Is the V-Diet for Me?

I’ve talked to you earlier about doing the 10,000 kettle bell swing workout. I tried one of the workouts about a week ago and I could only get three out of the five rounds in before I felt like all my hamstrings were going to tear. So can I still do that workout but just keep trying to improve each week? Or is this a sign I should just do the velocity program?

I got the V-Diet packages over a month ago. Why I’ve put it off for so long is because I’m really out of shape, cardiovascular wise and muscular strength wise. I’m planning on starting in a week, because a lot of what has kept me from not having a lot of time to work out will be done with. I guess I’m just worried I’m gonna get my shit rocked. Part of me wonders if I should wait until I’ve lifted a little bit before starting the program?

Sorry I’m just not sure what to do. Thanks

No worries, this is a good question.

For someone very out of shape or just getting back into the swing of training and eating right after a layoff, just about anything training-wise works (for a while). Even half of the 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Workout would work well for you. Same with the beginner V-Diet training program. As long as it’s really pushing and challenging you, it’ll do its job, even if it’s not the “whole” program. Just try to improve each week.

I’d suggest the V-Diet program. It’s 3 lifting days per week then a bodyweight workout. It’s very adaptable to any fitness level. And as the extra weight comes off, the workouts will improve rapidly.

Thank you, that is very reassuring!

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