IronSkape Before and After



Date: 4/27/14
Wt: 182.3 lbs
Waist: 35.75"
Naval: 38"
Hips: 40"
Rarm: 15"

Date: 5/25/14
Wt: 164.3 lbs
Waist: 32.5"
Naval: 34"
Hips: 38.25"
Rarm: 14.5"

My experience with the Velocity Diet was everything I had hoped it would be. Well, mostly. Secretly I had hoped that somehow I would go from chunky wannabe powerlifter to seeing veins in my lower abs in four weeks, but that may have been a stretch.

I am not a man of great discipline. If I don’t have enough to time to make lunch for tomorrow AND play Xbox when I get home from work, I’ll eat at McDonald’s the next day. Sets above 5 reps physically and mentally exhaust me. I cried after the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones.

I tell you all this because when I say that the V-Diet was the easiest diet I’ve ever done, you need to know it’s not false bravado. Taking all of the choice and uncertainty out of my food choices took care of all the self-control I needed to make it through all 28 days.

Granted, I’m looking forward to starting my next bulk (Mass Made Simple by Dan John, not that you asked), but now I’m craving oatmeal with blueberries and tuna salad in pita pockets and steak and sweet potatoes. I’ve never tasted anything so good as the eggs, turkey bacon, and oatmeal I had this morning. “Restructuring your taste buds” is not voodoo science. Going without pizza and booze for a month curbs cravings, and suddenly makes a bowl full of apples look as appetizing as a bowl full of hot dogs, which my bank was offering me on day 27 for some reason. Banks are weird before Memorial Day.

I’m a full supporter of the V-Diet, and I’m recommending it to all of my clients who have “tried everything”.

*Also please do not look at my hair, the expression on my face, or my blindingly white complexion in these pictures. It’s for your own safety.


Impressive results good sir


Awesome transformation!