Is Alpha Male Still Helpful When on TRT?

40 years old and started TRT a few months ago, 100 mg test in Lipogel cream applied topically daily. Just got my blood work. Serum Test is up to 709 (491 before TRT) and Free Test 12.9 (up from 9.8), but while my Estradiol is on the low end of range (10), my Estrone shot up (77, was 42 before). Dr says we need to get that down.

I started taking Rez V when I started TRT. I was making great progress (gaining strength, leaning up and better energy) until I ran out of Rez V and it was out of stock. I had been out for 2-3 weeks prior to the blood test. I wonder how much that changed the results. (I did not realize it immediately, but looking back at my notes, my progress stopped and I regressed a little not long after running out of Rev Z.) Anyway I am a fan of Rez V.

My question is can Alpha Male still help in raising testosterone if I am taking testosterone topically? Will it help any with overall hormone function and lowering conversion to estrogen? FWIW, I take Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX daily, so I am getting forskolin.


Congrats on your T levels! As far as Alpha Male still working while you’re on TRT, it’s quite possible. As you know, your testicles generally go on siesta when you’re on TRT because they “know” that there’s plenty of T in the bloodstream and they figure their job’s being done for them. Furthermore, the pituitary doesn’t produce any LH to kick them into gear. However, one of the components of Alpha Male (Eurycoma) tells the testes to produce testosterone anyhow. At the very least, Alpha Male should keep your testicles fully functional during TRT (as such, they won’t shrink). Furthermore, Alpha Male will keep progesterone and prolactin in check, and in doing so, increase T through a separate mechanism. As far as estrogen, I recommend getting back on the Rez-V. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply. I was definitely getting Rez V now that it is finally back in stock, was just trying to decide whether to add Alpha Male to the order.

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