Is Surge Recovery Discontinued?

I was about to order some Surge Recovery this morning and when I went to look it up, and it was nowhere to be found. I used it the way this article presents: Proven, Affordable Workout Recovery | T Nation

A cheaper option, particularly to Mag-10. Actually when I click the links, they take me to all products

Yeah, Surge Recovery has been retired unfortunately. There were some e-mails and social media alerts leading up to it, but still, kind of a bummer. I still have good memories of the root beer float flavor it used to come in way back in the day, so I feel 'ya.

It was a reliable workhorse of a formula, and one of (if not the) first drink designed specifically for weight-training recovery, but in the 20ish years it’s been around, the science of workout nutrition has gotten tons more efficient and effective.

Surge Workout Fuel would now be the go-to choice for workout nutrition that supports growth and recovery without breaking the bank: The Legal Performance Enhancer | T Nation

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