Ironbull121270 2nd V-Diet

I did my first run at the V-Diet in 2010. Had great success during, and after. Lost a total of 20 lbs scale weight, in 60 days time. I’m sure I lost more than that in Fat weight, because I looked more muscular, and the inches all decreased in the right places.
After that, I have went thru some personal problems, and I let myself slide back to where I was, and then some.

Well, I’m not giving up. I am going to do the V-Diet, to help get the fat loss rolling again, and get my eating habits under control, do a transition phase for a month, then do the Indigo protocol, with Anaconda or Plazma with MAG-10 peri workout. I will probably start with Anaconda during the initial phase of Indigo, because of budget, then switch to Plazma.

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