Is The V-Diet Right For Me?

I have been doing quite a bit of reading on here over the last several months. I am intrigued by the V-Diet. But first off let me tell a little about my self. I am taking T cyp 100 mg per week to treat low T under 200 with out meds, as low as 45 a few times. Anyway, I started out on androgel ans used it for 18 months. My dr did not believe in any anti estrogen’s, and felt my numbers were in order.

I promptly developed larger than normal breasts for a man, and they were cystic (had nodules or what ever in them). I also gained weight. I shot up to 326, and I am only pushing 6’1". I have a long torso, and I am naturally a little more bulky, so most people thought I was around 250 to 260. I have since given up all soda (from 2 liter per day) and garbage calorie intake.

I have been eating more whole foods, raw foods, and a better balanced diet. I only take in complex carbs, I rarely eat bread(mostly when I need a quick meal while shopping we get planet sub, better than mickey d’s I figure). I have been able to get my weight down to low 250’s over the last 5 months, not by eating less, just eating better. I have dropped from a tight 42 pants size to a much more respectable 36. I still have about 55 lbs to go, but I am making good progress.

The impetus to this diet was a contest at work. We started the biggest loser challenge. 6 of us contributed $100 each, and the winner on June 28 gets the pot ($600). Anyway I wanted to make this a life changer, so I did not take any short cuts, and I did not starve myself. I am fairly sure that the bulk of my weight loss was fat, not muscle. I feel stronger now, and some of my muscles look bigger and better now.

This in part may be from switching from andro get to T cyp, and adding an anti estrogen (I got this on my own, my new DR doesn’t know I use it, he just gave me the T cyp. But neither he nor my original Dr were concerned about my E level in the 40’s, or my breasts or my shrinking manhood).

Any way, I think test supp and poor eating had everything to do with my weight gain, but low T had a lot to do with my weight gain prior to the T also. I am about 28 days from the end of the contest, and I am about 5% off the pack leader in weight loss. I think he is probably only capable of losing another r5 pounds or so. He did starvation and lost a lot of muscle it really shows.

I did not want to do any of that, the point for me was to get healthy and change bad hobbits. I have done a great job of that, I don’t crave garbage any more, and food is a secondary thought any more. More for sustenance, less for pleasure. BUT I really want to win. Not so much for the money(well maybe a little), but I just want to win.

What would be the best play of action. I can greatly reduce my carbs and maybe lose another 15 pounds, but that wont be enough. Should I stop the T Cyp for the month, or increase it and the anti estrogen? Should I try the V-Diet, that would really negate the money factor since it costs about $600, but at least I would probably win. Or would the V-Diet even work since I have lost around 70 pounds already?

I have not exercised with any regular consistency. I have done the extra daily activities. I park in the back of parking lots and walk, I started gardening. I have hauled many truck loads of compost and multch loaded on with a shovel and off with a shovel. I have done many projects like that, and I have ridden my bike to work a few times (3.5 miles each way)

I will try to ride my bike to work every day for the remainder of the contest, and maybe try to incorporate some push ups. I like to do 20 push ups, then 20 sec rest then as many right arm push ups as I can (usually 5) then 20 sec rest. then as many left arm (usually3) then 60 sec rest and start over, obviously doing fewer single arm push ups each time. Sadly I have not done this with any consistency so I haven’t gotten any better at it. buy maybe doing these every other day would help.

I also have the bow flex select tech 90 dumb bells, maybe I could work with those .
I just really would like some input as to what would be my best course of action to lose around 30 pounds over the next 28 days. Or if I should even attempt to do it. Would it do too much harm?

Thanks in advance for your help and encouragement. I’ll post up some pics later. Sadly I did not take an intentional before photo, because I guess I sort of planned to fail like I always have in the past. But I have a picture from vacation the summer before that is when I weighed 326, I started the contest at 308.2. Today I am at 253.0

No help at all??
I am guessing the V-Diet would not get the 30 pounds off in 26 days anyway. That is probably far too unrealistic number now that I think about it. So I will have to enjoy the fact that I am 18% smaller fat wise now, adn just keep doing what I have been doing. I just really hate to lose.

Hey trbiz,

I’m not sure about the test meds and how they would integrate with V-Diet.

However, I would guess that you could reasonably drop another 20+ lbs at least (I started at 240 and dropped 25) if you follow V exactly. Especially if you are not really training right now, you might see some big results.

Good luck!

Well I did decide to stay on the meds. Divorce is not worth a few pounds of weight loss, and lucky me my wife has needs to. Unfortunately going off the meds seems to return my T levels to my before meds levels inside of a week. Plus now I get depressed. That was never a problem before, I guess I was used to it.

I think for the remainder of the contest, I’ll just keep up the diet that has gotten me this far. I feel so good eating fresh fruits and vegies, I have never felt ot energetic. I will limit my carbs even more, adn reduce all bad fats to absolute minimum. Also I’ll limit my salt more, and try to eliminate it all together the last week. Infact, I may try a modified V diet the last week Just to limit the bulk of foods, adn gain tighter control of the salts and carbs. Bloat will be my enemy.

Once I finish the contest I may try the V-Diet all out to get to the remainder of my goal (200). Then I can start working on building the muscle in the areas that really need it. I suspect I know which areas, but I’ll be able to better tell with 45 fewer pounds of fat.

I think I will build one of those slosh pipes from todays article and go on walks in the evening after work. That seems like good cardio! By the way I am down to 248. That’s the first time I have been in the 240’s in probably 15 years, 10 for sure). January 1= 308, June 8= 248, getting much better.

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