lbs. of water weight, due to the creatine I’m taking, and managed to lose some fat.

All that being said, I barely notice any “body transformation”…except in my abs. I still want to gain muscle mass, but at the same time, burn this last bit of fat off of me. Should I continue with my diet since it is working (slowly) or would the V-Diet give me better, faster results?

Thanks in advance. I’ve got nothin but respect for all of the writers and most of poster’s around here. I love this place.

If you’re truly 9% body fat then you doubtfully need the V-Diet, unless you’re just using it to break a plateau or garner the bad-habit-killing effects.

I dated a trainer and figure athlete once who did an early version of the diet even though she had visible abs (VERY tough for a female of course!) But she wanted to try it before she recommended it to her clients. She lost a few pounds and finally dropped some “stuck” fat in her problem areas (upper legs). She didn’t “need” the diet but she learned a lot and broke through some plateaus.

Anyway, as I always write with posts like these, if in doubt, post a pic of yourself and we’ll let you know whether you’re a good candidate for the Superprogram.

Well, I admit, this photo sucks! The flash on my camera is broke and the lighting in my apt. sucks. Hope this helps. If not, I’ll try take some tomorrow with natural light coming in from the windows.

…God I feel lame.

And now I feel even more dumb. I can’t figure out how to post a picture on these forums.

Well, it worked this time for some reason. Lucky you. lol

Rather than starting a new thread, I thought I would just post/hijack here.

Ht. 5’11 wt. 195 lbs, not sure of BF.

Training for a PL meet coming up soon, march 21-22, but shortly after the meet I have a beach vacation planned. Was planning on competing in the 198s but don’t really mind if I got down to 181. Is this diet stupid for me to try right now?

I was thinking of doing the V-Diet exactly as prescribed but adding more peri-workout nutrition. I was thinking of 2 servings surge workout fuel and also an extra serving of surge before I train. Thoughts? attached are some pics.


1 more.

Saneld, I really don’t think you need the V-Diet at this time based on that pic. You could maybe drop carbs a bit, cut out any cheat foods, add some HOT-ROX, and alter your training more for fat loss goals, and that alone would get you shredded for summer. But the V-Diet is pretty extreme given the very small amount of body fat you have to lose.

Westnile, the V-Diet – or really any fat-loss specific plan – isn’t made for the athlete with an event coming up. Better to wait until after.

Thanks for the info, Chris.

My bulking diet consisted of 2:1, carbs:protein. I’ve got a vacation coming up in 3 weeks so I think I’ll just cut it down to 1:1 and up my intake of green veggies. I knew I would get to where I want to be by summer, but I was thinking the V-Diet would get me there in a big hurry. lol

Thanks again!

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