Is My Peri-Workout Protocol Too Much While on a Cut?


Hey all,
Quick question - I’m currently on a cut, and the last time I cut heavily I used JB’s Get Shredded Diet and followed it to a T. I lost 30-35 pounds in a matter of 12 weeks but also lost a lot of strength as well.

This time around, I am following the same principles in terms of calories and general food choices, with the exception of a small amount of fruit in the morning and a more detailed peri workout plan. I mix 1-1.5 servings of Surge Workout Fuel with 1-1.5 servings of Mag-10 (Plazma was out of stock when I was ordering) and begin sipping 20 min before my workout and finish the mixture at the end. 30 min after my workout, I’ll drink a serving of Surge Recovery. So, it’s amounting to close to 600 calories and 60-70 grams of carbs. On workout days, my calories are at 2200-2300, while non-workout they are 1800-1900 (started the cut April 5 at 228 and 19.6%, currently 218 and 14.6%).

Is there a more ideal peri-workout plan for maximal fat loss and muscle retention? Should I order Plazma this time around to replace the Workout Fuel + Mag 10? Should I keep the Surge Recovery or ditch it for something else? My recovery has been amazing while on this combo, but I feel like compared to the GSD using only BCAA and creatine, I’m not leaning out as quickly as I did before. Thanks for your input!


Congrats on your progress so far, it sounds like things are going well!

Ultimately you always want to support training as MUCH as possible on a cut, once gym performance and recovery starts going down the drain, results will not be optimal, and you could be risking some LBM loss. During my most recent contest prep, even when calories were low, 35% of my total daily cals came in my pre workout meal, with 70g of carbs, and I’m 5’4", 140lbs on stage.

SWF and Mag-10 are fantastic, but Plazma just cant be beat and it’s a one-stop shop for peri-workout nutrition, so if you’re getting 600 calories from your current combo, you could always order Plazma, take 2 scoops totaling ~400cals, and have your whole foods post workout meal within an hour from training. 2 scoops of Plazma would provide you with 80g carbs, and 30g of the same protein as in Mag-10, so you’d be set. That would save 200 cals and give you the best fuel for your training and recovery.

This would have more to do with your total caloric daily intake rather than what you’re taking for your workout. If anything, making sure your workouts and recovery are fueled will make sure your results keep coming. Ultimately, your total cals in/cals out will play the biggest role in body comp, so if you’re wanting to lose more fat, or quicken the process, you’ll need to cut cals a little more, and/or add some cardio. Personally I think it’s best to do as much through nutrition as possible, and cardio as needed. If you switch to 2 scoops Plazma from your current protocol, that’ll be an easy 200 cals out of each day while still fueling training and recovery optimally.

Hope this helps, be sure to post with any more questions!


Thanks for the reply! I won’t lie, I quite enjoy drinking Surge Recovery post-WO…if I made 2 servings of Plazma (400 cals) and began sipping pre and finished it post, you’re saying I wouldn’t need Surge Recovery? As it stands now, I drink half of my mixture pre, dilute it with water when I get to the gym, and sip the remaining half until my session is over. Would doing this with Plazma remove the need for carbs post-workout?

Looking at it, losing ~5% BF in 6 weeks is pretty much right on point. I’m hesitant to take out the Surge Recovery since my sessions in the gym keep getting better, which I attribute to the peri-workout program. What I’m most curious about is whether I “need” carbs post-WO if I were to take 2 servings of Plazma pre and intra.

My other supplements are Carbolin-19, Flameout, Metabolic Drive, Circumin, Cissus, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. For cardio, I take 2g of ALC and have some coffee first thing in the morning and walk around the park in my neighborhood for an hour (Lonnie Lowery 100 workouts to ripped city). Do you think I should keep calories the same on workout days but maybe lower them to 1600-1700 on non-workout days? My average macros for the week are 170g protein, 150 carbs (keep in mind the majority of these are peri, and getting 30-40g fiber so really like 110-120), and 90-100g fat. Do I need to increase protein? Thanks!


That is correct. Plazma has everything you need, especially with two servings.

As long as you have room in your cals/macros you should definitely have carbs post workout, but you’d have them in your whole foods post workout meal. For the Plazma, you’d mix 2 scoops, drink half of it on the way to the gym, add water to the bottle when you get there, and drink the other half throughout your session. Then, within an hour, you’d have your post workout meal of protein and carbs, like chicken and potato or rice and the like.

I used to take Surge for my training and felt great no doubt, once I switched to Plazma I haven’t looked back.

“Needing” carbs post workout depends on your goals. The only time I would say you wouldn’t have carbs post workout is if you’re on an extreme cut, like a show prep, carbs are really low and you can only have some pre-workout. Otherwise, breakfast, pre and post workout are definitely where you’d want carbs, especially if you’re trying to build solid LBM and make the most of your gains/recovery. You’re not on a contest prep, and there’s definitely no reason to be carbophobic on a cut. So, I’d definitely recommend some quality carbs in your post workout meal. You wouldn’t need a ton since you have your Plazma, but I’d recommend 30-40g, so 150-200g of rice or a 150-200g sweet potato would do well, and of course plenty of veggies.

1600-1700 is really low, so I don’t think you should decrease that much. Maybe have some slow digesting carbs with breakfast on those days, then you can do protein-fat-veggie meals rest of the day and keep carbs lower on those days. Increase the caloric deficit slightly if you want, but 1600-1700, IMO, is “only if you really have to” territory. What are your average cals on a training day? What’s your height/weight?

Increased protein on a cut is always good. Knowing your height/weight would be helpful, but looking at the macros you listed, 90-100g fats seems pretty high. Ultimately cals in/out will play the biggest role in your success, so I think raising protein and carbs while lowering fat would be a good way to go. Generally, protein between 1.2-1.5 on a cut is helpful for satiety, and you’ll also burn more fat with higher protein due to the thermogenic nature of it. You burn 30% of your protein cals just digesting them. I’d recommend protein between 1.2-1.5, fats at 25-30% of your total daily cals, and fill the rest with carbs.