Is the V-Diet Protein Sparring?

Hi Chris,

Just a pertinent question with regards to fuel partioning and macros on the diet which is very skewed towards protein. This is especially so on non workout days, when there’s no intake of Surge Recovery and post workout carbs. Practically no carbs It’s practically protein and the fats from the flax and omega 3s.

Even on workout days, with the Surge Recovery intake, total daily carb intake is less than 100g. Am I in the danger of being in constant ketosis.

With such low carb and high protein, wouldn’t the body use protein as a primary and preferred fuel source as its in abundance with all the shake intake while holding onto and sparing body-fat? Wouldn’t that be counter productive? The workouts are deceptively tough with the short rest periods and challenging loads. Very glycogen depleting.
After a week on the diet, Ive noticed Ive shrunk, but still not very visible lower abs. Still holding onto to some stubborn fat.

No, this is not a keto diet. That’s usually at about 20g or less of carbs per day. You’ll take in more than that even on off days.

The V-Diet has been ripping fat off people since 2005. Don’t over-think the science to “prove” it doesn’t work when you’ve just gotten started.

Losing some water weight is natural in the first week. Take measurements and remember that the “trouble spots” are usually the last to go on any diet plan. Sadly, the body begins by dropping fat elsewhere first and “works its way” to where we focus our attention, typically the belly and love handle area.

You’ve been on the diet one week. Don’t expect to be totally ripped just yet.

Thanks Chris.

Will have faith and persevere.

I was just worried that all that protein would have gone to waste as fuel for workouts as opposed to lean muscle mass gains.

On another note. As the workouts get more challenging with shorter rest periods, I realise i need more sets to complete the prescribed total reps and my reps per set decreases. Do I need to lighten the load? Time under tension reduces under such circumstances. So far I have followed the 4-5rm and 8-9rm guidelines on heavy and medium days based on my 1 rep max of the respective lifts and it has been very challenging to maintain form and maximum force with rest periods of less than half a minute.

According to Coach Waterbury, who designed those workouts, it doesn’t really matter. More sets is fine; it’s more about hitting the target number of reps with the right load.

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