Is The V-Diet Right for Me?


I am currently trying to get lean for summer (down in Australia). I have about 3 full months from now to get as lean as possible. I am currently at 14% bf at 187lb. I think that going from 14% down to about 9% in 3 months is very reasonable on a standard cutting process.
I started my cut about 2 weeks ago, taking 1900 calories, 265g protein and weight training 5 days per week with 15-20 minutes of HIIT 4 days per week.

The scale is moving down very slowly but I am seeing good progress in the mirror and my strength is holding. So for me the dilema is that I feel that what I am currently doing will eventually get me to my goal so why fix something that is not broken? The temptation is though I have seen a lot of great results from the V-Diet and I feel that I may be able to get to my goal faster which could give me time to get shredded.

Should I make the switch to the V-Diet or stick to what I am currently doing?


Entirely up to you.

Do you have any issues with controlling overeating? The V-Diet can help with food addictions and cure cravings. If that’s not a problem, and what you’re doing is working, then there may be no need for the V-Diet.


When it comes to cutting I am fine with sticking to my diet. I can certainly see the great benefit of the V-Diet for people who have a hard time keeping their calories in check consistently for a long enough period to make good progress. I guess from my perspective the main question is will the V-Diet provide any advantages over a regular cutting diet in which the same amount of calories are coming in mainly as solid food?

If I do choose to slot the V-Diet into my 3 month window, would it be best to utilise it in the first month to get me off to a super start or would it be more wise to save it for the final month as I try to break into the single digit bf range?


The advantage of the V-Diet is simplicity, no cooking or making meals, counting cals, etc. It also helps get rid of bad dietary habits. It also preserves muscle mass while maximizing fat loss through various mechanisms and supplemental components of the plan.

Many use the V-Diet to kick-start a longer fat loss phase. Other use it to finish up. I suggest the former.