Ironbull's V-Diet Log


Starting my V-Diet today!
I’ve always been a fatboy, and finally fed up with it.
I started 3 months ago using a paleo type eating plan.
Started at 284, now down to 265.

Height- 5’ 10"
Weight- 265
Shoulders- 49"
Chest upper- 48"
Chest lower- 50"
Waist at navel- 51"
Waist at largest-51"
Hips at largest- 47"
Upper arm- 17"
Lower arm- 13"
Upper leg- 30"
Lower leg-20"

Congrats. on your willingness to make a healthy change…

Thanks Dave!
I have been pretty excited about the 19 lbs I have lost so far, and the habits I have gotten out of, but after having these pictures taken yesterday, and posting them to the world, I realise how much further I have to go. Its a bit embarassing, and humbling. When you are fat, you tend to avoid mirrors, and have pics taken of you.

I grew up on a ranch, where we worked hard, but we ate hard also. I’m 39 years old, and I pretty much have been fat my whole life. I have overcome alot of my bad eating habits over the last 3 months, reading Velocity Life, and T-Muscle have informed me, and motivated me. Hoping to get my eating habits even more under control with the V-Diet.
Here we go!

Day 2!
Just finished my nepa. 30 min walking, over ruff terrain, with my 2 dogs. Damn, there gonna get in good shape!
Little dragged down feeling today. The diet I was on for the last 3 months was something I got out of Jonny Bowden’s Low carb book. I ate all the meat, fish, eggs, seafood, and veggies I wanted. So I’m sure my calories are alot lower now. I dont think its anything I wont get used to in a few days. Will up my dose of HOT-ROX to 2 caps in the morning, and maybe 2 in the afternoon. I’ll see how it goes first.

awesome job! i am also on day 2 but feel pretty good. i think i am on the v-diet “high” right now, but i am not looking forward to next week when that will probably go away and i will also feel run down. but we can do it, just think how good we will feel at the end of these 28 days :slight_smile:

Good luck! I’m starting me second day tomorrow. I know what you mean about being fat your whole life. It’s about time we made a change!

Keept it up!

Ironbull…I’ll be wathing your posts to see your progress…stick with it and resist temptation. I have found the best way for me not to eat “potato chips or Doritos” is to make sure they aren’t in the house…control your living environment it will help you tremendously!!!

Regards Dave

Did nepa this evening, rain and all. The park I walk in next to my house wraps around the city in a horseshoe shape. I’m sure people looking out there front windows thought I was nuts. Oh well. Did my wed. workout after that. Felt like I got a good work out in, even though I’m still feeling a little dragged down still. Over all feeling good about things. Havn’t had any cravings at all. And at the moment, I dont know how I’m gonna get my Bed time shake down. I’m just not hungry at all tonight.

Great job on the workout! That is a good thing to not be super hungry, I wish I had that problem. Did you manage to get the shake down??

No I didn’t. I dont know, I didnt get done with my work out till 7:30, and had Surge after, so I still got my dinner shake in, so when I went to bed at 10:00, there was no way I was getting It down. I still had a full belly of protein and water. I was up a couple times last night and early in the morning peeing though! LOL. Feel good this morning!

How has your day gone today?? Did you get all your shakes in so far. I am of course really looking forward to that peanut butter :slight_smile: What kind of Surge do you have, i have the raspberry and don’t like it so much, so i just suck it up and drink!

My day went well! on course for all my shakes today. Still have one to go here pretty soon. Not hungry though at all. Did 30 min of nepa today in the mud. Ha Ha. I am using the original flavor Surge. I have had the rasberry flavored Surge before also. I love both flavors. My kids and there freinds have tried some of my Surge before, and some of them love it, and some dont care for it. I actually really look foward to it, and I’m not much of a sweets person. It tastes sweet to me. The original taste like white cake batter to me. or cotton candy.

Hey! I love that original flavor of Surge too! It tastes like cupcakes to me. It’s the best tasting thing in the whole diet in my opinion, so I really feel like it’s my reward for putting in real effort during my workouts.

Hope your diet has gone well today. Day 4 down for me. Let’s keep going!

Thanks Tuba! I just got done with NEPA, and my workout. I feel totally give out- in a good way. Looking in the mirror has been a lot more fun lately. I can actually see improvements! I’m going to go lay in a hot bath right now, and let Surge do its magic. Hope that didn’t sound perverted. LOL!

awesome job, isn’t it fun to already see the improvements in the mirror. it makes me so motivated to continue. jsut think, week one is already almost over.

Had a busy day yesterday, so I didnt get a chance to post anything.
Performed the V-Burn! Wow that was fun. I was soaking wet with sweat when I was done. After a couple circuits were done, I had an issue with my back. It was out of place. So I started doing the mind tricks of- oh, you can just hang it up for the day, and do it tomorrow. But I knew that I would feel like a pussy the rest of the day, and my HSM wouldnt taste quite as good if I didn’t finish. So I stretched my back out for about 10 minutes, and my back finally went into place somewhat. It was sore, but I finished the V-Burn. I felt so good about myself.

Had my HSM last night. Went to a upper end American food buffet. I was in a time crunch, (had a movie planned with the GF) and I knew the food was good quality there. Had some steak (they cook all the steaks on a grill, right in the middle of the buffet) chicken, and roast beef. Then I had a plate of different veggies, and then went back and got seconds of another plate of veggies! Damn it all tasted so good.

I probably wont eat there again next week though. I didnt really like the feeding frenzy atmoshere of the buffet. There is all these HUGE people there stuffing their faces, so they can hurry to get more.I swear I seen some of them running back to get seconds. Probably the only exercise they ever get. Wanting to get their money’s worth I guess.

Good week I would say. Lost 5 lbs as of Sat morning. Haven’t taken any measurements yet today.

Ironbull, keep chugging…its interesting to hear how u rather not go to a buffet atmosphere…I thinks thats smart…its like if I had Doritios or Potato CHips in the house, I’d definiteley eat them. Controlling our own atmoshpere is important to continued sucess. This diet definitely works well and I am psyched for you !!

Regards Dave

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