Is it Just Me? Plazma Question


From the ‘for what it’s worth’ department: I use one cap full of flavoring with SWF and 2 with Plazma…I switch back and forth between lemon and lime…


It made me puke almost and yes it was hard to finish it at first maybe you not mixing it all the way. Let the foam settle then drink. It took me about two weeks to get use to it. I love the berry flavor by the way.


I had the same problem as shralpinist, with my first use of plazma. I’m hoping that my second attempt is better because I barely got through half of it. It instantly made me want to vomit. I got through half because I was using a water chaser to keep the flavor out of my throat. I will try again, but I hope I can get it mixed right to tolerate it.


Ok, the second time mixing this stuff isn’t any better. I wasted two doses tonight trying to get it mixed right. I tried all the tips I found throughout the forum. I did find that more water and mixing helped to get less foam, but I have chunks of Plazma not mixing just floating in the water. It happened on all 3 tries I just made. Is this normal?

  1. Fill up half the bottle with water.
  2. Add Plazma.
  3. Swirl the bottle, not shake.
  4. Add flavoring to taste, gently swirl again.
  5. Leave alone for 10 mins.
  6. Enjoy.

All of these steps can be skipped if you’d stop being a pansy and just drink it down. I drink it and Mag-10 without flavoring all the time. Mind over matter.