Is the Afternoon Shake Necessary?

I don’t find myself all that hungry around mid-afternoon. I don’t feel “too full” after lunch or anything, I’m just not particularly hungry when it’s time for the mid-afternoon powder.

Would it be ok to just drink a glass or two of water and take the Flameout, or is that afternoon shake there to prevent a potential deficiency of some kind?

Skipping shakes is tricky. On one hand, feeling “too full” on a fat loss plan is a great thing and we don’t really want to encourage or emphasize an “eat when you’re stuffed”-mindset.

On the other hand, the V-Diet is already relatively low calories, so skipping a whole shake brings your daily calories even lower, which can open the door to muscle recovery issues, energy lulls, or slower overall progress.

I’d probably say to go ahead and skip the shake if you’re truly feeling “too full” (which, to be clear, is very different than “too busy” or “just don’t feel like it”), but try to add a scoop to a shake or two later in the day to try keeping the daily calories pretty much the same.

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