Is it April 22nd Yet?

So my boyfriend sends me an e-mail about the velocity diet, with two disclaimers:

  1. I am right at the cutoff for being able to do this diet (I’m 124.6 pds)


  1. I would never have enough willpower to do this diet. Never?

Game on. We started yesterday.

This journey is not solely about losing fat/weight, but making a commitment to keeping myself healthy and strong. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis 22 months ago which has drastically changed my activity level. I’m maxed out on meds and still having uncontrollable peripheral joint inflammation. So this diet/exercise plan will be about discovery and maybe a little bit about proving to my boyfriend that I do indeed have willpower!!!

Looking forward to the journey with all of you!

My measurements are as follows:

Weight 124.6
Neck 12
Shoulders 35 3/4
Chest(upper) 32 1/2
Chest(lower) 28 1/4
Waist(at naval) 29
Waist(at largest) 32
Hips(at largest) 38
Upper Arm ? L 11
Upper Arm ? R 11
Upper Leg ? L 22
Upper Leg ? R 22 1/4
Lower Leg ? L 13
Lower Leg ? R 13
Ankle ? L 7 3/4
Ankle ? R 7 3/4

Not sure how to get mutiple pics in at once. :frowning:


Think I finally got them all posted.

Day One March 12th:
The first shake was brutal. Chocolate/flaxseed/superfood does not equal tasty in my book. I was starved by 1:00 but after my workout and Surge Recovery I was so full I couldn’t think of another shake before bedtime, so I admit I neglected to have Bedtime Meal #5. Other than that, no other significant events for the day.

I actually did my first workout on Monday, before I started the diet. I have since been reading the forum and understand I need to do heavier weight…so yesterday I ramped it up and based on how I’m feeling today, I still need to be adding more weight.

Nevertheless, workout #2:

Romanian Deadlift:
50#/16/16/16/16…this one is awkward for me to do…any suggestions?

Lat Pulldown:

Standing Shoulder Press (barbell):

Side Plank:
45 sec/45 sec R & L two sets

[quote]tpodgorak wrote:
Romanian Deadlift:
50#/16/16/16/16…this one is awkward for me to do…any suggestions?


try keeping your back slightly arched, head up, and really envision your core doing the work. Keep your abs and lower back in a constant state of give and pull but always tight. make sense? as for the weights, looks like you’re pretty close, but make sure you push as hard as you can in the first set to see how many you can really do at that weight. If it’s in the proper RM range for the given workout, then you’re golden, just focus on the proper rest times. keep up the good work.


Height is 5’5 1/2.

Oh…age 32 (will turn 33 two days after the diet) and I’m doing the beginner weight program with the intermediate V-burn.

[quote]tpodgorak wrote:
Day One March 12th:
The first shake was brutal. Chocolate/flaxseed/superfood does not equal tasty in my book.

Hi tpodgorak! It’s great that we are starting practically at the same time and I totally agree the breakfast and dinner shakes are the toughest. Hopefully it get easier.

Day Two was cake until I left the house. Maybe it was the level activity that contributed to my intense hunger. And then I accidentally blended my Flameout and fiber pill with my Meal #3…tasted a little weird and it took me til the end of the shake before I figured it out. My thinking is not so clear since the start of all this.

On to the details:

Got more water in today and I LOVE the fiber pills. They’re like a piece of candy. :slight_smile:

Completed an hour of NEPA plus a little more as I normally walk/ride my bike around the city to run my errands.

Last meal of the day didn’t go so well. I had missed it the night before as I was stuffed…but the natural nut butter didn’t bode well for myself or my boyfriend. Felt like I was going to vomit during/after consumption and then had non-human gas.

You should see some amazing results, as you have a good base to start with, best of luck to you.


tpod - Good luck! Your thread caught my eye because I’m also a 5’5 1/2" female with similar weight and measurements, and you’ve started the V-Diet about 7-10 days before I will, (depending on when the supps arrive). Just wanted to send a little note of encouragement and to let you know that I’ll be using your progress as kind of a boost to my own enthusiasm. :slight_smile: No pressure. :wink: I’m also doing this with my husband, so let’s show them what we’re made of! Not enough willpower? Like you said - game on!

Days 3 (3/14) & 4 (3/15):

Where to start on day three. Felt like I was high & outta breath & shaky. Non-functional high. It passed by about 1:00, but was brutal until then!

Managed to pound out a workout thanks to my kick bum boyfriend. It went as follows:

Deadlift (sumo stance with bar):

Incilne Bench Press with Dumbells:

Lat Pulldown:

90sec, 50 sec

As for Day 4. Felt like a new person…except for a little bloated/gassy. Started taking my flax seed as a three swallow shot (with warm water) and this works much, much better for me. Managing to put the shakes down pretty easily at this point. My boyfriend and I did our Vburn and yeah, it burned.

Although I’m doing the begginer weights, I opted for the Intermediate Vburn as I’m more conditioned for that. We did the burn in 26 minutes (me doing a standard pushup…having some arthritic flares and don’t think I would have been able to do the clap anyhow!). Felt light headed almost everytime after the pike pushup which required a couple seconds of recovery.

I finally slept a full night without waking to use the bathroom multiple times!!! Seven wonderful hours. Today is the start of Day 5 and I’m feeling thirsty, but just fine. :slight_smile:

Woohoo - day 5! I hope I’m as positive as you by day 5. Way to bump it up with the Intermediate weekend workout! No slacking here!

Day 5 was a breeze…kinda. Woke up feeling a little stiff. I ride my bike to work and felt great in the am. The way home wasn’t the same. Hamstrings starting to get pretty tight…everything is a.o.k.

So I’m through the carb withdrawl but now have my period which you don’t think would be an issue as I deal with those cravings every month…but today, not so well. I opened the kitchen cabinet, saw my roommate’s pringles and popped one in my mouth. I instantly spit it out. Oops!

Nausea/shakes/high feeling is gone and I’m just feeling normal. I actually enjoyed Meal #2 & 3 today.

Completed Workout #5 without any issues:

Dumbbell Squat

Dumbbell Bench Press
I have a problem with my left elbow locking and had to switch to 15s

Bent-Over Row Dumbbells

Plank Hold

Haven’t heard from you in a few days, tpodgorak - how’s it going?

Day 6 (3/17/09)

Was feeling great except my flax seed experience seems to be lacking compared to others. I’m up to two fiber pills per meal (I’m a very regular girl…like clockwork, 2x per day) but this diet has thus far just about dried me up. I’m getting there. May have to up my water intake, but I’m already doing about 4L.

Got an hour of NEPA just walking home from work. Exhausted from the day and my A.S. was misbehaving badly so sat on the couch with ice packs. :frowning:

Day 7 (3/18):
Will get measurements posted, but I’m down from 124.6 to 118.8.

HSM…sweet jesus. It COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER! The aroma still lingers in the air as I type.

Had our HSM after our workout. Which to be honest, aren’t doing a whole heck of a lot for me. I feel tired by the 40th rep…but have the energy like I could workout for another hour. Its weird. I usually suffer from chronic fatigue (part of my AS), but since I started the diet, I have had a 10 fold increase in energy. So, here’s the workout #6:

Romanian Deadlift:

Lat Pulldown

Standing Shoulder Press (barbell)

Side Plank Hold:
50S, 50S

Hey, congrats on your loss so far! The fiber issue is one that I’ve been wondering about, too. You’re not having any issues from taking so many Fiber Choice pills? I’m anticipating having the same drying up problem, but at the same time I don’t want to take so many fiber pills that I get gassy. Not so good for the office. :slight_smile:

Have you considered increasing the weights if the workouts are so easy?

So, hubby and I started today! We’ll get our thread up later in the day. Gosh, before pictures are so humiliating…

So exciting akeb!!! The next few days are going to suck. Hang in there!!! Having your hubby in on this with you will be a life saver!

I followed an ovo-lacto vegeterian diet prior to starting the V-Diet. I think this is a HUGE cut in fiber for me and that’s why I’m having some issues (unless I just over ate all the time in the past!) Two pills at a time hasn’t made me horribly gassy, but my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and this is the first we’ve really acknowledge that poo and gas exist!!! It’s been a hot topic for us! ;o)

As for increasing my weights, I can’t comfortably hit the set number of reps with the necessary speed the first time (when it requires 14-16). I’m kinda stuck until I can build some muscle I think. And, every time I do a workout, my hands/fingers seem to flare pretty bad, so I’m trying to find a balance.

Yeah, the before pics are a snap shot of reality. Funny how we see ourselves in the mirror versus reality, no?

I hate to be crude, but it’s a T-Nation tradition:


Oh wait, I already do :wink:

Keep up the good work! And for the record I never said you didn’t have the willpower, I just wanted you to know what you were getting yourself into.

Love you

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