Is it Just Me? Plazma Question

I’m quite frustrated right now. I ordered my first batch of Plazma and cannot get it to taste even remotely palatable. I tried mixing one dose in one liter of water (diluted, I know!)and added one, then another teaspoon of intensified berry. It made me vomit.

I’m now trying a single dose with grape to see how that goes. I also used a different water bottle. The first bottle I used was a T-Nation 2-liter and it smelled really bad when I got it. That may have something to do with it…I’ll update in about five minutes. Hopefully I’ll be able to stomach Plazma somehow. I’ve been on SWF for months and that stuff is no problem for me.

Update: tried grape. Tried lemon. No go for any of the above.

Seriously, is it just me? I’ve never heard anyone complain about the taste of Plazma or MAG-10. In fact, most people say they taste great. I don’t understand. Both of these are making me sick. What a way to drop 140 bucks…

Any advice here would be appreciated, especially if you have had similar experiences. Also if anyone wants 18 doses of Plazma and 25 doses of MAG-10, I sure as hell don’t want them…

it tastes decent to me. The problem is the foaming, even when I put it in the fridge. I only use the lime flavoring now because all the others make it foam like crazy for a long time.

I’ll take those leftover bags if you really don’t want them… :wink:

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It is just you?.

Not sure what you are actually doing, but three doses of flavours? Really?

I don’t like cherry, but cherry and grape are awesome. Lemon? Nope, Lime, Not really. But lemon and lime? Yummy.

Orange is my favourite.

Plazma and/or MAG-10 by itself is quite nasty. Made that mistake once?. I seem to remember Dave Tate commenting on that. Also, it is common knowledge that you always wash a glass/mug/container before using it. That smell is the smell of a new bottle. So, wash it. Soap and hot water.

Now, first thing you have to do is breath. After that, you absolutely need to follow the directions. I used a drop counter for the first few batches. I also put less then recommended as I found it too strong. I also mix it in advance. About 30 minutes. Water, one scoop. Shake. Add a little flavour. Shake again. Let sit while I do something else. Taste (I know the amount to add, so I just grab and go now) to make sure and reap the benefits.

Sorry about your first experience, but it is a learning one. Hope you choose to have the correct outcome.

Absolutely need to wash the hell out of the bottle. That was definitely mistake 1.

As far as the flavorings, I found that even the minimum recommended dosage is sickeningly sweet, so I could understand a cap-full per serving making you sick. I use a cap-full in a full 2000 ml, and it’s perfect.

As far as flavors, lime is the only one I actually enjoy, with berry being acceptable.

Whoever had the foaming issue: are you sure you’re not mistaking Mag10? That foams so badly that when I tried it I had to make it almost two hours in advance. Adding flavoring did nothing to reduce foam; not sure why the label even suggests that would help.

Sorry for your experiences there, I’ve taken all these supplements as well and haven’t had any of those issues. I typically mix two scoops of plazma with 2000ml water, shake it up, add flavoring a minute later and swirl around, add the rest of my water and stick it in the fridge until I need it later in the day, or the next day. Especially if you’ve been using SWF, no idea what could be causing your Plazma/MAG-10 issues. Definitely should have washed that bottle though, any time you get a new plastic bottle, always give it a thorough washing.

I’ll also take those leftovers if you don’t want them :slight_smile:

Update part 2:

I finally found it! Sorry for being a negative little bitch everyone. I’ve found what works for me. I apologize again for making a needless thread. I was just really pissed at that moment I thought I’d wasted 140 bucks.

Thanks for the tips everyone, it seems like everyone sort of finds their own way with these mixings.

Just wanted to make one quick follow-up.

While making my Plazma today, I noticed on the flavoring bottle it recommends exactly the proportion I’ve been using. I thought maybe they changed the recommendation, but then noticed the suggestion on the Plazma bottle itself: 1/4 - 1/2 tsp per serving.

And that is way too much for me, at least. A cap-full is 1/2 tsp, and that’s plenty for 2000 mL, as the flavoring suggests. I find even 1/4 tsp per serving to be excessively sweet.

Hope that helps other new users at least.

Shralpinist, what turned out to be the issue?

[quote]JFG wrote:
I don’t like cherry, but cherry and grape are awesome. Lemon? Nope, Lime, Not really. But lemon and lime? Yummy. [/quote]
x2. Mixing flavors can be a game-changer/eye-opener. Takes a little experimenting, but orange-berry or berry-grape were awesome before lemon and lime came out. Orange-lemon is another neat one.

With “dose it yourself” flavorings, there’s some trial and error to get the ratios right, but it’s worth it. Just pay attention to the total overall amount being used. 1 1/2 - 2 caps’worth, total, is about as high as I’d ever go, but everyone’s tastes are different.

[quote]robstein wrote:
Shralpinist, what turned out to be the issue?[/quote]
Yep, it’d be good (and useful for others) to know how you sorted it out.

I guzzle Plazma and MAG-10 straight with no flavoring because I’m too lazy to fuss with the flavoring and it seems to drip and stain everything. Not saying it tastes great but it really doesn’t bother me much. I have about 50 bottles of flavoring sitting around. I wish I could just order the supps without them forcing me to pick a flavor.

[quote]as wrote:
I guzzle Plazma and MAG-10 straight with no flavoring because I’m too lazy to fuss with the flavoring and it seems to drip and stain everything. Not saying it tastes great but it really doesn’t bother me much. I have about 50 bottles of flavoring sitting around. I wish I could just order the supps without them forcing me to pick a flavor.[/quote]
you are insane. I had a pulse of Mag-10 without flavoring one time and it was god awful.

Agree! MAG-10 tastes like throw-up. I have to put way more flavoring into MAG-10 than I do into Plazma. And the taste of Alpha Male pills - not good. Results of all - outstanding!!!

I second the option to buy without the flavoring. I have bottles that keep piling up and it seems so wasteful. I just threw out at least 50 bottles that were sitting around from the old Anaconda days when you used to get two bottles per jug. I found a box in my basement that I can’t even guess how long it has been sitting around for.

@AS & greggio,

I use very little flavoring in MAG-10 and Plazma, so I had the same problem of flavoring bottles piling up. I called customer service and they were agreeable to letting me order both supps without sending more flavoring with them until I used up my large stash (hasn’t happened yet, but it will). I still have to select a flavor when I order, but at the shipment end they just don’t put the flavoring in the shipping box.

You might call them and see if they are agreeable to the same thing with you too. I was told that if I ever wanted the flavoring to be included again, just to let them know in advance. On this and other issues I have always found Biotest customer service to be very customer-friendly.

I always mix it up a little early, as I find it and MAG-10 both improve after sitting for a while.

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A little late for this post, but here’s how I use it… fill a 32oz mason jar halfway up with water, add 1 scoop of Plazma, STIR with a skewer stick, add rest of water (leaving room for ice), add 1/2tsp of flavoring (grape and lemon are my favorites), stir again. Let sit for a minute. Add ice. Good to go. Tastes amazing to me…and no foamy mess.

I personally don’t follow the directions on the packaging for Plazma. I add 3 scoops to the Nalgene container, then slowly add water tipping the container slightly sideways (think filling a glass of beer), add flavoring (berry is my personal favorite), cap and shake. I’ll load up 4 containers like this and leave them in the refrigerator for my next 4 days of workouts so they are ready to go…I just add some ice. I’ll also not that I probably use a little more flavoring than is recommended.

Also, when dieting I LOVE mixing 100% lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and some lemon or orange flavoring. So good!

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I used to be a flavor hog… I poured it straight from the bottle. I’m a sugar bug so I thought well, the more flavor the better. It’s not the case. It’s formulated in a precise way to mask the bitter taste of the ingredients and when I used too much flavor it actually tasted worse!

I personally LOVE the taste. Not everybody will LOVE it but everybody should find that it tastes at least decent.

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