Is the HSM Absolutely Necessary?

Is the HSM necessary? Possibly for the habit changes effects of the diet of looking forward to the healthy meal or due to not having solid food for a month?

Just curious


(Curently into week 2)

I would have to say yes. Need to have something to change the body mode some and to “look forward to”. Nothing outlandish or over the top. Grilled lean meats and some veggies. You will find huge taste changes.

The HSM is crucial. It’s the main aspect in getting the taste/craving changes.

Plus, as I always go back to, those who change the plan (like ditching the HSM to make the diet work “better”) usually fail or get poor results.

Don’t leave out the HSM.

Cool thanks for the responses.

I was noticing that after my first HSM the next couple of days my initial cravings returned is all. Which in turn made the diet hard again.

Hopefully after the next couple of weeks those cravings will subside as I’m not going to fail cravings or not.

Thanks again


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